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Why Villaraiogsa MUST NOT Become Governor of California (It's A Matter of National & Public Safety)

Some loser posted this comment on another blog, and here is my reply, which actually turned into a good rant on what any new reader needs to know about the City of Los Angeles under douchebag-dummy of a mayor, Antonio Loseragiosa. THIS CONTAINS THE TWO BIG ISSUES, AND THE ONLY ISSUES THAT ANY NEW ZUMA DOGG NATIONAL OR STATEWIDE READER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THE CITY OF L.A. AND VILLARAIGOSA.


When you say I am stopping momentum on progressive ideas...

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, RAGEAHOLIC? First of all, thank you if I am stopping one of their shady ideas from getting momentum...GOOD! But why not explain the idea I am preventing, at least, even if you don't explain it to me. And please explain how I am preventing it from gaining momentum, so I can continue down that path, Rageloser.

Meanwhile, thanks for making my day, in your small-loser way! ;)

And tell BH Kim of DONE, it is not in the spirit of the CA EXEMPT permitted vehicle that you drive, to park in the "Loading Zone" to "load" your morning cup of coffee into your car. Is it? Anyway, I still love you BH, and wish I didn't have to blast you on it. But then I would be treating the other shady city officials who are screwing the community, the way your DONE office is at the NC level is, then it wouldn't be fair to the other people like Monica Garcia that I have filmed for similar behavior.

It all boils down to the fact that these people who work for the city think they are above the people they represent, instead of being "of" the people they represent. And that's how you feel comfortable parking in the red fire lane with your dry cleaning; or use the loading zone for your personal coffee valet zone. Or as mayor, push LACERS into risky Wall Street and Real Estate investments tied into your #1 campaign contributor (Muereulo Maddux) that ended up costing taxpayers $7 BILLION this past year, and the bankruptcy of Muereulo Maddux. A company that the CRA is invested in with projects, and there is going to be A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT LESS MONEY COMING INTO THE CITY NOW THAT THESE PROPERTIES ARE GOING BELLY UP, and since MM is declaring bankruptcy, none of the people he owes money to will be getting paid, which will further hurt the economy. And when banks take over and look into the books, I am told by company insiders to expect massive fraud (funnelling the money out of the company and into his pockets), which has now sunk the biggest Downtown landlord -- AND OPERATOR OF LEGALIZE L.A./AMERICAN APPAREL.

Between Mureullo Maddux going under (and I predict it will be determined that it went under due to fraud); and LACER losing $7 Billion in one year, as a result of what Zuma Dogg predicts will be found to be extremely risky investments, outside the jurisdiction of any "investment grade" investment. We saw LACERS finally pull out of Grand Ave Project, after Zuma Dogg warned of the extreme risk on this project, under the forthcoming economic predictions (that came true), so whether it was because of my warnings, or not, at least they pulled out of Grand Ave Loser Project.)

But what DID THEY NOT PULL OUT OF???? What was invested in Mureullo Maddux? Was LACERS invested in AIG, Countrywide type companies? If so, how did that happen? Who was overseeing the investments from the city?

How did the money managers running the LACER portfolio get the accounts? Was money contributed to politicians, like Villaragiosa for the right to lose the $7 Billion in one year, though risky investment scemes in violation of regulations set in place to prevent a degenerate like Villaraigosa from rolling the dice with taxpayer money, way over invested in risky investments, then not having the same foresight that Zuma Dogg had, to warn people to GET OUT!!! Yes, it's all on the record. Zuma Dogg issues this financial predicition regarding the stock market and LACER pension money being at risk, and the whole situation we are in, right now.

I'm not saying the mayor has to wake up and tune in for Zuma Dogg's public comment and listen to my warnings. But the point is, if Zuma Dogg knew and was fully aware and fully accurate in this doomsday prediction and warnings of the stock market dropping to this degree, and all the forclosure predictions and the whole thing...

THEN WHY DIDN'T ANTONIO KNOW? WHY DIDN'T ANTONIO ACT TO SAVE THE GENERAL FUND? Because he doesn't care. His #1 campaign contributor that got him elected into office in '05, just fleeced the city, all of Villar's pal had all that money invested into their projects...


What does HE care. The money's been made. The plan worked. Now it on to bigger fish to fleece.

All of this, cause Bong Wahn Kim had to park his CA State Exempt vehicle in the loading zone to get his personal cup of coffee.

But it's all because THEY are the entitled ones, above the people, not of the people. And it's their city to do what they want with.

See also Zuma Times blog for more posts from today by Zuma Dogg.

Capitol Hill (Insider) Buzz on Obama's Auto Plan

First of all, to those just tuning in for the first time, my name is Zuma Dogg, the bamboozle-busting political activist in Los Angeles, shining light on political shadiness. I put my name of the ballot in the recent mayoral election (March 3, 2009) and came in fourth out of a a field of ten candidates, without spending a penny, beating candidates with party endorsements. And I have recently been featured on ABC News NIGHTLINE for my work here inside Los Angeles City Hall as a watch-dogg and local media superstar. ("Public Access Icon" - LA Weekly, 2/09)

Sean Hannity may get a kick out of "Zuma Dogg," but I'm not as hopeful about Bill O'Rielly. But either way, like me or not, TOO BAD. You will find Big ZD is the one that political insiders like to cry to with their spin. And people like to tell me things about political shadiness, the way people like to tell Mike Walker from National Enquirer stuff about Hollywood celebrities. Ask that loser-dummy of a Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Viagraosa about "Zuma Dogg' or any of his inferior, weak-minded spin-losers that have been powerless to neutralize my PR media attack on Villaraigosa and his spineless puppets that pose as City Council members.

So here is the Senate buzz on Capitol Hill about Obama's auto industry plans as he discussed yesterday, and I hope I am not in too much trouble for blogging this.

[This part is a little choppy, because I had limited time, but wanted to get the info out there. I wasn't going to blog this, it was going to be part of my script for a video. But may as well post it. Butr like a Quenton Tarantino movie, it pulls together at the end.]

General Motors
has 264,000 workers, not including dealers, suppliers, mechanics, etc. General Motors CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO FAIL!

Chrysler (with only 53,000 employees, "yes," General Motors, "NO!" (And I'll try to explain why some on Capitol Hill say GM cannot fail by the end of this post.)

CHRYSLER IS GONE ALREADY. They can either chose to go ahead with the "arranged marriage" with FIAT, or Obama will allow it to fail. THERE WILL BE NO BAIL OUT FOR CHRYSLER. It will either merge, or be allowed to fail. SO PLEASE SIMPLY ACCEPT THAT FACT. I don't even think they care, that much, based on the numbers. So it's up to Chrysler. I'M SURE THE WHITE HOUSE WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE CHRYSLER/FIAT THING WORK; But I am here to tell Chrysler, DON'T THINK YOU'RE GONNA GET THE "G.M. TREATMENT!" (Zuma Dogg "Terminator" Voice: YOU WILL BE LIQUIDATED!)

G.M. more complicated. If G.M. fails, so does the Republican Senator from Alabama, Richard Shelby's HONDA factory. You see, if G.M. fails, companies that make parts like seats for G.M., Honda and others will lose just enough business to have to go out of business themselves. AND THEN WHERE IS HONDA GONNA GET THEIR PARTS? Japan? At least the Honda parts are being made in the U.S.

Bankruptcy and Legacy costs (code word for "pension costs"). Republicans want to wipe em away.

If G.M. fails, pensions will fail (legacy costs), and you will have all of these 264,000 G.M. employees out of work, and without the pensions they were planning on all of their careers, to pay their house payments, pay bills, and buy things.

PLUS, all the related workers like auto dealers, part makers, suppliers, mechanics -- ACROSS THE COUNTRY!

