Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sponsor Zuma Dogg's Public Comment at City Council Meeting on Wednesday

For one dollar, you can sponsor five thousand homeless children in some overseas nation. And for one PayPal donation, you can sponsor Zuma Dogg for one meeting at City Hall.
I don't think I have missed a Los Angeles City Council meeting this year in 2009, yet; and I don't think I have missed a meeting in almost a year, since I returned to L.A., first week in April 2008.
Zuma Dogg at L.A. City Hall
11 months ago  zumadogg
But as it stands, right now as I type this at 8:30pm on Tuesday night, it looks like I am about to get my first day off, or I should say, council is about to get their first day off, in about a year, as Zuma Dogg will DEFINITELY not be able to make it to the meeting on Wednesday, as I once again, end the day with $0.00.
During today's meeting, as I was calling them out for lack of leadership, and just decided to go into "roll up the sleeves and call out the shots mode" that I mentioned that I indeed DO have a better attendance record than ANY of the Councilmembers. (LOL!) But they are having the last laugh, cause they got to eat food today, and are sleeping under a roof in a bed.
Anyway, if you haven't already done so recently, and you personally would like to see ZD squeeze out another Council meeting and help keep faith and momentum alive inside council chambers tomorrow...hit the PayPal link on the upper right hand side of this blog (or click here) and if I have $25 bucks in my account in the morning, I'll head down to City Hall for another meeting. If not...no biggie, really. I'll just be sitting in my car listening to AM talk radio thinking about what to say next time.
Really, don't over-extend yourself over the whole thing. But I think there are SOME folks out there reading that could drop a whole lot more than $25 bucks without even noticing a statistical blip in their daily account. So if you tune in tomorrow and see ZD you'll know something came through. If not, here are some public comments from Friday and today (Tuesday), for those who may have ZD withdrawl during Wednesday's meeting while I will be getting a suntan while sleeping in the park. It's still too cold to sleep outside at night:
City Council Meeting - Tuesday
ZUMA DOGG PUBLIC COMMENT Public comment link.
City Council Meeting - Friday

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Zuma Dogg - Council is allowing someone to lower the VOLUME during your two minutes at public comment. Hmmmmmm.