Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Is Los Angeles City Council CENSORING The Public During Comment Time In Retaliation of FEDERAL JUDGE'S COURT ORDER

# (March 22, 2016) of Public & probe of Housing Dept's Rent Escrow Account Program (#REAP).

THIS WEEKEND (March 26, 2016) is the ten-year anniversary of #Venice Beach boardwalk ordinance 42.15, that Zuma Dogg felt was ILLEGAL and a violation of U.S. Constitution/1st Amendment Free Speech laws; resulting in ZD's first public comment appearance at L.A. City Hall (council meeting) to inform council of the constitutional error, with their ordinance. They didn't listen; and then continued to violate my rights, during the public comment time; talking about how they were violating my rights. It resulted in a FEDERAL COURT RULING: L.A. City Council=GUILTY of CENSORING THE PUBLIC, both on the boardwalk and in council chambers. 

As a result of LOSING the FEDERAL ruling; L.A. City Council (Clowncil) has retaliated against the spirit/will of the judge's ruling; by cutting general public comment time IN HALF, from two minutes to one minute. Mr. Dogg will be presenting a new (follow-up) lawsuit to the judge; explaining how one minute is not a reasonable amount of time; considering clowncil burns up HOURS with NON-AGENDA ITEM PRESENTATIONS (dog & pony shows); and clowncil members ramble on, endlessly and repetitively, on agenda items; when they are legally limited to three minutes. The issue is addressed in the video above, of ZD's public comment for March 22, 2016: A DECADE OF ZUMA DOGG AT L.A. CITY HALL!

CENSORSHIP=After HOURS of PRESENTATIONS+then councils' overtime BLABBER on items=they CUT public comment time in HALF=NO TIME=LOL

CENSORSHIP=After LOSING ruling on =Council CUT speaker time in HALF! to file follow-up suit.

Monday, March 21, 2016

A DECADE OF ZUMA DOGG @ L.A. City Hall: March 2006=10 Year Anniversary of L.A. City Council's ILLEGAL #Venice Boardwalk Ordinance, Resulting In FEDERAL COURT OVERTURN!

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"Legend"/KABC - "Brain-seizing artistry. A superstar, icon"/LA Weekly - "Stunned and amazed. We've never seen anything like him. Treasure."/LA Times - "Heroic"/AM 870 - "Crusader"/L.A. Mayor Garcetti - "A Malibu celebrity"/Malibu Times - "Very funny. We gotta get ZD on the show."/Howard Stern

March 26, 2016=10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (BANNIVERSARY) of that pesky #VeniceBeach ordinance; that banned amplifiers on the boardwalk (along with free speech) -- and the ability for Zuma Dogg to perform LIVE, like THIS! A triumphant return to the scene of the 2006 crime (of L.A. City Clowncil). More on the historic bitchslap, below. (They lost!)
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A DECADE OF ZUMA DOGG! (Oye!) March 2016=10 years since #VeniceBeach ordinance that brought #ZumaDogg into #LACityHall, for FIRST public comment, on April 04, 2006.

  • Zuma Dogg PUBLIC COMMENT: ZD Exposes Fraud, Waste & Abuse: "More Brilliant than Brietbart. Zuma Dogg fought the oppressive, L.A. Council meetings presided over by Garcetti, who banned video cameras. Mr. Dogg prevailed against Garcetti, and now any member of the public may record the meetings, thanks to him." - LA Weekly
  • The whole thing resulted in: VICTORY ZUMA DOGG (And The People of America)=FEDERAL JUDGE RULES Los Angeles City Council Broke U.S. Law in Censorship of The Public. Watch "Zuma Dogg - City Hall Era" (RealityTV) on YouTube.com/ZumaDogg.

"I've seen the future of television comedy. Zuma Dogg is the only American comedian today wearing the comedy-genius mantle once borne by Lenny Bruce, Allen Funt and Andy Kaufman." - Michael Heaton/Syndicated Columnist

COMEDY of #Politics=ZD as Gene Simmons at City Hall
ZD invented #RealityTV & #Selfies (because he didn't have a cameraman.) Here's an early (Y2K) show.
Zuma Dogg on Howard Stern: ZD fans get upset if this isn't posted. They like to say the lines back aloud, like, "Rocky Horror Picture Show." (The #Debut of Zuma Dogg)
"IT'S FUN TO SING LIKE STEVE PERRY": #FanFavorite=This L.A. cable TV segment nearly pigeonholed ZD as the, "Don't Stop Believing" guy. #CLASSIC

Real Reality TV: Harassed by CBS TV Shoot=LOL!

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Venice Beach Selfie Music Video

Comin' straight off the #Venice boardwalk. L.A.'s real-life, "Wayne's World" ("legendary, cable TV superstar/icon"); turned free-speech/political advocate; and WINNER in FEDERAL court vs City of Los Angeles, when they violated ZD's (and everyone elses') civil rights at Venice Beach boardwalk; and then at the city council meetings, during public comment, while addressing these issues (during the PEOPLES' time to speak). The ORIGINAL Reality TV show & video blog.