Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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VIDEO PLAYBACK: CA GOV DEBATE between Jerry Brown & Meg Whitman (9/28/10). Watch each segment (round), blow-by-blow here. http://ow.ly/2Luon 24 minutes ago

MEG WHITMAN: Guv candidate should know city mayor has zero oversight over CA school district. Blamed Brown as Governor in his mayoral role. about an hour ago

RT @KFIAM640: HERE IT IS: Well, at least part of it. John and Ken Voter Guide - Ballot Props. More to come! http://bit.ly/dhdCsV about 2 hours ago

MEDIA SEEMS TO FEEL: Brown Scores Clear Victory in Tonight's Gubernatorial Debate - http://t.co/X46KRSc about 2 hours ago

City Council bans supergraphics from Hollywood, but digital signs still OK http://lat.ms/bhQEZp (It was DIGITAL signs people complained of.) about 9 hours ago

$100 Million Ride?: Everyone Wants a Broadway Streetcar. The Question Is, How Much Will the Public Have to Pay?: http://bit.ly/de7god about 10 hours ago

RT @michaellinder: New study by LAANE: 1.56 million now living in poverty in Los Angeles. http://is.gd/fyeqR about 10 hours ago

NOW STREAMING: Audio stream of "L.A. Clean Sweep" candidate event from Saturday 9/25/10. http://LACityNews.com. (Site revamped!) about 11 hours ago

LA TIMES: Obama renews call to remove underperforming teachers, lengthen school year. In 'Today' show (cont) http://tl.gd/684ipn about 22 hours ago

LA TIMES: Former L.A. labor leader investigated Probe focuses on consulting fees paid by one ex-SEIU official to another. http://ow.ly/2KSNh about 22 hours ago

CD 6 L.A. Council Candidate DAVID BARRON on Transparency & Bell Type Scandal Prevention - (9/25/07 Candidate (cont) http://tl.gd/68478f about 23 hours ago

Beutner saved L.A. $263 mil in first month on job. Wall Street would have given standing ovation. Not a word or mention from City/Council. about 23 hours ago

"It's NOT going to happen in a classroom of 50 or 60 kids." - Austin Beutner on creating change at LAUSD with 50-60 kids per classroom. about 23 hours ago

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LA City Vice-Mayor Austin Beutner (overseeing 13 city depts, not that that's bad) said, "LAUSD is too big to manage," on KABC radio, today. 1 day ago

TOP CITY ISSUE EMERGING QUICKLY: Venice homeless & RV issue. Quickly escalating as some residents stick "GET OUT NOW" fliers on vehicles. 1 day ago

MEMO: Conflict of Interest Allegations at Los Angeles Housing Department (City Council WAITING for City Attorney's L... http://ow.ly/19boL2 1 day ago

Friday's announcement that Downtown Art Walk was CANCELED now called an unauthorized statement by "former director." - http://ow.ly/2Kg4N 1 day ago



TRANSCRIPT - DAVID BARRON at L.A. City Council Candidate Forum (09/25/10): Thank you. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm (cont) http://tl.gd/67krsf 1 day ago

Los Angeles City Council Candidate Profile: David Barron in CD 6 to REPLACE Current Incumbent TONY CARDENAS (Need We... http://ow.ly/19aPfQ 2 days ago

CD6 TONY CARDENAS is TOP incumbent that MUST GO! DAVID BARRON had REAL, IMPRESSIVE solutions at candidate forum: http://barron4cc.com/site 2 days ago

5 pg memo by frustrated LA Housing Dept staff now circulating on REAP conflict of interest as addressed by City Attorney's office @ Council. 2 days ago

NOW STREAMING - VIDEO: L.A. Clean Sweep Council Candidate Forum (9/27/10)

Now streaming at http://LACityNews.com, video of L.A. Clean Sweep Council Candidate Forum from Saturday, September 25, 2010 -- plus audio of interviews with Jerry Brown, L.A. City Controller on FED STIMULUS problems in L.A. and compelling interview with L.A. Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner. That's what's on the stream for today. Plus, the latest L.A. City News items from across the wire. http://LACityNews.com.

Monday, September 27, 2010

AUDIO: L.A. City Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner of KABC radio with Peter Tilden (9/27/10)

Here's a link to a good interview with L.A. Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner on 790-KABC radio with Peter Tilden (5a-9a). A wide range of topics were covered by the city's top mover and shaker. 

LINK: L.A. City Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner on KABC Radio with Peter Tilden (9/27/10) - Good Interview

Go to http://LACityNews.com - Newly Revamped with New Content & Blog Posts for Sept 27, 2010

Go to http://LACityNews.com - Newly Revamped with New Content & Blog Posts for Sept 27, 2010. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

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