Sunday, March 15, 2009

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Anonymous said...


It appears that the City Council and Mayor Villaraigosa are dysfunctional. In the March 3, 2009City Councilmembers and Mayor Villaraigosa failed to MOTIVATE voters to participate, get out and vote, in our democracy. The city has 1,596,165 registered voters in a city with a population of 3.8 million. Here are the votes our elected official managed to obtain from the total registered voters. It does not include the 46,000 city ballots still uncounted.

Population: 3.8 million
Citywide Registered Voters: 1,596,165
Villaraigosa: 127,955 (8.%)

City Attorney
Jack Weiss: 80,985 (5.1%)

City Controller
Wendy Greuel: 141,034 (8.8%)

CD 1 Registered Voters: 60,784
Ed Reyes: 6,565 (10.8%)

CD 3 Registered Voters: 126, 373
Dennis Zine: 14,782 (11.7%)

CD 7 Registered Voters: 74,512
Richard Alarcon: 7,380 (9.9%)

CD 9 Registered Voters: 70,102
Jan Perry: 5,801 (8.3%)

CD 11 Registered Voters: 158,252
Bill Rosendahl: 16,728 (10.6%)

CD 13 Registered Voters: 80,605
Eric Garcetti: 7,210 (8.9%)

CD 15 Registered Voters: 99,553
Janice Hahn: 9,250 (9.29%)

On March 11, 2009 the City Council voted on a Resolution, that has NO teeth, Supporting Fair Elections in El Salvador. To monitor the EI Salvador presidential elections taking place on March 15, 2009 to ensure they are FAIR and TRANSPARENT, FREE of INTIMIDATION, and that the DECISION of the VOTERS and RESULTS of the ELECTION WILL BE RESPECTED.

Yet, the City Council wants to discourage NCs from participation by implementing Financial Disclosure when NCs initiate a Council File.