If G.M. goes bankrupt, the United States will lose 2.5 million jobs in 3 weeks time. And this will put the U.S. and Wall Street right into a FULL BLOWN DEPRESSION!!!


a) 60 days for G.M. to get their game plan together (meaning half the G.M. board will be out the door and replaced with new boardmembers, so Obama can say, "I feel confident that with this new board, we can avoid an "organized bankruptcy" for now," or;

b) an "organized bankruptcy of General Motors." (Which means the "legacy" pensions will be preserved. AND THAT'S A BIG, BIG ISSUE OF CONFLICT BETWEEN THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS.)

OBAMA DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE G.M. GO INTO BANKRUPTCY, NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF THE JOB LOSSES, BUT BECAUSE OF WHAT THAT WILL DO TO CONSUMER CONFIDENCE (which could be as much as 60% of a factor), that is just "unfounded fear" based on bad perception. (If I buy this car, there will be no parts or service.) So I guess the "organized" part would be the part where Barack has says that the U.S. Government would guarantee the warranties (AND ZD says "organized" includes keeping the pensions).

If the unions and suppliers don't give back a little in all of this, the courts can close G.M., then all the dealers and related industries would be forced to close, as well.

Previously, the U.S. has been selling 14 million cars a year. Last year, it dropped to an "unacceptable level" of 9 million cars. This level must be raised, and the game plan is, get the economy going (more on how to do that in a moment), and the rising tide raises all the ships (or however that saying goes).

"(Treasonous) Senators who don't care about the G.M./Chrysler workers in Detroit, because they only care about the Honda workers in Alabama." Adding, "the Republicans want Obama to fail anyway. Because if he succeeds, the Republicans lose the House for the next 40 years, like the last time.The Republicans want to bust the unions."

So those are some pretty divisive forces. And at this point, you should STILL not know if I am a Democrat or Republican, because I am not taking a position on this story, merely trying to recap what my "fly on chamber walls" is trying to get me to understand. And we may be getting some exclusive, insightful info in the process. Yes, you can call it "spin." But, I call it hearing everything for both sides, and making your own decision.)

NOW, let's move onto the significance of why President Obama feels G.M. is too big to fail, and why people who are quick to say, "F*&#" 'em, let 'em go BANKRUPT in a free market society:

(And again, this isn't "Zuma Dogg Prophecy" this is what the insiders are saying, like it or not.) If we can shore up and stabilize General Motors, then we can say (according to the person saying this to me) that the WORST IS behind us. The feeling is, G.M. is the only unstable part of the STILL EXTREMELY FRAGILE U.S. economy. IF GENERAL MOTORS GOES BANKRUPT, LOOK FOR THE STOCK MARKET TO DROP TO 5000 POINTS!!!

Insiders feel we have seen most everything else level off, with some upward swinging numbers on new home sales and purchasing and whatnot. (But I'm not ready to believe any "one-trend" round of numbers, yet, myself.) But let's just say, insiders feel that the only "undealt with shoe" to drop is G.M.


1) Wall Street
2) Real Estate Market, but primarily housing market.
3) Banking System

By stabilizing the auto industry, it will stabilize the banking system, and that will stabilize the credit market as credit loosens up and becomes available to businesses and people from the banks, once again.


So the point that they are trying to use Zuma Dogg for, is to let people know: To those people who think it's just so simple and easy to say, "Let 'em go bankrupt" -- for now, please shut the F*CK up, because it's a fragile situation as it is, and you better not be rooting for failure, or else the U.S. WILL be in a deep depression, like the one actual people are already suffering from. Because it's not as simple as the lousy factor workers in Detroit, I am told. And the parties involved; or should I say, "party" involved presented the best argument I have heard on the topic. So here it is for O'Reilly, Hannity and whoever else wants to know what they are saying on the Democratic side of Capitol Hill.

Check out the legendary YouTube videos and more on the L.A. City beloved, historic, legendary, accurately descriptive, insider icon that IS, MC Zuma Dogg. Aka Big ZD from the 213.


NATIONAL MEDIA ALERT: (INSIDER) U.S. Auto Bailout Details To Be Posted Here

Yes, it's true: For those national media outlets (newspapers, radio and cable talk show hosts) that would like the "Inside Captiol Hill/Congressional" buzz regarding the future of General Motors and Chrysler, under the plan outlined by President Barack Obama yesterday (3/30/09), then watch this blog in the next hour or so, as I recap the conversation I just had with someone who read Zuma Dogg's blog post from yesterday regarding the auto plan called, "Why Obama's Auto Plan Will Not Work."

They wanted Zuma Dogg to be more informed, and help other people be better informed who think we should just let G.M. and Chrysler go into bankruptcy and fail under "free market" conditions. So please do not shoot the messenger, but YES, it's from the Democratic side of Capitol Hill. So consider it the best spin out there, that I have heard, that explains the complexity of the situation --

AND WHAT WILL BE HAPPENING!!! This whole situation was described as "political theater" to try and stabilize a negative PR situation in the minds of the consumers over the fear of their auto maker going bankrupt. So to chum the water, as I prepare the main post, is a big problem Barack is having, in trying to stabilize the economy, are the people on the other side who WANT him to fail for politcal reasons -- and it's a fragile situation, and it's so fragile, that all this bad "fear" PR can actually end up being the straw that breaks the camel's back. So in this case, the surgical staff needs complete silence from the peanut gallery, but he isn't going to get that. So he better be as good as Alan Alda in M*A*S*H, because Barack will have to save the situation under those types of political and PR conditions. And those perceptions can become realities.

So check back soon, for the whole 4-1-1 from the (202). And as always, simply on the realest, dough!


Now, the same bamboozle-busting inside info you are used to at the City Hall local level, has now expanded to Washington, D.C., into Capitol Hill.

VIDEO: Zuma's 3 Year Anniversary Public Comment

Alright, y'all...these are the four public comments for today (see below after this rant), which maxed out my usual seven minutes a day that I get to speak during the Los Angeles City Council meetings. (You get two minutes for general public comment -- and five minutes for the rest of the agenda items.)

And this week is the 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Zuma Dogg's first trip to City Hall for public comment over the Venice Beach issue that the city has now lost in a Federal Court. Proving Zuma Dogg, Matt Dowd and Michael Hunt were correct in the first place; and three years later, how fitting to remind you that I never even should have been to city hall in the first place, because your Venice ordinance was illegal.

But that's why I have said all along, Zuma Dogg is Villaraigosa and City Councils' "instant karma" for all their "bad karma" and when you are stepping on toes and Federal law, all over the city at such rapid pace, you are eventually going to step on the wrong toes (OURS) and look at all the awareness that Zuma Dogg has raised over the past three years, since the first time you saw me.

Remember that FULL PAGE Los Angeles Times article that came out shortly after I entered council chambers? Well that was the starting point. And I was recently on ABC News NIGHTLINE, NATIONAL news program for my efforts over the past three years, and I'm obviously proud that LA Weekly, the newspaper/magazine ZD has read since he moved to L.A., and used to hope for a mere mention, that I NEVER really got, now refers to me as an "ICON," thank you very much! (And I can throw it around, because I earned it hardest of hard ways. No Hollywood agents, publicity, studio...NOT A PENNY SPENT.

And you look at how the name "Zuma Dogg" is pretty well entrenched in a good percentage (and the good percentage) of the public consciousness. AND IT NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED, cause you never should have been so shady, corrupt and racketeering in the first place.

They say, "any publicity is good publicity" so I hope you fifteen councilosers and douchebag-dummy of a corrupt mayor (who Zuma Dogg says will end up being "UNAVAILABLE" to serve out his full term (and I don't mean because he will be in the Governor's office) have enjoyed the publicity.

So THAT'S what THREE YEARS FEELS LIKE BITCHASSARIGOSA! How you like me now, Mr. Smart Guy? I F*CKING CRUSHED YOUR ASS IN THE MEDIA, AND CONTINUE TO DO SO AS OF THIS DAY! TAKE A LOOK AT THE PUBLIC COMMENT ON COMMISIONER APPOINTMENTS, YOU LITTLE PUNK-ASS FRAUD! Yes, I'm talking about YOU Mr. Antonio Villaragiosa. Now fix Venice Beach, take your head out the President of Mexico's ass, and start doing what it takes to save the U.S. city that you destroyed through your arrogance and ignorance. THAT'S YOUR NEW GOVERNOR CAMPAIGN SLOGAN, VILLARYOULEFTYOURWIFEARAIGOSA: "Elect Antonio Villaraigosa: The Arrogance and Ignorance to get the job done."

