Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You Do Not Stimulate The Economy By FInding Reasons To "CREATE JOBS" -- Jobs are created through innovative products and services

Oh no...here we go again. Zuma Dogg is going to have to sit here and listen to Barack Obama and Antonio Villaraigosa sit here and talk about the need to "create jobs" and start projects that "create jobs."

Now, I know that Barack Obama is Mr. Bigshot President of the United States; and Antonio Doucheairagosa is whatever the hell he is...but neither one of them are internationally published experts on Dr. Deming's 14 point economic miracle that ACTUALLY DID NOT ONLY STIMULATE THE JAPANESE ECONOMY, BUT COMPLETELY RE-BUILT IT FROM THE BOTTOM, UP.

Fortunately for the readers of Zuma Times, the founder and writer happens to be an internationally published expert on these 14 points, so my opinion carries HUGE, HUGE weight and clout. And I really don't care how you think that sounds...because I am not running for mayor, anymore, so I really don't care if you like me, or not, or think my grandstanding is obnoxious. To the people I am trying to get to read this, that is how they are motivated. Through my disgracing them through a superiority complex, which I now suffer from, after being surrounded by 15 councildummies and the big, little dummy himself, L.A. Mayor Antonio Dummyraigosa.

So here is what I am here to tell you: YOU DO NOT STIMULATE THE ECONOMY IN A REAL OR MEANINGFUL WAY BY GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY TO FUND PROJECTS JUST BECAUSE THEY CREATE JOBS. That is the type of dummy-think that and dummy-action that got us in this mess.

Barack, I know you are a rookie, and have not dedicated yourself to constant and never-ending improvement since 1986, in the way that I have. So I do not begrudge you for making these rookie, empty exhortations that will only mask the problem.

So how do you create jobs then, without false projects like the false stimulus. Because I'm here to tell you folks, (he like to use the word, "folks" cause it's "folksy"), the last thing we need right now are a bunch of "shovel ready" projects for stuff like improvements we really don't need. Or the money to make them.

So here is how you create jobs: Through innovation of product and services. When 2000 people became millionaires at Microsoft, the economy wasn't stimulated by the restoration of the building that they were working out of. It was stimulated by the jobs that were created by a new and innovative product. Steve Jobs did the same thing at Apple. The first thing you need to stimulate the economy, which then stimualtes job growth, is that you need a unique and compelling reason for the product or service.

Domino's Pizza wouldn't have stimulated the Detroit area it was headquartered out of if he started another chain like Pizza Hut. They focused on 3o minute of less deliver. And that was something new and innovative! Fed EX did it with "overnight delivery."

You don't stimulate the economy by saying we are going to create jobs by re-paving the runways Fed Ex airplanes fly down. A fresh coat of paint ain't gonna bring back the jobs we really need.

So it is time to become innovative, once again.

And if you want to know what that means more specifically, call 213-785-7272 and hire Zuma Dogg to tell you. I will be glad to sit in with you and your advisors (or managers for you private sector folks) and will take your feedback and apply the 14 points to your specific situation and explain to you more, specfically, what I mean when I say that you create jobs through innovation of products and services. I think most people reading know what I mean, but people always like examples so they can test their understand and become more confident in their instincts. But ZD is a little too hungry to paint it all out for a bunch of dummies who don't want to take time to understand the situation they are in charge of, at a holistic level. So keep being analytical, you non-Deming-dummies. Keep doing the exact same thing that got you into this mess...just try to think a little harder and push a little harder. I'm sure it will all turn around because you have HOPE!

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