Monday, August 30, 2010

New Blog Posts From Zuma Dogg for Monday, August 30, 2010 (News, Politics, Commentary & Comedy)

First of all, I moved my blogging from to BUT, if you use or (without the "" part) -- then you are already being directed to the new blog/site, without noticing.

BUT, if you are used to the URL -- or rely on the subscription feed that was being sent from that blog daily...the blog is shut down. So if you need to make any bookmark or subscription updates, do so over HERE... (That's the URL I like most. But if is still your URL of warm and fuzzy preference, then keep hittin' that.)

BUT THE MAIN POINT OF THIS POST is to say there is a lot of new content posted for today, from over the weekend at Some good comedy tweets on the news & political scene and some stuff you may find outrageous on how ZD feels some LAUSD students should be taught.

AND, if you don't like any of that...what ZD is most excited about is his new favorite net music stream, called (Maybe it's my favorite, cause I program it off my computer.) HOPE YOU LIKE THE MAGIC JUKEBOX OF HITS! More on that on the blog, too. (Whichever link you choose.)

My favorite is:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Go to for new Twitter Updates & ZUMA MUSIC RADIO stream

Go to, today, for new Twitter tweets from ZD and "ZUMA MUSIC RADIO" - ZD's own personal iTunes shuffle streaming on the net. If you are stuck listening to Jack-FM, KLOS, Star-FM...listen in on ZUMA MUSIC RADIO and you may enjoy it MUCH more. (Hope so.) Nothing like a good, steady, music stream with NO CLINKERS to help enhance the day behind the computer. (One link for all Zuma Dogg content.)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Due to my disabling condition, when I wake up in the morning, I am going to be IMMEDIATELY dealing with a panicked, crisis situation, alone! (And other News Tweets for 8/25/10)

[Pictured: 2 days ago]
  1. Due to my disabling condition, when I wake up in the morning, I am going to be IMMEDIATELY dealing with a panicked, crisis situation, alone.

  2. Due to the fact I've posted repeatedly that I'm currently disabled & may be long-term, yet no one is helping, may put blog on private later.

  3. LATimes: L.A. officials launch campaign to roll back state environmental rule. (To allow them to do whatever they want, whenever they want.)

  4. My friend saw Douchebag Dummy Mayor Antonio @Trader Joes tonight & took picture w him. But do I really need to see 1 more picture of mayor?

  5. IF I WANT TO KNOW WHAT MICHAEL HIGBY has to say on his dark energy blog, I'll just read it in LA Times 2 days before he gets to posting it.

  6. Michael Shitby's Dark Energy CLOWN BLOG can say what they want about me. What has any jackass over there ever done? How many 1000s stop him?

  7. Shitby's dark energy blog can approve comments saying it's fun to make fun of ZD, but have you SEEN HIM? Talk about a lot to make fun of.

  8. DUE TO TECHNICAL DELAY, the one-time, LIVE webcast video announcement I was going to make at 3:30a, has been bumped to 4:30a. TUNE IN LIVE!

  9. Doesn't matter if u Clean Sweep entire council, L.A. County is SO un-prepared to deal w next 2 yrs. WAY TOO INEFFICIENT. Bottom to fall out.

  10. NEVER BEEN MORE SERIOUS: If you're someone planning/relying on GOOD L.A.'s economy over next 15yrs, GET OUT ASAP, NOW! SHARP decline coming!

  11. RT@latimes: As economy fears deepen... (WHAT economy fears? Didn't you see L.A. budget? Revenue projections UP! Counting 8% Wall St return!)

  12. RT@latimes: As economy fears deepen, everybody wants what Treasury sells. (WHAT economy fears? Greig Smith optimistic it's bouncing back!)

  13. I WISH KABC morning talk show clown Peter Tilden would stop spending MOST OF ENTIRE SHOW promoting what's coming up AND JUST DO F-ING SHOW.

  14. Can't listen to Kevin James' radio show anymore in new 12mid slot. NOT cause I'm sleeping: I can't get all worked up on issues @ that hour.

  15. RT@MattSzabo: The glass, previously thought to be half-full, is in fact half-empty! (NO MATT, your HEAD is half-empty & your pic is creepy.)

  16. RT @LosAngelesCP:Lo & Behold: Lindsay Gets Sprung From Rehab! (Let the good times roll, baby! She's free and clear for partying good times!)

  17. DRIVER ADVISORY ALERT: Actress Lindsay Lohan has been released from rehab and out and about among the general population. Be extra careful.

  18. New Content Posted at Zuma Dogg's L.A. Daily Blog - A Twitter Rush of Political News & Comedy Commentary

  19. RT@KFIAM640: Topless protester from Venice Beach on now (Have never seen a topless protester at Venice MORE in need of wearing a top!)

  20. @ZumaDogg fan emails picture of @Villaraigosa taken 10 minutes ago at Trader Joes. Tony's daughter snapped pic. No one else recognized him.

  21. If ZD were the movie Titanic, we're at the part where Leo was in the water, hangin' on to Kate's hand as he's about to be sucked into abyss.