BEFORE YOU WATCH THE VIDEOS, HERE IS THE "3 Year Anniversary" BLOG POST THAT ACCOMPANIES THESE VIDEOS. (The videos came after.) Overall, I wish it were a much more warm and fuzzy day, as I had hoped. And even though I was clenching my teeth last night at 3am and 4am to try and keep from imploding -- I was ready and feeling good for a nice, upbeat "3 Year Anniversary" comment. BUT THEN, the first two public comment speakers BOTH gave HOME RUN speeches on "Homelessness" and they crushed council with them. And it made my heart start racing (coffee and no food may have helped); and it really brought out the cranky-bitter, 3am energy of Zuma Dogg. And since I am really as down and out and ready to really, really just cave in and turn into a pumpkin...I thought I would roll with that energy, and you can see me peel off my sunglasses and take off my ski cap so and just really let the good times roll. ONLY THING, the comment wasn't really as good as I had hoped, cause I didn't really say the things in this blog post that I wanted to. But it's REAL and YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE FACES OF SOME OF THE COUNCILMEMBERS WHEN THEY SEE IT ALL UNFOLD. (Thank you, thank you! Another Emmy worthy performance by Zuma Dogg...even though it wasn't acting cause it was real, but I allowed it to happen, when in the past I would have covered it up and been all hunky-dory and happy. But after three years, and you gotta read this post, you can tell the wheels are really falling off of Zuma Dogg's buggy, and I'm clenching my teeth to try and handle the G-force. Anway, here's today's KICK ASS public comments that are just CRUSHING those clowncilosers. AND YES, I AM YET TO SEE ANY OF THE COUNCILMEMBERS STAND UP, AND STEP IN, AND START SAYING WHAT REALLY NEEDS TO BE SAID AND TAKING ON THE ROLE OF LEADERSHIP!!! So to me, you are all merely a bunch of CLOWNCILOSERS (as the collective body that you want to be referred to as). GO TAKE A DIVE INTO THE L.A. RIVER AS A COUNCILBODY, YOU CLOWNCILOSERS. You allowed me to become a history, legendary, larger-than-life-icon that is blessed on the streets of Los Angeles on a daily basis by the PEOPLE of Los Angeles, who's hearts and lives you have broken. Have a nice day. You're spending eternity down below. (And I DON'T mean Austrailia.)

Zuma Dogg 3 Year Anniversary Public Comment (that happened to fall on a REALLY bad day)

Zuma Dogg on Villaraigosa's SHADY Commissioner Appointments (But not necessarily THIS commissioner, who I feel seems like a good person.)

Zuma Dogg on Shady CRA (Community Robbing A-holes) and Garcetti violates ZD's 1st Amendment/Brown Act Rights. (You are allowed to say, "clowns.")

Zuma Dogg on PLANNING and Business in L.A.

http://zumatube.com/ (VIDEOS)
http://zumadogg.podomatic.com/ (AUDIO:Radio calls and original songs.)

These two links, plus LA Daily Blog link, Twitter and everything else related to ZD's "Bamboozle Busting" all on one page at
http://zumatimes.com/ .

Now featured on the national news service
http://news.alltop.com/. (Scroll down and check the company I am keeping, y'all.)

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Zuma Dogg THREE YEAR Anniversary Post

As the first week in April marks the three year anniversary since Zuma Dogg first stumbled into Los Angeles City Council chambers for "public comment" regarding Venice Beach issues, you can say what you want about "Zuma Dogg," but you gotta admit, he's tried to tow the line over these past three years inside Los Angeles City Council chambers, and especially this past year -- cranking out perfect attendance at the council meetings.

Follow up the three meetings a week, staying for the whole meeting, commenting on the un-commented upon, most shady agenda items throughout the meeting; not just general public comment. All the follow-up conversations with city hall staffers, the people; countless hours on the phone listening to people's stories, listening in person as scores of people stop me on the street to inform me of the issue plauging their community; the committe meetings; planning/neighborhood council meetings; follow up blogging; hours on hold with radio stations waiting for a couple minutes of airtime to hopefully alert the masses -- ALL WHILE LIVING ON THE STREETS, OPERATING OUT OF MY VEHICLE, on very little budget, rolling into city hall many days on an empty stomach, empty wallet and empty gas tank. And if someone gives me $5.00 at 9 in the morning, I'll take it and run down to city hall for the meeting. Many days have started out with $0.00, but somehow by 10am, I find myself in chambers. And I have said their is one of those Deepak Chopra/Wayne Dyer energy forces supporting me and dragging me around for the activism I have been cranking out. And look at the past three months of mayoral campaigning where I was just holding it together enough to maintain a professional image for the Bill Handle KFI/Good Day L.A./Mayoral Forum events, while answering the treadmill of LA TIMES/Daily News/etc. questions out of the library, and finishing up by pouring whatever money I had into internet cafes to get things done.

And although the wheels have been falling off of "Zuma Dogg" himself, he (I) HAVE maintained a level of professionalism, setting an example, trying to simply get out there and generate some momentum, I would hate to refer to is as something bordering on leadership. I've gone where no one has gone before, they tell me, and I've paid the price personally. But I kept it going, through thick and thin. And it's all because of the feedback (energy) of the people on the streets. In other words, when you tune into TV 35 or hear me on the radio or see me on some other news media as they pop up, the people watching have no idea of the bridge burning behind me, and the wreckage I deal with the rest of the time.

So point is, for whatever reason, after jumping out there in the public eye through the media (eight years on public access cable and three years at City Hall), I've towed the line and woken up each day, and done NOTHING else but try and change the world and alert the masses and try and get them to join me.

But if you remember that old Tootsie roll commercial from the 70's, "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?" One, Ta-hoo, THREE (Crunch sound)...Three! And how many years can Zuma Dogg crank it out on the streets doing what he has just done? One, Ta-hoo, THREE (Crunch sound)...Three.

I've been "Zuma Dogg" for EIGHT YEARS, since debuting on public access cable. Newspapers have said I'm the only American comedian bearing the comedy-genius thrown once borne by Lenny Bruce and Andy Kaufman. LA Weekly called me a "public access icon" and described my show as "brain-seizing artistry." I've had more Academy, Grammy and Emmy Award winners stop me on the shopping plazas of Malibu to pay their respects and try and figure out how the hell I improv like that? ABC News Nightline had me on in January for my activism. And I'm stopped and blessed by the people of Los Angeles County on a daily basis when they tell me how much "Zuma Dogg" means to them and the city. And it has been the biggest blessing and overwhelming experience of my life. I NEVER thought this would happen.

But as of March 30, 2009; although something could spark at any moment, as I have been waiting for for the better part of eight years, I think we are seeing the end of "Zuma Dogg" and the whole thing is really, really winding down. I hope Dave makes it out in time.

Villaraigosa's Top Campaign Contributor Contributes "Los Angeles Bankruptcy" To The Taxpayers of L.A.

Zuma Dogg's "Zuma Times" blog has been covering the story of how the biggest landlord in Los Angeles, Meruelo Maddux (Downtown's biggest property owning fish, and biggest campaign contributor to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa when he was elected in 2005) has declared bankruptcy.

Now Wall Street Journal is covering the Meruelo Maddux downtown developer debacle. IT'S BIG KIDDIES. And Zuma Times has heard from inside sources that when the banks have to come in to take over, and starts looking into the books, they just might find massive fraud, as we have seen with Enron and Bernie Madoff. Look for someone to go to jail over this. Almost forgot that Meruelo Maddux's American Apparel factory whose slogan is, "Made in Downtown L.A." (by non-documented workers) is also part of this mess. So unfortunatley, we may see even more illegal immigrants out of work now. If so, have them call their mentor Antonio Villaraigrosa for a job at city hall. He's always willing to help out any undocumented workers.

