Friday, April 8, 2016

COURT RULING: Los Angeles County Supervisor Candidate Mitch Englander Was PURPOSEFULLY DECEITFUL & MISLEADING, Calling Himself A "Police Officer" (Englander is an L.A. City COUNCILMEMBER!!!)

[PICTURED: The FAKE Barney Fyfe of #LAPD=Mitch Englander (Aka:  Bitch Dicklander). Judge ruled he was purposefully decietful and misleading to claim he is a police officer. What crime is this small fry, shrimp going to stop? He'd get pushed over by a high school kid, like Barney Fyfe, at first glance.)]
SHAME ON DECEITFUL #MitchEnglander for INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING claim that he is a "police officer," when he is an L.A. City Councilmember. REALLY COWARDLY THING TO DO. A judge had to get involved to STOP Mr. Englander from disgracing cops, who risk lives, daily; as their full time job. Englander is trying to hide from voters that he is a LOS ANGELES City Clowncilmember. SHAME ON ENGLANDER! (His daddy bought him his council seat, to begin with.)  
A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge agreed with L.A. City Hall gadfly, Zuma Dogg ( and sided Wednesday with candidates running against Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch Englander in a race for county supervisor, ruling that Englander can't call himself a "police officer" on the ballot.
Englander is one of eight candidates running to replace retiring longtime Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich. He described himself as "Councilmember/Police Officer" in his ballot designation.
The judge agreed with Mr. Dogg, that it was intended to mislead voters into thinking Englander was a full-time cop, when he is actually a volunteer reserve officer and full-time LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL MEMBER. They sought a court order blocking the description from the ballot.

Judge Robert H. O'Brien agreed at Wednesday's hearing that the "police officer" ballot designation was misleading and called it "inappropriate."
He also said the word "reserve" should be added to a section in Englander's candidate statement, which now reads, "As a Police Officer, I patrolled our streets for over a decade." 
He agreed that Mitch Englander deliberately tried to mislead the voters ... by trying to say he's a full-time police officer when he's not," he said. "Englander did a disservice to all men and women who wear the badge full time."

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