Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Donate to Zuma Dogg Today via this blog post

If you can make a PayPal donation (with your PayPal account, or with a credit card if you don't have a PayPal account), today would be a most excellent day. Because I have some places to be today, that I am missing. And want to hit the Obama Town Hall meeting, tommorow, but at this point, I ain't goin' anywhere. Plus, I'm dizzy from hunger and being out on the streets 24/7 ends up being more expensive than you think. Here's the PayPal link. Meanwhile, read on...there's new stuff on this blog. And remember, there is a Twitter feed on this blog located on the right hand side.

And if you haven't been to my podcast site, here are some fun links to check out on my ZumaPOD: Classic radio calls; original Zuma Dogg songs; AND make sure you check out "Hood Kidz Radio" to see how Uncle Zuma Dogg unites the kids and brings out the best in them! (ZD's vocational outreach.)

Casey Kasem Voice: And I leave you now, with the orignal smash hit by the legendary, iconic, hip-hop, bamboozle-busting gadfly shining light on city hall shadiness...Uncle MC Zuma Dogg."Here's "As U Can See" -- the song that started it all...on American Top 40.

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