And in possibly related matters, it was announced last week that the City of Los Angeles pension and retirement fund (LACER) lost $7 billion in the stock market, last year, and Zuma Dogg says if you look into the bad LACER investments, you may find LACER was strong-armed into investing in loser Downtown development projects like Related Cos., Grand Ave Project (that is still yet to get moving forward due to money problems); and perhaps Meruelo Maddux projects, as well. Zuma Dogg made so much noise over LACERS investment into Grand Ave Project, they DID indeed eventually pull out of that project, whether it was because of my noise, or not. Point is, ZD said it was shady and risky for LACER pension money to be invested in, and LACER agreed, and now the biggest real estate landlord and operator of the Villaraigosa-friendly "American Apparel/Legalize L.A." has gone bankrupt, and I would bet every penny in Vegas you will find the money went out the back door, and in this down economy, there wasn't Wall Street money pouring in anymore to cover the "front-end loaded management" contacts and flat-out fraud. One Los Angeles City Councilmember tells Zuma Dogg that the City of Los Angeles is tied in with some CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) projects that are funded with taxpayer money. So those investments are probably down the drain.

Here's what Zuma Dogg would like to know: The city doesn't manage these portfolios, themselves. They hire Wall Street investment firms to manage the accounts. LACER is supposed to stick with high-quality, investment grade, investments. Not this risky Wall Street stuff that all went "belly up" with all the fraud, waste and abuse, and not in shady, specualtive land deals, that as you can see ended up in bankruptcy, because this economy can't handle the profit pilferage any longer. How much money, if any, did the people running these portfolios contribute to Villaraigosa to get the accounts. How much of the portfolio was "out on a limb" with risky investments as opposed to "investment grade" and did the managers walk off with bonuses after losing $7 billion in a year?

Now, the problem is that the City of Los Angeles is legally required to pay full LACER benefits, and it was announced that the city will be paying 56% of every dollar toward this bailout starting by 2012.

Click here for video of Zuma Dogg addressing this issue before Los Angeles City Council.

AND NOW, The WSJ, much more shallow take.


By Eric Morath

The factory behind American Apparel’s “Made in Downtown LA” slogan is in bankruptcy. The Alameda Square development in downtown Los Angeles, home to clothing maker American Apparel Inc.’s headquarters and factory, was among the 40 properties that developer Meruelo Maddux Properties put into bankruptcy Friday.

The factory is the focal point of the cotton-clad company’s “Legalize LA” campaign. The company, which prides itself on manufacturing its hipster-friendly t-shirts and leggings in the U.S., is a vocal advocate for a path to legalization for California’s undocumented workers. Politicians, including Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, have used the factory as a backdrop to talk about legalization.

An American Apparel spokesman declined to comment on Meruelo Maddux’s bankruptcy filing. The Los Angles developer said Friday that its financial reorganization won’t affect its tenants.

In additional to American Apparel, Alameda Square is also home to the Alameda Produce Market and Meruelo Maddux’s headquarters.

FYI from ZD's email inbox: Zuma,

Just as an FYI, Maddeux doesn't operate or have anything to do with
American Apparel's factory outside of being the owner. American
Apparel is a tenant and Muereulo Maddux is the landlord. Their
bankruptcy might eventually change who the company's rent goes to or
whether the property comes on the market, but it has no relationship
to the financials of AA.

NOTE: Los Angeles Downtown News is also covering the Meruelo Maddux situation

Why Obama's Auto Plan Will Not Work

See also, Zuma's "LA Daily Blog" for today's story on American Apparel company going bankrupt. The story was picked up by the Wall Street Journal. The company, owned by Downtown L.A.'s biggest real estate landlord, Meruelo Maddux has declared bankruptcy. And Meruelo Maddux was the single biggest campaign contributor to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaragiosa when he was elected in 2005. Click here for story. Inside sources tell Zuma Dogg this story ends like Enron and Bernie Maddoff.

I'm not happy that I feel President Barack Obama's plans to "save" the U.S. auto industry, as announced today, will not be working.

Unfortunatley, Obama's speech merely really drove home how the U.S.auto industry is looking more like the buggy whip, used by horse and buggy drivers.

There are three problems, as I see it:

1.) During this economic slow down, people will not be buying as many cars, anyway. So no matter what you do, people are still not going to be changing their auto buying patterns and running out to new car dealers, because Obama ordered GM and Chrysler to restructure their internal management. But this is not a criticism of the plan itself, just a commentary that the odds are stacked against this in the face of this uncontrollable negative market condition.

2.) It is a lack of innovation that brought us to this point. When the U.S. was the only country manufacturing automobiles, we did fine. But in this global economy, the consumer has voted, and U.S. auto manufactures lose. Peope still feel U.S. auto manufactures have a "quality" problem, as opposed to more efficient Japanese and other international auto makers.

But even if these autos were indeed as "quality" as any other (because Buick is among the "most reliable" cars manufactured anywhere in the world) - in order for a product to take off, there needs to be an
innovative, compelling niche (demand) that is being met.

Unfortunatley, all I heard President Obama say, is that the U.S. was built on the auto manufaturing industry, and all that "heritage/historical" warm and fuzzy talk, that is all well and good. But you can say, "The Los Angeles Forum is a great sports and concert venue. People have grown up attending events at The Forum. The Forum
has provided jobs to thousands over the years. It provides tremendous revenue for the area. Welp, that's all fine and dandy until the Staples Center opened up. No one really shed any tears for Forum workers, management or other related local economic factors.

I DID hear Obama speak of leading the way with clean energy, green cars. And that's a starting point. But that will take years, if not a decade to get those rolling on the streets, in masses. AND, who's to say there is going to be an actual mass conversion from U.S. auto buyers to "green "cars. Which brings us to the most important problem with this plan:

3.) The U.S auto problem (that people aren't buying enough U.S built vehicles) is more than anything, a "marketing strategy" problem. I think it is great the Buick is making one of the most "reliable" cars in the world. But have you seen all those movie posters for the new "Fast and Furious" movie? I don't think people are buying cars on the "reliabilty" factor, alone. Because most of these other cars people are going for are reliable (enough) in their minds, and they aren't thinking, "Hmm, I don't think this (fill in the blank status car) is reliable enough." So it's a marketing problem.

Remember when "Hairbands" dominated the Rock and Roll scene in the 80's. Then Nirvana and "Grunge" rock came out. You could tell the Rainbow to get together with the Viper Room to try and save the "Hairband" industry. But people didn't want "Hairbands" anymore. So you could restructure "Glamrock Records" management staff all you want. You better start making some "Grunge" records, though, first.

U.S. cars are as old and stoggy as the 1950 manufacturing lines that are producing them. If you want to sell more Buicks in the U.S., change the name from "Buick" to something else. And focus on making some small, flashy, low cost, most reliable car (including a "green" version) with some name that sounds hip, like the Phord Phenomenon. And yes, if you wanna start selling Fords again, start spelling it "Phord" with the "Ph" instead of the "F" like "Phat" instead of "Fat."

So to sum it up, in this economic slowdown, when the first thing people can put off buying is a new car, I don't have a lot of faith that this U.S. auto plan is going to be enough to make people decide to jump out of their Hummers, Lexuses, Toyotas and even Hondas and into the best thing the U.S has going for it, a BUICK. (However, in Japan, Buick is the #1 auto-import, so that REALLY shows how it is a marketing problem.

Official Zuma Dogg Website: ZumaTimes.com

See "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" for more on the topic of what it will take to bring the U.S. out of the crisis.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Barack Obama Needs To Get To Know Dr. Deming's 14 Point Plan For "Methods of Management of Quality & Productivity"

As a new wave of readers find this blog thanks to Alltop featuring Zuma Dogg's "Zuma Times" and "LA Daily Blog" on their news aggregate service, I want to start a new season of blogging, by starting with some "first things, first" (big picture issues) mixed in with the daily top local political news covered by Zuma Dogg, L.A.'s bamboozle-busting icon, shining light on political shadiness.

