Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Rocky Delgadillo may think he is running for Attorney General, but he is more likely to be indicted by the Attorney General before anything else.

YES, Zuma Dogg is here to tell you, it is over for Rocky Delgadillo. The legal smackdown is coming. I heard it's all over because I heard people saying that Rocky is nothing more than a shakedown, extortionist -- and we are talking much worse than pay for play. IRS will be saying hello to Mr. Delgadillo. FBI?


So no need to worry about Rocktard Delgadilldo as California Attorney General Candidate. IT'S ABSOLUTELY, 100%...O-V-E-R...HE'S TOAST...HE'S GOING DOWN...Have a nice day, bitchass Delgadillo. You thought you could jury tamper and purger against Zuma Dogg...WRONG BITCH! YOU LOSE. Say hello to MD Angel from Housing, Dickadillo!

If Antonio Villaraigosa Appoints Jack Weiss To LAX Security On Wednesday HE WILL BE INDICTED BEFORE HE FINISHES THE ANNOUNCEMENT!

First of all, they had FABULOUS different kinds of shrimp, including Teryiaki shrimp like I had never had at Wendy Greuel's City Controller Party on the CBS Radford lot.

Zuma Dogg had a great time making movers and shakers nervous that I was there. CM Jose Huizar, Carmen Trutanich, David Nahai, CD 2 Candidates Chris Essel, Roger Krekorian and Frank Sheftel were there, along with David Hernandez and a bunch of other dignitaries were in attendance. (Joe B, Abbey, Kristen and other locals, too!) It was a lot of fun for ZD, who is very burnt out and at the end of his activist rope, to mingle among the crowd and be so warmly received by the masses who let me know they are watching ZD on TV 35 and digging what I am saying.

And ZD met the Chris Essel posse, and ZD was very nauseated to see that a lot of the people he liked on some other campaigns were supporting Chris, and there was a big matchmaking push behind out mutual friends to get ZD and Chirs to meet. ZD was nervous about getting in trouble from people on HIS side, and vica versa. But Chris got the go ahead nod from her people that a photo op with ZD would be GOOD thing, and although ZD is a long way from endorsing Chris Essel, looks like ZD may have to use a double strength nose clip to get behind any candidate, cause I'm sure as HELL not gonna get behind Tamar Galatzan if she runs, and Paul Krekorian...NOT...for reasons that will be discussed later. Paul's not a bad guy, and I don't like to take sides, but I have a few issues with him. So anyway, it was at least to meet Chris who is very charming, but I think she really is pretty green and will be the bend-over puppet of all time, so we'll see.

ZD AND WENDY HUG!!!: When ZD took a picture with Chris Essel, Wendy REFUSED to get in the picture with ZD and I think she even physically shoved me away. (Just kidding, she just RAN away.) But, Wendy saw ZD having a good time and I may have appeared almost human to her at some point. So when I was torturing Huizar by telling him all the stuff I am hearing (that's what the relationship has been reduced to, I just punish him by telling him all the dirt I hear about him), Wendy had to come over to say goodbye to Huizar, and she gave him a hug.

So Wendy had no choice but to say, "Bye Zuma Dogg." Cause I was standing right there when she hugged Huizar, so Zuma Dogg says, "I want a hug, too!" You're controller now, you're not a councilmember. We're starting fresh. You're not a councilmember, anymore. And I imposed my hug on Wendy and she endured it and embraced it for an appropriate amount of time and she didn't completely push me away. YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY! ZD AND WENDY HUGGED! Biggest shocker since the Berlin Wall coming down! But seriously, it was a good energy, ZD was well received by the crowd (and that's not ego, but a good sign that I use to judge things) and I felt like a human being in society for a little.

JACK WEISS RUMOR MILL: Now the only reason I am not saying this is for sure is because I can't believe Villaraigosa would even do it. BUT, today, ZD heard that tomorrow Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will announce Jack "Jackass" Weiss to that LAX airport security job people have been talking about; and upon the announcement L.A. District Attorney Steve Cooley will indicit the FUCK out of Antonio Villaraiogsa until there's nothing left.


