Sunday, March 29, 2009

Barack Obama Needs To Get To Know Dr. Deming's 14 Point Plan For "Methods of Management of Quality & Productivity"

As a new wave of readers find this blog thanks to Alltop featuring Zuma Dogg's "Zuma Times" and "LA Daily Blog" on their news aggregate service, I want to start a new season of blogging, by starting with some "first things, first" (big picture issues) mixed in with the daily top local political news covered by Zuma Dogg, L.A.'s bamboozle-busting icon, shining light on political shadiness.

And like Andy Kaufman busting out "Shakespear" on a college audience; here come's Zuma Dogg's starting point for all discussion of government operations. And now that Barack Obama is in charge of U.S. operations, as President of the United States (with heavy global influence and impact), I would like to not only remind President Obama of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and his 14 point blueprint (Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity), but I am here to declare that until the U.S government starts embracing and operating under these guidlines, you may as well take all that taxpayer bail-out money, and put it in the White House document shredder.

So for the record, here is my interpretation of Deming's 14 points that I hope White House officials remind Mr. Obama to read. This interpretation has been read and approved by Dr. Deming, himself, before he passed away in the early '90's. "I appreciate much the attachment you sent ("Interpreting Deming's 14 Points"). It is well done. I agree with your statetment that grading of pupils is an attempt to produce quality by inspection. As a way of life, it doesn't work. I thank you and remain sincerely yours, Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

This article was then published by Quality Digest in 1994. So hopefully, you can read the following article "Interpeting Deming's 14 Points" in confidence that I captured the essence and setiments of Dr. Deming.

I thought of writing a follow-up, update to this article, applying it to today's economic conditions, but feel since this was approved by Deming and printed in "Quality Digest" -- let's go with this basic, overall version that really sets the tone for all upcoming blogging.

Deming's 14 points warns of the problems with commision and merit pay (bonuses). Hmm, can you think of any recent situations where this may have come into play? Like AIG and all the Wall Street shadiness, recently that Obama has had enough of. HELLO, Dr. Deming.

Barack, get to know Zuma Dogg, and get to know Dr. Deming. It's the only hope for the U.S. economy and future of the world. But I am ready to assume the leadership role and am ready for the task.


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