And like Andy Kaufman busting out "Shakespear" on a college audience; here come's Zuma Dogg's starting point for all discussion of government operations. And now that Barack Obama is in charge of U.S. operations, as President of the United States (with heavy global influence and impact), I would like to not only remind President Obama of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and his 14 point blueprint (Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity), but I am here to declare that until the U.S government starts embracing and operating under these guidlines, you may as well take all that taxpayer bail-out money, and put it in the White House document shredder.

So for the record, here is my interpretation of Deming's 14 points that I hope White House officials remind Mr. Obama to read. This interpretation has been read and approved by Dr. Deming, himself, before he passed away in the early '90's. "I appreciate much the attachment you sent ("Interpreting Deming's 14 Points"). It is well done. I agree with your statetment that grading of pupils is an attempt to produce quality by inspection. As a way of life, it doesn't work. I thank you and remain sincerely yours, Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

This article was then published by Quality Digest in 1994. So hopefully, you can read the following article "Interpeting Deming's 14 Points" in confidence that I captured the essence and setiments of Dr. Deming.

I thought of writing a follow-up, update to this article, applying it to today's economic conditions, but feel since this was approved by Deming and printed in "Quality Digest" -- let's go with this basic, overall version that really sets the tone for all upcoming blogging.

Deming's 14 points warns of the problems with commision and merit pay (bonuses). Hmm, can you think of any recent situations where this may have come into play? Like AIG and all the Wall Street shadiness, recently that Obama has had enough of. HELLO, Dr. Deming.

Barack, get to know Zuma Dogg, and get to know Dr. Deming. It's the only hope for the U.S. economy and future of the world. But I am ready to assume the leadership role and am ready for the task.


More on Zuma Dogg at
http://ZumaTimes.com/. And be sure to watch the YouTube videos.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Los Angeles To Go BANKRUPT Over $7 Billion LACER Pension Bailout!

REGARDING LACERS PENSION BAILOUT STORY THAT ONLY ZUMA DOGG IS COVERING, AND I FINALLY GOT ON THE RADIO TODAY ABOUT IT...IT WAS A "NATIONAL" RADIO SHOW...LOL! (Hello local L.A. talk show hosts, ZD's first radio call on the matter was on a NATIONAL talk show, you circus clowns. Meanwhile, someone sent me this in the email so I may as well post it.)

New ZUMA TIMES readers, look on this blog for more exclusive coverage of the $7 BILLION LACER pension fund bailout, that will bankrupt the City of Los Angeles in the next fiscal budget, if extreme measures are not taken. At this point, there is NO avoiding the pain. WE ARE SERIOOUSLY LOOKING AT DECLARING "BANKRUPTCY" AS THE ONLY OPTION, which would allow the city to renegotiate city worker contracts, because the unions are too greedy and won't give anything back, so extreme measures will have to be taken. In 2012, the city budget experts (CAO's office) declared that 56% of every city dollar, from the general fund, will be going to pay for this pension and retirement bailout.


ZUMA DOGG ALSO PREDICTS THE MERUELO MADDUX DOWNTOWN DEVELOPER THAT JUST DECLARED BANKRPUTCY MAY END UP LOOKING LIKE A BERNIE MADOFF/ENRON BAMBOOZLE. (It's all being exposed in this down economy, as they are all caught with their pants down during this game of musical chairs, and when the music stopped, there were no seats availble. So look for massive fraud in the downtown development bankruptcy scandal. CRA (taxpayer money) was invested in these projects, and I wonder how much LACER was invested in all this "belly-up" real estate development.

So new readers, THANKS TO the new link to Zuma Times' blog at http://news.alltop.com/ with all the heavy hitting news sites from across the country. It's almost a joke. But the link wouldn't be there if the blog wasn't worthy. So hello, "ALL TOP" readers and hello to Guy Kawasaki, THE KING OF TWITTER, Y'ALL! And to NEENZ for ALL TOP (All Top News) for the hook-up! ;)

Check out "ALL TOP" and ignore the LA Times links. And check this blog for more on the LACERS/Murelo Maddox real estate problems that will be sinking the City of Los Angeles with MUCH more to come.


If the trustees for the city pension investment fund invested in the speculative LA Projects (downtown condos etc) one can make the argument that they truly violated the prudent man role.

If the trustees are the mayors appointees and the developer who ran the investments that the pensions invested in was a substantial contributor to the mayor one could argue that the investments in the projects was compensation for the contributions.

A link between violating the prudent man role by investment in poor quality developments that produced political contributions could result in criminal prosecution of the Major and will certainly dampened his ability to run for governor.

Send me the link and I'll see what I can do with it.

...A fiduciary shall act with the care, skill, prudence, and diligence under the circumstances then prevailing that a prudent person acting in a like capacity and familiar with such matters would use."

From the Prudent Investor Rule
see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prudent_man_rule

prudent man rule n. the requirement that a trustee, investment manager of pension funds, treasurer of a city or county, or any fiduciary (a trusted agent) must only invest funds entrusted to him/her as would a person of prudence, I.e. with discretion, care and intelligence. Thus solid "blue chip" securities, secured loans, federally guaranteed mortgages, treasury certificates, and other conservative investments providing a reasonable return are within the prudent man rule. Some states have statutes which list the types of investments allowable under the rule.

Unfortunately, the rule is subjective, and some financial managers have put funds into speculative investments to achieve higher rates of return, which has resulted in bankruptcy and disaster as in the case of Orange County, California (1994). (See: fiduciary, trustee)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Zuma Dogg on L.A.'s $7 BILLION Pension Bail-Out (Public Comment)


1) "Zuma Dogg Public Comment on Los Angeles City $7 BILLION in Pension Losses and BAIL-OUT: “CLICK HERE...>> Councilmember Greuel: zuma...”

More ZD Public Comment on LA City $7 BILLION LACER Investment Losses (FRAUD!) “CLICK HERE...Mr. Zuma dogg,”

Mr. Dogg, on "The Era of Transparancy." “CLICK HERE...Mr. Dogg, zuma dogg....”


Neighborhood Council Blog: City of Los Angeles Faces $600-$700 ...
Hey Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Zuma Dogg's Batcomputer just crunched ... LACER PENSION FUND ALERT: I hope LACER wasn't over-extended in risky ...

Zuma Dogg Blog: Downtown Los Angeles Presents: Eli' Broad, Related ...
More on Zuma Dogg and ZAP You may have heard of the nearly $2 Billion Downtown CRA .... I hope LACER pension money isn't being invested into this project, ...


29 Feb 2008 by zumadogg@gmail.com (zuma dogg)
LA Times finally reports today (Friday 2/29/08) what Zuma Dogg already reported about two weeks ago. (If you are an investor, do you know how much difference two weeks makes, in a situation like this? Someone should sue the LA Times for not ... Hope LACER/CALPERS ISN'T HOLDING THESE. Taxpayers are set up for a bigger burn than Malibu. click here. AND NOW, LA Times (2/29/08) re-hash of ZD's two week old blog posts. (Wow! Better renew your newspaper subscriptions.) ...

LACER: And, oh no...someone just sent ZD the recent LACER audit with all those answers to ZD's questions about risky stock investments. And, oh no...it lists that info. It's 344 pages, and I don't have that much blaze...but I'll try and sniff out the shadiness and report back. Meanwhile, if any of my "legalese-busters/ZD helpers" think they can sift out any important insights from this report, send me an email, and I'll send you a link.

Posted by Zuma Dogg (on Mayor Sam's Blog) @ 2/23/2008



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Things Barack Obama Needs To Know About Villaraigosa's City of Los Angeles (See Fraud, Waste and Abuse Bamboozle)

Now that local Los Angeles blogger and activist Jim Alger is in Washington, D.C., working for President Barack Obama's office in some capacity, I don't want Jim to lose touch with local issues here in the City of Los Angeles, and depending on what Mr. Alger does, perhaps he can make sure President Obama is aware of some of these Federal and local issues.

