Tuesday, March 24, 2009

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg, Public Comment at Los Angeles City Council Meeting. (THE CROWD BREAK OUT INTO CHEERS!!!)

If you read this blog, from the past couple days, and especially this morning, I have no idea how I found myself in Los Angeles City Council Chambers this morning. No...I don't know how I do it. And if you could have seen me at 4am or 5am this morning, it's more of a sickness that I ended up delivering this speech. But like Richard Gere in "Officer and a Gentlemen" said, "I got no where else to go." And I was hoping for some free food, or something nice to spark my day, but it didn't happen. But hey, at least we got this two minute BLISTERING BLAST by L.A.'s Bamboozle-Buster, shining light on political shadiness, Zuma Dogg. And if you are in the Eagle Rock area and can help me keep from starving, because I am truly uncomfortable physically, please call me at 213-785-7272 and we can meet at your favorite taco truck or actual restaurant.

Here's the link to today's public comment. You never know when it's gonna be my last. At least it's a good one and the crowd busts out into cheers. HA HA, council losers. You may eat food everyday, and sleep in a bed, and not live each hour in panic and physical discomfort...

But the crowd LOVES me! And that's almost as good as food. Except it won't keep me standing up much longer. But when we hear that final thud from Zuma Dogg, he has left the legacy he always wanted to leave, in some way, although not in the way I thought. But if I went away forever and never blogged or commented again, I served my time and I think I made an impact as one single citizen, whether I did it sleeping in a vehicle broke and hungry most of the time, or fully funded.

Meanwhile, people read the blog post from early this morning, then see me delivering a speech like the one I delivered today, and they think, "Oh good, he's o.k. Everything's fine. He made it through." NO, it's just that I say to myself, if I don't even show up for a lousy public comment, then I basically don't even exist on the planet today, and that's when bad karma really kicks in. Plus, sometimes there is food, or something. But it was one of those days when you walk in with nothing and walk out with even less. It ain't looking good for tomorrow. And it's really getting tougher for me to focus on anything but my physical pain from not eating or sleeping.

I used to be able to keep ends meeting and rally and pull something together...but the bottom really has fallen out, and I really never have been worse. But it all looks good during those two minutes. And some days, that's all I can hope for. Because at the next level, tomorrow, I won't even be giving a public comment speech, and then it's just a bum on the street who isn't contributing a thing to society, and so no positive momentum will or can occur.

Meanwhile, the good thing about tense situations like this, is that you know, whatever the outcome, something is going to happen. I hope it's something BETTER. But when you follow the direction things are going...

Here's the public comment link. I think I am just going to lay down on the sidewalk and see what happens. I'm done. I'm toast. I'm uncomfortable. You should stop reading this blog. I can't imagine that you will be getting much of what you want, anymore. I think we see that. I'm still going to blog cause it's called "ZUMA" Times...but if you are used to Zuma Dogg, political inside blogging, I'm still trying to squeeze out rants when I can (like I did today), but it's only the 4pm hour, and I'm not usually this bad off until it's almost time to go to sleep. So like I said, the days are popping up quicker than I can keep up. And that's called a sinking ship.


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