MAN, oh MAN, Jack Weiss must have the goods on you. What is it Antonio? Pictures of some naked dancing days? I mean seriously, brotha...HOW COME YOU ARE LETTING JACK WEISS RUIN YOU? Antonio, my man...no bullshit, son. If you make that Jack Weiss announcement, YOU WILL BE INDICTED, LIKE DURING YOUR SWEARING IN.



AND SOMEONE TOLD ME THEY "CONFIRMED IT." I mean I spoke with some people on the phone today who seem very certain about this, and they are PISSED certain, not boasting certain.

So that's it...it's High Noon Showdown on Spring Street at Wednesday's Mayoral, City Attorney and Controller showdown.

If Antonio makes the announcement that Jack Weiss is even getting a job selling hot dogs at the airport concession stand, INDICTMENTS WILL FALL...THEY GOT ANTONIO...ON A HELL OF A LOT.


Anyway, see all of y'all at the inaguration in the manana!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zuma Dogg's Twitter Posts To Barack Obama on LA City Corruption (Week In Review)

  1. @BarackObama It's Zuma Dogg from Los Angeles. Do a "Google" search. I'm a local icon. Read my http://LADailyBlog.com about Villaraigosa.
  2. @BarackObama L.A. Water & Power (DWP) is purposefully creating water shortage to keep rates high cause excess money illegally goes to city.
  3. @BarackObama Call Nahai at DWP and tell him to start DESALINIZATION and RE-SEEDING already. We can't afford self-imposed water shortage now.
  4. @BarackObama Is it true that L.A.'s Villaraigosa took the FED Stimulus money for "shovel ready JOB CREATION" and used it to plug his budget?
  5. @BarackObama I don't care how much Avril says Mayor is tight with White House, YOU CANNOT LET VILLARAIGOSA CONTINUE THIS CORRUPT MADNESS!
  6. @BarackObama If I were you I'd get a handle on VILLARAIGOSA'S budget mess with the quickness. $7 BIL pension loss is bankrupting city. HURRY
  7. @barackobama Can you tell Rom Emmanuel to call Ace Smith and tell him to take L.A. off fast-track to bankruptcy? Villar blew pension money!
  8. @BarackObama Barack, I heard L.A.Mayor Villaraiogsa took the FED STIMULUS money for "shovel ready job creating" and used it otherwise. HELP!
  9. @BarackObama 65% of Los Angeles budget will go to PENSION bail-out starting in July. Only .35 cents per dollar for city services. BANKRUPT!
  10. @BarackObama It's ZUMA DOGG in L.A. Read http://LADailyBlog.com. I cover Villaraigosa & City Hall. NEED FED INVESTIGATION OF PENSION MONEY!
  11. Oh no, I didn't even finish with yesterday's problems and the next day is already here. Not even gonna ask if someone can meet me for lunch.
  12. ZD hears SEIU is the union LA Times refers to as telling Mayor and City Council they will file lawsuit against re-negotiated contract deal.
  13. Basically, what it sounds like to me is that the mayor pissed off so many people, everyone is trying to get him out of there now. He's done!
  14. When people don't get jobs because you took FED stimulus money for job creation and used it for something else, ZD's & Obama's phones ring.
  15. When you take FED Stimulus money for JOB CREATION and use it for other than JOB CREATION, you piss off people who's jobs were not created!
  16. Is it possible one of mayor's police detail feared getting "caught up" (blamed) for mayor's "wild boy" behavior and blew whistle, first?
  17. ZD hears FEDS do not care that DWP/Nahai doesn't want to do desalination because it will drive rates down: FEDS WILL REQUIRE w/in 2yrs.
  18. I think when mayor says he didn't know pension $$$ was funneled into belly up projects (Grand Ave/Children's Museum), FEDS will say HE KNEW!
  19. The mayor will say he vetted these pension commissioners who funneled money into CRA projects behind backs, BUT MAYOR CALLS THE SHOTS, PAL!
  20. Remember ZD warned of pension money invested in Grand Ave Project /called for FED investigation. Guess what FED indictments will be over?
  21. Just spoke with my controversial source who seems to have inside info at the FEDERAL level...FEEL EVEN BETTER ABOUT INFO AND SOURCE, NOW!
  22. @KPCC_Sharon THANKS for thinking of me with that question. That's not my best area of expertise to comment on. Can you send me another one!
  23. BIG jump in Views on my http://LADailyBlog yesterday according to Feedburner. Probably cause I sent out an email blast to people with links.