1.) First and foremost, as of yesterday's (03/24/09) agenda item 28 of the Los Angeles City Council agenda; the $7 BILLION dollars that the city's LACER pension and retirement funds LOST this past year, will now have to be covered by taxpayers out of the City's general fund. When next year's budget is released, the city will be sacked with the $7 billion dollar loss that must be covered. And if measure are not taken as prescribed by local public advocate "Zuma Dogg" (see video here, followed by entire City Council discussion and presentation) then it is projected that FIFTY SIX (56%) of all city dollars will be going to the LACER pension and retirement bailout. AND THAT'S WHAT IT IS, A BAILOUT!


The city hired financial Wall Street investor types to manage these pension and retirement funds. LET'S OPEN THE BOOKS AND SEE WHERE THEY WERE INVESTING? What projects, what stock market investments. Were the brokers managing these funds contributing to Villaragiosa to get the account? How much did the brokers make off all of this? Are we going to find the same "bonus" problems that A.I.G. had, with the firms that just lost the city of Los Angeles $7 BILLION in ONE YEAR??? What is being done now about the investments? Certainly, you can't have these dummies still in charge.

AND HERE'S THE EXTRA QUESTION ZUMA DOGG IS AKSING: As you know Uncle MC Zuma Dogg attends every council meeting and occasional committee meeting at City Hall. So let me tell you people, over the course of the past three years, when every city worker and employee and manager basically knows "ZD" when THEY enter the council chambers, sometimes they get excited and like to start talking to ZD to say hello. AND THAT'S WHEN HE PUMPS 'EM FOR INSIDE INFO. And I must be good. Because here is the question I am now aksing:


Look into the CRA projects and these Muerello Maddox downtown projects? Was the mayor having LACER invest in these loser projects? Could this be a big reason why the City just lost $7 billion in one year like Ben Affleck losing a million dollar hand in Vegas.


So Barack, look into this whole pension/retirement fund mess that the city is now stuck dealing with, because I can tell you as someone who has attended every council meeting this past year, there are no leaders in any of those City Council seats, and they will all talk about the sky falling, but no one will be pulling out an umbrella or making a decision or any of the hard calls that have to be made.

Again, see my public comment on the link above, and the other thing I didn't mention in the comment is that city workers are going to have to start paying more into the LACER fund.

Also see posts on this blog about

Muerello Madoxx:


20,000 "Expensive Hotels" Counted As Affordable Housing Units For HUD Money:

And most importantly, Interpreting Deming's 14 Points.


Barack Obama Says We Need To Pour More Money Into A BROKEN School System (Zuma Dogg Says Barack Obama Needs To Implement Deming's 14 Points FIRST!)

Did I just hear Barack Obama say the problem with the school systems is lack of funding? Oh, good; throw more money into a broken system. I guess with more money, you could produce drop-outs more quickly.

NO, the problem is not lack of spending; it's lack of innovation; it's lack of implementing Deming's 14 points. IT'S BECAUSE WE ARE LIVING IN A 21st CENTURY COMPUTER GENERATION, AND THE SCHOOL SYSTEM IS STILL STRUCTURED AND OPERATING UNDER A 1950's MODEL WHEN AMERICANS ALL WENT TO WORK IN THE FACTORIES. There was a reason the system was functioning that way.

Until there is a laptop computer on every school desk, DON'T EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT SPENDING MONEY ON ANYTHING ELSE. With computers you could and should be able to do more with less teachers.

We have all heard of success stories across the country where a teacher is able to produce outstanding results where others are not able to. WITH THE INTERNET YOU CAN VIDEO THE TEACHER GIVING THE LESSONS, AND KIDS COULD WATCH THE LESSONS ON THE INTERNET.

Also, the best grade I ever received in college was a Biology class (although I actually flunked biology in high school) because it was a computer based class, with NO teacher, just a workbook and the quizzes were given on computer with mulitiple choice, like the Trivia Whiz game.

That was a long time ago.

You cannot reach the kids and keep them interested in the 1950 classroom model. We need more vocation in school.

More to come on how to overhaul the education system. That's an initital take.

But I can see Barack Obama truly is an LA City Councilmember kinda guy as President. So I'm gonna have to start blogging in a way to catch his attention on the 14 points. I KNOW his advisors know about Deming, as I am certain someone with Barack's education, must be aware of, as well.

I just need to get him to remember Deming, because I can clearly see the direction Obama is going here, and if you are going to start making an argument on pouring more money into a broken school system, then y'all better be pulling out your Deming notes from college and read the blueprint for 14 point success, "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" by one Uncle MC Zuma Dogg.

Hey Barack, Holla at ya boy, Big Uncle Icon MC Zuma Dogg...213-785-7272. I'll tell you what it will take to transform the education system. I'll need about five (5) hours in a seminar presentaion environment. Ask your boy Villaraigosa about me. He'll tell you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ALERT: City of Los Angeles To Go BANKRUPT Over City Employee Pension & Retirement Funds (Councilmember Calls It "Armageddon!")

EXCUSE ME!!! Zuma Dogg was absolutley floored and flabbergasted in a VERY REAL way today, during Item 28 of today's Los Angeles City Council meeting. I'm sure it will be all you hear about for the next two years. At the end of the discussion that you can see HERE -- starting off with ZUMA DOGG's Public Comment and followed by the discussion that unviels it all, right before your very eyes and ears. Basically, it was announced that in 2012, if measures (that Zuma Dogg details in the public comment) are not taken, 56% of the city's general fund, 56% of every L.A. City dollar, will have to go to cover the city employee's pension and retirement funds. You see, the city's investment team played fast and loose with the city taxpayer money, and Zuma Dogg feels the mayor strongarmed LACER into investing in risky city development projects and projects of his favorite developers. (See Meurello Maxxox and Grand Ave Project stories) and now LACER has lost $7 BILLION DOLLARS THIS PAST YEAR!!!

And guess what kiddies, these pension and retirement funds are guaranteed by the city, so the city has to pay the difference out of the general fund!!!

As I heard this, and literally became flabbergasted, as you can see in my follow up public comment on the next item (a pure Emmy Award level comedic performance), I asked one of the CMs (who I won't name or CMs may not talk to me), if it was as bad as it sounds, because I don't wanna over-exaggerate: The CM said, "It's Armmagedon." Then did add, "Measures can be taken to help." But the feeling was, massive pain at this point cannot be avoided. Again, if you want to see what it will take to help reduce the financial strain, I detail it in my public comment, that is followed by the discussion. IT'S A DOOSEY! And I am not being arrogant when I say, "I detail" as though "I" came up with the solutions and the city better listen. NO, just the opposite: The benefit of Zuma Dogg being at the Council meetings, allows me access to Councilmembers and top City Hall staffers who I interviewed before the agenda item, to ask the what the things Zuma Dogg needs to be saying that the other CMs are scared or don't want to say. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, BUT THE COUNCILMEMBERS AND OTHERS DON'T REALLY WANT TO COME OUT AND SAY IT, SO THEY ACTUALLY DON'T MIND TELLING ME, knowing that I will say it for everyone else. AND OF COURSE YOU COULD HAVE HEARD ALL OF THIS ONLINE DURING THE BUDGET COMMITTEE MEETING HEARINGS, WHERE IT WAS ALL SAID.



