Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yes, I Missed Today's LAUSD Board Meeting Today

Welp, LAUSD boardmembers, especially President Monica Garcia get a "get out of Zuma Dogg public comment for free" pass today due to lack of funding.
I called in for public comment, yesterday, and was told they were fresh out of general public comment. So I said, "FINE! Put me down for each and every agenda item, and I'm sure when you add it all up, I'll be able to make my point.
So today my cell phone rings and it's from someone who is at the meeting, expecting to see me, since they can see my name is down for each and every agenda item for the day.
But unfortunatley, the mayoral election is over, so it's back to no support for ZD, and so although I used the remaining gas I had in my tank to attend the council meeting; I did so without eating at all since 24 hours before; and didn't have enough gas to make it back to the area for the LAUSD meeting, even though I was pretty close. PLUS, no food...and it's 5 pm, and I'm going to pass out in the park, now. (Thank goodness City Council hasn't banned sleeping in the park, yet.)

And although it's been a great run, I can tell all the good energy that was out there supporting me during the election has deflated; so if you DO NOT see me at the Council meeting on Wednesday March 11, 2009, it's not because I am burnt out or taking a break after the election. It's just because my car ain't goin' anywhere and I don't have enough change for a metrolink pass. AND, I'm not going to move mountains to raise the money to get to the meeting and to carry on with the follow-up blogging and what not.
It is what it is, baby. Things may pick up down the line if some of the stuff people are talking about ends up happening. But I've already been down this route in the entertainment industry with a million carrots dangled on a stick in front of me...and at the end of all the promises, here I am at the public library where I just had to wait thirty minutes, to be able to hop on this computer for fifteen minutes, while a bunch of un-supervised kids were playing leap-frog video games and I didn't see a word of written text being read.
It's been a great run, and it's not about needing a break or re-grouping, or time-off...I can just tell that the run of PayPal support over the past few months has run it's course, for now. So if you don't see me, that's why. And if you are someone who has donated recently, let it be...it can't be the same people donating over and over again.
Times almost up on this 15 minute express computer and there are some un-supervised kids waiting to play some video games.

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