Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Is Los Angeles City Council CENSORING The Public During Comment Time In Retaliation of FEDERAL JUDGE'S COURT ORDER

# (March 22, 2016) of Public & probe of Housing Dept's Rent Escrow Account Program (#REAP).

THIS WEEKEND (March 26, 2016) is the ten-year anniversary of #Venice Beach boardwalk ordinance 42.15, that Zuma Dogg felt was ILLEGAL and a violation of U.S. Constitution/1st Amendment Free Speech laws; resulting in ZD's first public comment appearance at L.A. City Hall (council meeting) to inform council of the constitutional error, with their ordinance. They didn't listen; and then continued to violate my rights, during the public comment time; talking about how they were violating my rights. It resulted in a FEDERAL COURT RULING: L.A. City Council=GUILTY of CENSORING THE PUBLIC, both on the boardwalk and in council chambers. 

As a result of LOSING the FEDERAL ruling; L.A. City Council (Clowncil) has retaliated against the spirit/will of the judge's ruling; by cutting general public comment time IN HALF, from two minutes to one minute. Mr. Dogg will be presenting a new (follow-up) lawsuit to the judge; explaining how one minute is not a reasonable amount of time; considering clowncil burns up HOURS with NON-AGENDA ITEM PRESENTATIONS (dog & pony shows); and clowncil members ramble on, endlessly and repetitively, on agenda items; when they are legally limited to three minutes. The issue is addressed in the video above, of ZD's public comment for March 22, 2016: A DECADE OF ZUMA DOGG AT L.A. CITY HALL!

CENSORSHIP=After HOURS of PRESENTATIONS+then councils' overtime BLABBER on items=they CUT public comment time in HALF=NO TIME=LOL

CENSORSHIP=After LOSING ruling on =Council CUT speaker time in HALF! to file follow-up suit.

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