Runway Film & TV Production: Click here (So that's 3 public comments to see on this blog post.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sponsor Zuma Dogg's Public Comment at City Council Meeting on Wednesday

For one dollar, you can sponsor five thousand homeless children in some overseas nation. And for one PayPal donation, you can sponsor Zuma Dogg for one meeting at City Hall.
I don't think I have missed a Los Angeles City Council meeting this year in 2009, yet; and I don't think I have missed a meeting in almost a year, since I returned to L.A., first week in April 2008.
Zuma Dogg at L.A. City Hall
11 months ago  zumadogg
But as it stands, right now as I type this at 8:30pm on Tuesday night, it looks like I am about to get my first day off, or I should say, council is about to get their first day off, in about a year, as Zuma Dogg will DEFINITELY not be able to make it to the meeting on Wednesday, as I once again, end the day with $0.00.
During today's meeting, as I was calling them out for lack of leadership, and just decided to go into "roll up the sleeves and call out the shots mode" that I mentioned that I indeed DO have a better attendance record than ANY of the Councilmembers. (LOL!) But they are having the last laugh, cause they got to eat food today, and are sleeping under a roof in a bed.
Anyway, if you haven't already done so recently, and you personally would like to see ZD squeeze out another Council meeting and help keep faith and momentum alive inside council chambers tomorrow...hit the PayPal link on the upper right hand side of this blog (or click here) and if I have $25 bucks in my account in the morning, I'll head down to City Hall for another meeting. If not...no biggie, really. I'll just be sitting in my car listening to AM talk radio thinking about what to say next time.
Really, don't over-extend yourself over the whole thing. But I think there are SOME folks out there reading that could drop a whole lot more than $25 bucks without even noticing a statistical blip in their daily account. So if you tune in tomorrow and see ZD you'll know something came through. If not, here are some public comments from Friday and today (Tuesday), for those who may have ZD withdrawl during Wednesday's meeting while I will be getting a suntan while sleeping in the park. It's still too cold to sleep outside at night:
City Council Meeting - Tuesday
ZUMA DOGG PUBLIC COMMENT Public comment link.
City Council Meeting - Friday

ZUMA DOGG PUBLIC COMMENT: Zuma Dogg on Venice Beach stabbing and the city's role in the matter...."

ITEM 19: Zuma Dogg's NEW #1 SHADY-CORRUPT ISSUE: Villaraigosa's Affordable Housing Racket (Hotels Units Counted as Affordable Housing and pawned off on Barack Obama for Federal HUD Money)...."

ITEM 24: Zuma Dogg on MTA Board Attempting to Kick Villaraigosa off the Board: AND HE WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR...LOL!...."

ITEM 26: Zuma Dogg on "Special Event Fee Waivers" As Covered on LAist.com.

http://ZumaTIMES.Blogspot.com (Recently updated: All new Zuma Dogg posts will be posted at the Zuma Times blog now and you can see Twitter and Podcast feeds update throughout the day on the blog now, too. Make sure to hit the "subscribe" if you subscribed to LA Daily Blog feeds, cause the new stuff is posted here.)

You Do Not Stimulate The Economy By FInding Reasons To "CREATE JOBS" -- Jobs are created through innovative products and services

Oh no...here we go again. Zuma Dogg is going to have to sit here and listen to Barack Obama and Antonio Villaraigosa sit here and talk about the need to "create jobs" and start projects that "create jobs."

Now, I know that Barack Obama is Mr. Bigshot President of the United States; and Antonio Doucheairagosa is whatever the hell he is...but neither one of them are internationally published experts on Dr. Deming's 14 point economic miracle that ACTUALLY DID NOT ONLY STIMULATE THE JAPANESE ECONOMY, BUT COMPLETELY RE-BUILT IT FROM THE BOTTOM, UP.

Fortunately for the readers of Zuma Times, the founder and writer happens to be an internationally published expert on these 14 points, so my opinion carries HUGE, HUGE weight and clout. And I really don't care how you think that sounds...because I am not running for mayor, anymore, so I really don't care if you like me, or not, or think my grandstanding is obnoxious. To the people I am trying to get to read this, that is how they are motivated. Through my disgracing them through a superiority complex, which I now suffer from, after being surrounded by 15 councildummies and the big, little dummy himself, L.A. Mayor Antonio Dummyraigosa.

So here is what I am here to tell you: YOU DO NOT STIMULATE THE ECONOMY IN A REAL OR MEANINGFUL WAY BY GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY TO FUND PROJECTS JUST BECAUSE THEY CREATE JOBS. That is the type of dummy-think that and dummy-action that got us in this mess.

Barack, I know you are a rookie, and have not dedicated yourself to constant and never-ending improvement since 1986, in the way that I have. So I do not begrudge you for making these rookie, empty exhortations that will only mask the problem.

So how do you create jobs then, without false projects like the false stimulus. Because I'm here to tell you folks, (he like to use the word, "folks" cause it's "folksy"), the last thing we need right now are a bunch of "shovel ready" projects for stuff like improvements we really don't need. Or the money to make them.

So here is how you create jobs: Through innovation of product and services. When 2000 people became millionaires at Microsoft, the economy wasn't stimulated by the restoration of the building that they were working out of. It was stimulated by the jobs that were created by a new and innovative product. Steve Jobs did the same thing at Apple. The first thing you need to stimulate the economy, which then stimualtes job growth, is that you need a unique and compelling reason for the product or service.

Domino's Pizza wouldn't have stimulated the Detroit area it was headquartered out of if he started another chain like Pizza Hut. They focused on 3o minute of less deliver. And that was something new and innovative! Fed EX did it with "overnight delivery."

You don't stimulate the economy by saying we are going to create jobs by re-paving the runways Fed Ex airplanes fly down. A fresh coat of paint ain't gonna bring back the jobs we really need.

So it is time to become innovative, once again.

And if you want to know what that means more specifically, call 213-785-7272 and hire Zuma Dogg to tell you. I will be glad to sit in with you and your advisors (or managers for you private sector folks) and will take your feedback and apply the 14 points to your specific situation and explain to you more, specfically, what I mean when I say that you create jobs through innovation of products and services. I think most people reading know what I mean, but people always like examples so they can test their understand and become more confident in their instincts. But ZD is a little too hungry to paint it all out for a bunch of dummies who don't want to take time to understand the situation they are in charge of, at a holistic level. So keep being analytical, you non-Deming-dummies. Keep doing the exact same thing that got you into this mess...just try to think a little harder and push a little harder. I'm sure it will all turn around because you have HOPE!

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg, Public Comment at Los Angeles City Council Meeting. (THE CROWD BREAK OUT INTO CHEERS!!!)

If you read this blog, from the past couple days, and especially this morning, I have no idea how I found myself in Los Angeles City Council Chambers this morning. No...I don't know how I do it. And if you could have seen me at 4am or 5am this morning, it's more of a sickness that I ended up delivering this speech. But like Richard Gere in "Officer and a Gentlemen" said, "I got no where else to go." And I was hoping for some free food, or something nice to spark my day, but it didn't happen. But hey, at least we got this two minute BLISTERING BLAST by L.A.'s Bamboozle-Buster, shining light on political shadiness, Zuma Dogg. And if you are in the Eagle Rock area and can help me keep from starving, because I am truly uncomfortable physically, please call me at 213-785-7272 and we can meet at your favorite taco truck or actual restaurant.

Here's the link to today's public comment. You never know when it's gonna be my last. At least it's a good one and the crowd busts out into cheers. HA HA, council losers. You may eat food everyday, and sleep in a bed, and not live each hour in panic and physical discomfort...

But the crowd LOVES me! And that's almost as good as food. Except it won't keep me standing up much longer. But when we hear that final thud from Zuma Dogg, he has left the legacy he always wanted to leave, in some way, although not in the way I thought. But if I went away forever and never blogged or commented again, I served my time and I think I made an impact as one single citizen, whether I did it sleeping in a vehicle broke and hungry most of the time, or fully funded.

Meanwhile, people read the blog post from early this morning, then see me delivering a speech like the one I delivered today, and they think, "Oh good, he's o.k. Everything's fine. He made it through." NO, it's just that I say to myself, if I don't even show up for a lousy public comment, then I basically don't even exist on the planet today, and that's when bad karma really kicks in. Plus, sometimes there is food, or something. But it was one of those days when you walk in with nothing and walk out with even less. It ain't looking good for tomorrow. And it's really getting tougher for me to focus on anything but my physical pain from not eating or sleeping.

I used to be able to keep ends meeting and rally and pull something together...but the bottom really has fallen out, and I really never have been worse. But it all looks good during those two minutes. And some days, that's all I can hope for. Because at the next level, tomorrow, I won't even be giving a public comment speech, and then it's just a bum on the street who isn't contributing a thing to society, and so no positive momentum will or can occur.