  22. CATCH UP ON THE SEVERAL DAY TWITTER ROLL, BELOW: Looks like it's over. Tomorrow (Wed) is gonna be too challenging. Already panicking.

  23. Wednesday is gonna be the kind of day for me where I wish my PARENTS weren't even born. What a NIGHTMARE. Wish tomorrow didn't have to come.

  24. I YOU HAVEN'T READ MY BLOG THIS WEEK; on a tweeting news & politics comedy roll. RT@philjennerjahn: ZD tweets are on fire the last few days.

  25. ZUMA DOGG SOLVES LAUSD ACHIEVEMENT PROBLEM!: Need to bring in some people good at relating to kids...OOPS, supposed to HAVE that: TEACHERS!

  26. Don't whine to me about your city hall stuff. Unless you're telling me how you can help ME make it through day, since I'm disabled, go away.

  27. @ZumaDogg will make a ONE-TIME ANNOUNCEMENT, LIVE via video webcast on his blog, tonight (Wed morn) at 3:30AM. It WILL NOT be repeated.

  28. People LOVE ya when you aren't disabled; runnin' all over the city to every meeting. But once disabled and not, people don't care, at all.

  29. NEW LAUSD SCHOOL costs half a billion dollars. That's $135,000 per student? Just give each student he money, won't have to go to school.

  30. Was about to go outside to get a small snack at mini-mart. WHAT? 2am! Everything closed within miles, now! Time flies when making playlists.

  31. HIPSTERS REJOYCE: Now Streaming at - ELECTRONIC TRANCE...great chill music for overnight! ZD's FAVE MIX.

  32. Unfortunately, I'm at least temporarily disabled, if not longer-term & need additional assistance, but am on own w no car, so getting worse.

  33. Zuma Dogg News, Politics & Cranky Commentary for Tuesday, August 24, 2010

  34. What separates ZD from talk show host and most political bloggers. ZD DOESN'T feel compelled to cover it once in LA Times. Other wait UNTIL.

  35. What separates ZD from short-sighted, simple activists: They are worried about their NC fund.I'm worried about BILLIONS of GENERAL FUND $.

  36. What separates ZD from other nutty, small potato activists? About 2 years from the time I say it till the time they do, when it's too late.

  37. What separates @ZumaDogg from average, hot-air, NIMBY activist. ZD realizes what happens Downtown affects services in Sunland-Tujunga, etc.

  38. Happy Clean Sweep folks are doing stuff. But never got email about "quality/prodtvy" training. So please don't send me one on anything else.

  39. RT @philjennerjahn: @zumadogg Zuma Dogg is a genius. He was one screaming loudest about L.A. blowing the pension money on Wall St. (Whoops!)

  40. RT @latimes: Nine out of 10 tweens play online games, research shows. (Because 9 out of 10 parents don't know how to be parents.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Content Posted at Zuma Dogg's L.A. Daily Blog - A Twitter Rush of Political News & Comedy Commentary

Go to for new blog posts & tweets from Zuma Dogg. Also, now streaming classic hits music station on the blog feed. If you need a good radio station to listen to, but don't like Jack, KLOS, KOST, K-Earth, that much, maybe you'll like the Zuma Music Radio stream. Catch the content while the author is hot. (He HAS been described as, "heroic, legendary, icon, genius, prophet." May as well see what he has to say about the future of Los Angeles.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

NEW: Zuma Dogg, On A Roll, Tonight with His Tweets on News, Politics & Comedy (Tonight Show Style Monolouge Zingers on L.A. City Hall & Steven Tyler)

Someone must have slipped some extra pesticides in my L.A. collective "medication" cause I seem to be on a creative, comedy roll when thinking of "zingers" as I read the latest news headlines about the City of L.A., the mayor and city council. So like Steve Winwood said, "Roll with it, baby."

Check it all out at It's all arranged very nicely for you to easily scan through. And check "Twitter" column on right hand side of blog for tweets between posts.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Greetings From ZUMA DOGG - New Blog Posts For 8/17/10 - The Comedy & Tragedy of Los Angeles City Hall (Plus Hollywood DISH & DIRT!)

Here are recent posts from LA Daily Blog by Zuma Dogg. Comedy, political comedy, L.A. City Hall chat, and personal tweets by Zuma Dogg. (The Comedy & Tragedy of L.A. City Hall.)

AND, NOW STREAMING: Zuma Music Radio - Oldies, Classic Rock, Disco, 80's Wave, Alternative, Funk, R&B, Classic Top-40. Music mix changes based on mood and time of day. But it's like a jukebox at your favorite pub. Basically, classic Top-40 style music mix for adults who don't like Top 40 stations, anymore, but still like Beatles, U2, Beach Boys, Sade, Led Zep, Elton John, James Brown, Bowie, Stones, Donna Summer/Disco and all the 80's one hit wonders! (Stream auto-plays when you go to blog link. Good to play in background at work, or at home while surfing net.)

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