Tuesday, March 31, 2009

VIDEO: Zuma's 3 Year Anniversary Public Comment

Alright, y'all...these are the four public comments for today (see below after this rant), which maxed out my usual seven minutes a day that I get to speak during the Los Angeles City Council meetings. (You get two minutes for general public comment -- and five minutes for the rest of the agenda items.)

And this week is the 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Zuma Dogg's first trip to City Hall for public comment over the Venice Beach issue that the city has now lost in a Federal Court. Proving Zuma Dogg, Matt Dowd and Michael Hunt were correct in the first place; and three years later, how fitting to remind you that I never even should have been to city hall in the first place, because your Venice ordinance was illegal.

But that's why I have said all along, Zuma Dogg is Villaraigosa and City Councils' "instant karma" for all their "bad karma" and when you are stepping on toes and Federal law, all over the city at such rapid pace, you are eventually going to step on the wrong toes (OURS) and look at all the awareness that Zuma Dogg has raised over the past three years, since the first time you saw me.

Remember that FULL PAGE Los Angeles Times article that came out shortly after I entered council chambers? Well that was the starting point. And I was recently on ABC News NIGHTLINE, NATIONAL news program for my efforts over the past three years, and I'm obviously proud that LA Weekly, the newspaper/magazine ZD has read since he moved to L.A., and used to hope for a mere mention, that I NEVER really got, now refers to me as an "ICON," thank you very much! (And I can throw it around, because I earned it hardest of hard ways. No Hollywood agents, publicity, studio...NOT A PENNY SPENT.

And you look at how the name "Zuma Dogg" is pretty well entrenched in a good percentage (and the good percentage) of the public consciousness. AND IT NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED, cause you never should have been so shady, corrupt and racketeering in the first place.

They say, "any publicity is good publicity" so I hope you fifteen councilosers and douchebag-dummy of a corrupt mayor (who Zuma Dogg says will end up being "UNAVAILABLE" to serve out his full term (and I don't mean because he will be in the Governor's office) have enjoyed the publicity.

So THAT'S what THREE YEARS FEELS LIKE BITCHASSARIGOSA! How you like me now, Mr. Smart Guy? I F*CKING CRUSHED YOUR ASS IN THE MEDIA, AND CONTINUE TO DO SO AS OF THIS DAY! TAKE A LOOK AT THE PUBLIC COMMENT ON COMMISIONER APPOINTMENTS, YOU LITTLE PUNK-ASS FRAUD! Yes, I'm talking about YOU Mr. Antonio Villaragiosa. Now fix Venice Beach, take your head out the President of Mexico's ass, and start doing what it takes to save the U.S. city that you destroyed through your arrogance and ignorance. THAT'S YOUR NEW GOVERNOR CAMPAIGN SLOGAN, VILLARYOULEFTYOURWIFEARAIGOSA: "Elect Antonio Villaraigosa: The Arrogance and Ignorance to get the job done."

BEFORE YOU WATCH THE VIDEOS, HERE IS THE "3 Year Anniversary" BLOG POST THAT ACCOMPANIES THESE VIDEOS. (The videos came after.) Overall, I wish it were a much more warm and fuzzy day, as I had hoped. And even though I was clenching my teeth last night at 3am and 4am to try and keep from imploding -- I was ready and feeling good for a nice, upbeat "3 Year Anniversary" comment. BUT THEN, the first two public comment speakers BOTH gave HOME RUN speeches on "Homelessness" and they crushed council with them. And it made my heart start racing (coffee and no food may have helped); and it really brought out the cranky-bitter, 3am energy of Zuma Dogg. And since I am really as down and out and ready to really, really just cave in and turn into a pumpkin...I thought I would roll with that energy, and you can see me peel off my sunglasses and take off my ski cap so and just really let the good times roll. ONLY THING, the comment wasn't really as good as I had hoped, cause I didn't really say the things in this blog post that I wanted to. But it's REAL and YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE FACES OF SOME OF THE COUNCILMEMBERS WHEN THEY SEE IT ALL UNFOLD. (Thank you, thank you! Another Emmy worthy performance by Zuma Dogg...even though it wasn't acting cause it was real, but I allowed it to happen, when in the past I would have covered it up and been all hunky-dory and happy. But after three years, and you gotta read this post, you can tell the wheels are really falling off of Zuma Dogg's buggy, and I'm clenching my teeth to try and handle the G-force. Anway, here's today's KICK ASS public comments that are just CRUSHING those clowncilosers. AND YES, I AM YET TO SEE ANY OF THE COUNCILMEMBERS STAND UP, AND STEP IN, AND START SAYING WHAT REALLY NEEDS TO BE SAID AND TAKING ON THE ROLE OF LEADERSHIP!!! So to me, you are all merely a bunch of CLOWNCILOSERS (as the collective body that you want to be referred to as). GO TAKE A DIVE INTO THE L.A. RIVER AS A COUNCILBODY, YOU CLOWNCILOSERS. You allowed me to become a history, legendary, larger-than-life-icon that is blessed on the streets of Los Angeles on a daily basis by the PEOPLE of Los Angeles, who's hearts and lives you have broken. Have a nice day. You're spending eternity down below. (And I DON'T mean Austrailia.)

Zuma Dogg 3 Year Anniversary Public Comment (that happened to fall on a REALLY bad day)

Zuma Dogg on Villaraigosa's SHADY Commissioner Appointments (But not necessarily THIS commissioner, who I feel seems like a good person.)

Zuma Dogg on Shady CRA (Community Robbing A-holes) and Garcetti violates ZD's 1st Amendment/Brown Act Rights. (You are allowed to say, "clowns.")

Zuma Dogg on PLANNING and Business in L.A.

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