Meanwhile, the good thing about tense situations like this, is that you know, whatever the outcome, something is going to happen. I hope it's something BETTER. But when you follow the direction things are going...

Here's the public comment link. I think I am just going to lay down on the sidewalk and see what happens. I'm done. I'm toast. I'm uncomfortable. You should stop reading this blog. I can't imagine that you will be getting much of what you want, anymore. I think we see that. I'm still going to blog cause it's called "ZUMA" Times...but if you are used to Zuma Dogg, political inside blogging, I'm still trying to squeeze out rants when I can (like I did today), but it's only the 4pm hour, and I'm not usually this bad off until it's almost time to go to sleep. So like I said, the days are popping up quicker than I can keep up. And that's called a sinking ship.


Zuma Dogg on "The Future of Los Angeles City and County" (Head For The Hills!)

There is a lot of speculation on the socio-economic status of Los Angeles City and County.

Over the past several years, statistics show that the high-quality jobs have left the region and have been replaced by low-quality, unskilled positions. Jobs like manufacutring, financial and consulting industries.

Reports have also shown that the "middle class" has vacated the city and are being replaced by low-income workers, many of which do not speak the English language; and now that the construction boom is over, many of the people from Mexico who came here for these high paying jobs, are now here in the city, unemployed.

And when you look at the L.A. population boom (all the people that the City Council Housing and Planning Chairs say we need to build accomodations for) are families, many of them single parents, that are having more kids per mother than the United States culture and accomodations are used to.

But when you look around at the way Los Angeles Mayor Anotnio Villaraigosa and his spineless "take the money and don't get in the way" City Council puppets have been running and developing the city, you would think that the city is filled with new Arab Emerate of Dubai oil shieks who are moving here and need five star Mandarin Hotels and boutique shops and luxury Ritz Carlton condos as you have built downtown (and are "allegedly" planning to build if Grand Avenue Project ever gets out of it's own rut; and Zuma Dogg says it WON'T!)

Look at all the nice, new luxury condos (sitting vacanat and plummeting in value) Downtown. (Gotta LOVE Related Cos.) When you drive around, conceptually, it all looks great and who wouldn't want to live in a nice unit like that?

Welp, the people who are coming to this city and who are populating it with more and more kids do not have the jobs or bank accounts to buy that kind of housing. (Unless you offer it all as a "no money down, no financial background check, just sign here and we believe you "subprime" contract.

AND HAVE YOU HEARD? Downtown Los Angeles' BIGGEST commercial developer Muerello Maddox is going belly up and under and will not be able to pay it's debt. Oh well, looks like all of that property is going to be taken over by some bank. Meanwhile, if you read my post below this one, Zuma Dogg feels we will be finding that this situation is like L.A.'s own "Enron" scandal as the owners took the money and ran after many fraudulent permits were filed and accepted by the city. So those who feel Downtown L.A. is poised to make a comback and become the economic regional hub it once was...IT NEVER WORKS THAT WAY. AND IT CERTAINLY ISN'T GOING TO EVEN IMPROVE, but get worse. THE BOTTOM HAS FALLEN OUT OF DOWNTOWN WITH THIS MUERELLO MADDOX DEAL. And the entire economic situation, and there is no end in sight to the wasteful spending because you have fifteen Tom Labong's sitting inside council chambers that don't have the courage, leadership, knowledge or discipline to accomplish the goal of navigating the city under these circumstances.

And just as we will be needing more emergency shelter and housing for the scores of "first time homeless" that are taking and will be taking to the streets: Governor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa gave STATE VOTER APPROVERD PROP 1C MONEY -- FOR EMERGECY SHELTER FOR BATTERED WOMEN, CHILDREN, SENIORS AND DISABLED VETERANS --




COMMERCIAL PARK PAVED WITH CEMENT (not a park but a mall, in my opinion)!

That's the type of guy you let into city hall and now he will probably be the next Governor of California.

SO LET ME BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU, ONCE AGAIN: Zuma Dogg wakes up every day and tries to see into the future...predict trends, if you will. And after three years of predicitons at this level, and seeing how it plays out in reality...I am not trying to be agendized one way or the other, or be a rabble-rouser or instigator, or even controversial. As usual, I am trying to issue public notice so the appropriate measures can be taken. And I feel Villaraigosa is going down the completely wrong direction.

But that's because he only has one direction...the route to the most money. And you don't always cash in and capitalize for yourself when you do what's right.

BUT HERE'S WHAT KEEPS HIS EVIL INTENT ALIVE: People are optimisitc. They are always overly optimistic that the fog will clear and everything will bounce back to the highest of highs as though you are wearing "flubber" shoes. I heard this all throughout this recent stock market "adjustment" over the past year and a half.

The more I warned that the 12,000 market was going to 10,000 then 8,000...the louder and more scornful the attacks against me were. AND NO MORE SO THAN IN MY OWN PERSONAL LIFE WITH MY LIFELONG FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMEBERS THAT I ALL CALLED TO WARN. They told me the market always bounces back and it's not as bad as the (fill in the blank). Except one thing: The roulette wheel came up on green double zero and it's worse that ever. (Ooops, just slightly wrong on their part.)

So now, people are optimistic that all these jobs that shut-down shop and vacated Los Angeles like a Trapper M.D. "M*A*S*H" unit -- and all those middle class homeowners who vacated like college students from Ft. Lauderdale at the end of a Spring Break Weekend -- are ALL going to magically decide to move back and these corportations are all going to decide that, as Villaraigosa is creating any and every new tax and fee he can think of, then raising it -- and all the problematic permit processes and vindictive spirit in which to do business because they have not committed to Dr. Deming's 14 points plan -- they are going to bring back maufacturing and high quality jobs, even though LAUSD cannot produce enough non-dropouts to fill the jobs.

So my message on all of this, is people...GET REAL...while you are waiting for the Federal government to do all those things you are screaming about on the AM radio dial...and while you may be a mayor or councilmember that wants to continue with this upscale, luxury madness -- because in a year or so everything will be back to normal, because you are TALKING about bringing back jobs and making the streets safe and doing all the speculative things in your magical American Dream future: The reality is the future is a low income population boom of people with a lot more kids that this country is used to seeing, who will be needing more and more social services than ever under these circumstances and even the people who were here for good construction jobs are out of work now, and there is no reason whatsover to believe that the future of this city is anything else besides low income housing for low income people and a magic bullet mag train for everyone else to boogie out of here before it's REALLY too late. SO START SPENDING THE MONEY ON THE INFRASTRUCTRE FOR THE FUTURE OF THE CITY...

Think, "What would Eli Broad do?" THEN DO THE OPPOSITE! And to all the people who are trying to reverse this trend...you better look into Zuma Dogg's crystal ball and start dealing with the situation that is here on the streets, right before you, in the present, because people boil to death over optimism. And although you are not wrong, there is also no evidence that the Untied States of America is moving in the direction of doing a thing about the immigration problem as you describe it. So the only difference between ZD and the AM Talk show hosts, is they are trying to call a "time out" and ignore everything else until the paddy wagon starts busting workers on their jobs...and Zuma Dogg says, while you are waiting for that, you better stop dreaming that L.A City is going to be on par with Dubai. GIVE IT UP!

If you live on the Westside and can't imagine what I am talking about, go to where ZD likes to hang out, Highland Park and that CD 14/CD 1 area. You are not going to rip all of that away and replace it with millionaires offering high paying jobs to the rest. DON'T YOU SEE IT PEOPLE!?!?!? LOS ANGELES IS ABOUT TO STAND FOR SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT THAN WE ARE USED TO, JUST AS WE HAVE HAD TO LEARN TO LIVE WITH A DIFFERENT STOCK MARKET AND DIFFERENT EVERYTHING!!!

You may as well elect Villaraigosa Governor of California and let him finish the job he was sent here to do since his early college days. It is already playing out. He has already done it. The vampire has sucked the victim dry (Los Angeles) and now has to find the next victim (the State) for the people he represents.