Saturday, August 30, 2008

VILLARAIGOSA UPDATE: AEG "LA LIVE" PROJECT: The Mayor's Attempt To Save Los Angeles with Five Star International Convention Center

The Big Picture Game Plan for Downtown Los Angeles Development
How the city is going to try and buy its’ way to the head of the convention business line/Corner the convention market by any means necessary!

by Zuma Dogg
Zuma's Blog

I guess if you raise enough money, or promise to raise enough money (and can convince the politicians you have a shot at doing so) you can just about build anything in this city, at any cost. (And I mean socially and economically, not the final price tag to developers and un-willing residents who end up paying for it, one way, or the other. (See tax hikes, fees, and skyrocketing property owner costs to help pay for what is ahead in the CRA/LA “Billion Dollar Plus” development club. (I’m not even gonna consider anything going on in this town with less than a billion dollar starting price. And all these projected costs are starting prices, because not only are the pueblos expenses skyrocketing, so are construction costs. And with all the planning, financing and construction delays; by the time you actually get the steamrollers rolling, and the developers start piling the cement 50 stories high anywhere they can get away with it, zoning and EIR restrictions, or not (and you think traffic is bad now), the cost has already jumped by at least a couple hundred million dollars; and the developer usually ends up running to the city for some kind of financial bail-out, claiming the project cannot carry on, otherwise.


CRA/AEG/MacFarlane Bring You "LA LIVE" $900 Million Condos and More -- Instead of What We Really Need To Revitalitze Downtown

[And watch this blog and for much more on this pompous, ego-driven, billion dollar white elephant waiting to happen.] See also: Neighborhood Council Blog

Just what we need...more five star hotels, botique shops, restaurants and entertainment along "Tumbleweed Connection". I know, I it and they will come. FIRST, YOU BRAG IN LA WEEKLY THAT YOU PLAN ON BUILDING SO MUCH HIGH DENSITY HOUSING THAT TRAFFIC WILL COME TO A GRIDLOCK HAULT. THEN, YOU PLAN ON PEOPLE FLOCKING TO THE AREA TO GO TO PF CHANG'S? Riiiiiiiiight! I think the City should be sticking to basics; prove to the constituents that they can tie their shoelaces (accomplish something). How come the only people that do not see the problem with this are the ones making the money off the development?

Not to say that I am against more of these billion dollar downtown boondoggle projects by the CRA (Community Robbing A-holes)...but I hope an earthquake destroys the enitre project two-seconds the ribbon cutting ceremony! Except, then the CRA would just be happy -- because then -- they could build it all over again, and make the money all over again!


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