  24. City Council approved employee retirement plan to close budget gap WITHOUT firings but union leaders already warn of legal court challenges.
  25. Today was MOST amount of public comment time in history. Links to videos at http://LADailyBlog.com including ZD sings Michael Jackson & mas.
  26. VIDEO LINK: Zuma Dogg SINGS 1 Minute Tribute to Michael Jackson at Los Angeles City Council Meeting: http://ladailyblog.blogspot...
  27. Stilll at council meeting in Van Nuys giving public comment. Here comes another one...watch playback tonight after 8pm on TV 35 in L.A.
  28. Looks like L.A. will be forced to run all services & staff with only .35 cents of every budget dollar, starting in July! 65% to pensions.
  29. Looks like City of Los Angeles will be forced to operate all city services and staff on only .35 cents of every dolllar, starting in July!
  30. Just gave public comment announcing city borrowed $1 BIL for City's budget, but 65% will go to pension, leaving only .35 cents per dollar.
  31. Just gave public comment on Time Warner cable at City Council meeting where I announced on .35 cents of city dollar will go to services.
  32. Can someone donate to Zuma Dogg for some film for my camera? I am taking pictures of all the graffiti in L.A. and need lots and lots of film
  33. This is great.I am at City Council chambers in Van Nuys waiting through HOURS of presentations, but there is wi-fi so I can Tweet, y'all!
  34. The good thing about going to council meetings in Van Nuys, besides not having to be in the room with scumbag councilmembers is free wi-fi.
  35. I woke up today broke,hungry, tired feeling pings and pangs, but somehow I am sitting in Van Nuys Council Chambers awaiting public comment.
  36. Gonna take a break from political shady-busting blogging because of Michael Jackson. Gonna sing Billie Jean at karaoke tonight in Venice.
  37. The city's recovery plan is based on Wall Street stock market going back up, which ZD thinks will be going SOUTH, if anything..NOT RECOVERY!
  38. City Council borrows $1.1 BILLION against future revenue, BUT 65% will go to PENSION bailout AND revenue will be less than expected.
  39. Thanks to KABC's Michael Linder for using ZD's comments about Rocky Delgadilldo on McIntyre Morning Show in 8am hour. Sorry Rocky, U loser.
  40. Saw Jeff Carr in Council Chambers Wed talking to Janice Hahn at her desk. Maybe over Sanchez news. Probably assuring each other all is o.k.
  41. We'll see how good my sources are on the stuff below. Have FEDS been ALL OVER Villar's City Hall since Obama. Garcetti not so smooth, now?
  42. I hear Obama's staff is watching the L.A. City Council meetings to see what these knuckleheads are pushing. I hear indictments in Aug/Sept?
  43. I heard Laura Chick was heartbroken over Judge's ruling Contorller couldn't audit Rocky's office. Wendy G says she still will, I am told.
  44. Is White House watching L.A. Council meetings online cause they are FED up! LA City Hall=Blogovich Part 2 (Crackdown)? Is Villar on tape?
  45. Hate to say it but I think LA Councilmember Jose Huizar should be CM most concerned if FEDS crack down on Antonio Crew. No surprise there.
  46. Notice how arrogant Blogovich was? Cause it was biz as usual, but FEDS hasd enough so they let hammer fall. Now, ZD predicts Antonio's next.
  47. I knew I always liked that Laura Chick. She doesn't like Wendy Greuel, either, cause she knows Wendy is shady over measure B and more.
  48. I think Laura Chick is doing much more to fight LA City Hall corruption now as Arnold's watch dogg as she hollas at the White House, daily.
  49. Oh no...looks like Obama is gonna make Antonio into the next Blogovich.

Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog WEEKEND Update (Shady Report For June 27, 2009)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ACLU Calls Zuma Dogg ASAP After He Discusses Eric Garcetti's Free Speech Freedom-Grab During L.A. City Council Meetings

Click here for ZD Public Comment on First Amendment Problems Under Garshady: I started my public comment by saying, "I would like the attention of ACLU...". Thank you to the ACLU for being so responsive and calling Zuma Dogg moments later. You can see me speaking with the representative who called me, just as I was approaching the podium for my next public comment of the day. (Click here to see ZD speaking on cell phone with ACLU DURING public comment, for which of course Garshady has to comment about.)

