Monday, August 30, 2010

New Blog Posts From Zuma Dogg for Monday, August 30, 2010 (News, Politics, Commentary & Comedy)

First of all, I moved my blogging from to BUT, if you use or (without the "" part) -- then you are already being directed to the new blog/site, without noticing.

BUT, if you are used to the URL -- or rely on the subscription feed that was being sent from that blog daily...the blog is shut down. So if you need to make any bookmark or subscription updates, do so over HERE... (That's the URL I like most. But if is still your URL of warm and fuzzy preference, then keep hittin' that.)

BUT THE MAIN POINT OF THIS POST is to say there is a lot of new content posted for today, from over the weekend at Some good comedy tweets on the news & political scene and some stuff you may find outrageous on how ZD feels some LAUSD students should be taught.

AND, if you don't like any of that...what ZD is most excited about is his new favorite net music stream, called (Maybe it's my favorite, cause I program it off my computer.) HOPE YOU LIKE THE MAGIC JUKEBOX OF HITS! More on that on the blog, too. (Whichever link you choose.)

My favorite is:

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