Monday, March 16, 2009

Zuma Dogg on the Future of LAUSD (There ISN'T a future!)

Does anyone reading this actually think LAUSD is going to pull itself out of this mess? I mean, seriously...which way does it look like things are headed?

Does anyone reading this have a SHRED of confidence that anyone with the knowledge and power to overhaul the system is actually involved?

Even if the right answers were out there, you would never get all the powers that be to agree to move in one, focused direction.

Have fun talking about "fixing" LAUSD for the next decade. It will be declining each day. Have you seen the future?

Do you have confidence that Monica Garcia, Ray Cortinez, Antonio Villaraigosa and AJ Duffy are going to move things in the right direction for you?

It still isn't bad enough, yet. As someone who really wakes up every day and tries to think of solutions and predict trends and see into the future...I think the future of LAUSD and the future of LA City is more of a horror movie than anything else.


No one is taking the situation seriously, and even if they were, you have a bunch of selfish, greedy, dummies that couldn't figure out what to do even if they weren't evil and vindictive and callous.

Not trying to be bitter on purpose. I just like to make predicitions of future trends and I like to be accurate.

I warned people to get the hell out of the stock market znd people didn't like to hear that one either.

People NEVER like my predictions. They criticize me. They mock me. They scream at me. They disown me.

(But they all call me a year later to appologize and thank me for trying to alert them.)

So criticize away. But if anyone reading thinks the future of L.A. looks like anything other than Highland Park/Echo Park...

What leads you to believe that? All of the high-quality jobs have left the region and the only thing left are low paying clerk jobs.

Meanwhile, the population trend is moving toward larger families with a lot of kids -- at a time when parents are out of work or earning low wages.

The middle class has been driven has been driven out...and low-income, unskilled workers with big families are causing a population boom. And many of the kids are entering the school system unable to speak the language being taught. I don't know about you, but I couldn't pass first grade if I couldn't speak the language.

So anyone who has kids and is entitled to an opinion on this issue is going to have to have some serious conversations as to how to drive this ship.

But it will never work, because if you say the wrong thing, you may hurt some people's feelings. And maybe they will sue!

But seriously, people better forget about fitting the city to the "Grand Ave Project/LA Live/MOCHA" crowd and start gearing it up for the future of the city.

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March 16, 2009 12:49 AM

Zuma Dogg said...
If the powers that be responsible for student achievement at LAUSD (like the school board and teachers union) would like to know what it will take to improve student achievement and increase the graduation rate, contact or call 213-785-7272. I would be glad to spend a full day outlining what it will take and how to achieve the goal.

If you get 100 people in a room who have the power to create change and transform the system,

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