Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Zuma Dogg Gets Cranky AGAIN Over City of L.A.'s Rent Escrow Program

In response to a recent paypal donation on the day I am supposed to be 100% walking away from public advocate work:

Awe yeah, thanks so much. It always seems like the worst day, but last night was just really bad for no particular reason. I think with no council meetings on friday and today, it's like a Ferrari that is stuck behind an Amish horse and buggy parade and my brain is overheating!

Anyway, I really see the problem, cause if you just check my new blog post HERE (you GOTTA read it), you will see that it just doesn't stop. the daughter of a mom who owns a building that they rent to people and that they also live in, were hit with a SHADY Rent Escrow Account Program lawsuit.

So when the daughter just sent me an email, saying her mom was "suicidal" over the situation...I called her back, then got on a three-way with the councilmember's office. They looked up the case, with the daughter on the pbone, and informed us that it was with the City Attorney's office, already, and at that point, "there is nothing the councilmember can do."

I replied by saying, "The city does not HAVE to move ahead with the case. If the councilmember reviews the case and feels it may be one of the shady one that slipped through the cracks and made it onto Zuma Dogg's personal radar, can't the councilmember call the city attorney's office and tell them to drop this one, if indeed the CM feels it's a little shady as the family is claiming?"

I was told, "Sorry, once the City Attorney has it, it's too late."
Zuma Dogg is not sure he is buying that one, YET, so I will do some research and follow-up with the Councilmember in person at the council meeting.

Meanwhile, the family is now in contact with the person filing other REAP (Rent Escrow Account Program) FEDERAL lawsuits in court. So I told the family, "although I'm sure you would prefer for this to just go away so you can move on with your life, at least you may have you voice heard in Federal court and may get a judgement that will allow you to move on with your life."

I then went on to add, that although ZD is in no poisition to be fighting other people's battles...I always appreciate that my efforts are not in vein, since people are calling me to helo, but the main reason is, this stuff REALLY PISSES ME OFF...


THEY GOT ONE! Either through Zuma Dogg's bad PR campaign on the councilmember and city attorney's office -- or through the Federal lawsuit that is gonna drop on their head.

this sh*t made me cranky! So instead of a blog post about my "faith and inspiration parade" -- YOUR GONNA GET MORE REAP AT PUBLIC COMMENT YOU DUMB, VINDICTIVE, GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL, A-HOLES!


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