Thursday, March 26, 2009

Barack Obama Says We Need To Pour More Money Into A BROKEN School System (Zuma Dogg Says Barack Obama Needs To Implement Deming's 14 Points FIRST!)

Did I just hear Barack Obama say the problem with the school systems is lack of funding? Oh, good; throw more money into a broken system. I guess with more money, you could produce drop-outs more quickly.

NO, the problem is not lack of spending; it's lack of innovation; it's lack of implementing Deming's 14 points. IT'S BECAUSE WE ARE LIVING IN A 21st CENTURY COMPUTER GENERATION, AND THE SCHOOL SYSTEM IS STILL STRUCTURED AND OPERATING UNDER A 1950's MODEL WHEN AMERICANS ALL WENT TO WORK IN THE FACTORIES. There was a reason the system was functioning that way.

Until there is a laptop computer on every school desk, DON'T EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT SPENDING MONEY ON ANYTHING ELSE. With computers you could and should be able to do more with less teachers.

We have all heard of success stories across the country where a teacher is able to produce outstanding results where others are not able to. WITH THE INTERNET YOU CAN VIDEO THE TEACHER GIVING THE LESSONS, AND KIDS COULD WATCH THE LESSONS ON THE INTERNET.

Also, the best grade I ever received in college was a Biology class (although I actually flunked biology in high school) because it was a computer based class, with NO teacher, just a workbook and the quizzes were given on computer with mulitiple choice, like the Trivia Whiz game.

That was a long time ago.

You cannot reach the kids and keep them interested in the 1950 classroom model. We need more vocation in school.

More to come on how to overhaul the education system. That's an initital take.

But I can see Barack Obama truly is an LA City Councilmember kinda guy as President. So I'm gonna have to start blogging in a way to catch his attention on the 14 points. I KNOW his advisors know about Deming, as I am certain someone with Barack's education, must be aware of, as well.

I just need to get him to remember Deming, because I can clearly see the direction Obama is going here, and if you are going to start making an argument on pouring more money into a broken school system, then y'all better be pulling out your Deming notes from college and read the blueprint for 14 point success, "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" by one Uncle MC Zuma Dogg.

Hey Barack, Holla at ya boy, Big Uncle Icon MC Zuma Dogg...213-785-7272. I'll tell you what it will take to transform the education system. I'll need about five (5) hours in a seminar presentaion environment. Ask your boy Villaraigosa about me. He'll tell you.

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