Now, if you watch Garshady respond to Zuma Dogg in the first (top link) at the end of my public comment, he makes up some reason (being loud, or something) as the reason I was banned.

But if you watch this ORIGINAL video, you can hear him say, "profane and slanderous" when announcing the free speech ban. Either way, here's the original video, and remember, it wasn't for being "loud" because although he asked me to lower my voice, he did not cut me off and ban me. It was when I said, "losers" for which he declared being "profane and slanderous." Loudness is not profane or slanderous. So as you can see, we have some non-congruent communication happening. (Stop lying Eric. It's all on TV for people to see, and for Zuma Dogg to link to. It's very unbecoming, and makes people call other things you say into question, dough.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Zuma Dogg BANNED From Los Angeles City Council Meeting for calling them LOSERS (for losing a bankrupting $7 Billion in pension money)
Click here to watch the 2 minute video first: Zuma Dogg BANNED for speaking at next two City Council meetings for calling Council "losers" (which they are for losing $7 BILLION in pension money).

Here's a previous post on the Free Speech issue with Garcetti at L.A. City Council meetings.

Zuma Dogg Public Comment on "Potential" Layoffs

Zuma Dogg Public Comment on "BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION" Talk (You COULD lose your pension!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Zuma Dogg Kicks It With LA District Attorney Steve Cooley at Trutanich City Attorney Victory Party

Here's a fun video from the Carmen Trutanich City Attorney Victory Party as Zuma Dogg encroaches LA District Attorney Steve Cooley as he is being interviewed by KABC radio. Steve recognized the legendary icon and steps in to the frame of the ZumaCAM where ZD gets a little enthusiastic.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Video: Zuma Dogg Public Comment (Rare ZumaCAM angle from San Pedro) & Carmen Trutanich "Born To Be Wild!"

Zuma Dogg Public Comment (Rare ZumaCAM Angle)

Greetings from City Attorney Carmen Trutanich - Born To Be Wild!

NEW VIDEO: Zuma Dogg RAPS LIVE at Venice Beach (LA Tourism Video)

Let's face it, if there is ONE thing that makes people from across the country and around the world want to come to Los Angeles more than any dumb attraction City Council or the mayor tries to push, it is Venice Beach. So with tourism down in L.A., due to the economy (less people flying and less people can afford the expensive city), Zuma Dogg had to get out there with the ZumaCAM to document some of the fun, free entertainment and culture you can immerse yourself in at Venice Beach.

So the icon had to take to the cement, for something other than sleeping on, to perform and document some of the cultural reality. We got Matt Dowd on GEE-TAR, Tony B. Concious on Art and Hip Hop Freestyle Poetry coming up, but first, here's a clip to help promote LA tourism. This is the kind of fun that makes people want to visit and move to L.A. Janice Hahn ain't doing anything, so ZD had to step up and take charge, again.

BONUS VIDEO: Zuma Dogg encounters a random member of the community who recognized Zuma Dogg as soon as he stepped onto the Venice Beach Ocean Front Boardwalk on Sunday

VIDEO CLASSIC: Zuma Dogg Introduces Carmen Trutanich To LA Daily Blog Readers
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Posted: June 21, 2009, 1:31pm EDT

L.A.Icon ZUMA DOGG To Perform LIVE Today (Sunday) at Venice Beach
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Posted: June 21, 2009, 12:57pm EDT

Journey Debuts NEW Lead Singer (Not Zuma Dogg) on Ellen Show
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Posted: June 21, 2009, 11:42am EDT

Happy Father's Day From Michelle Obama (White House Father's Day Video)
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Posted: June 21, 2009, 10:53am EDT

LA Daily Blog Ranks Top 3 In BlogNetNews STATEWIDE Ranker Again This Week (And Zuma Times Tops Other L.A. Blogs!)
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Posted: June 21, 2009, 10:41pm EDT

Zuma Dogg's Saturday TWITTER Madness: It's FUN To Be Zuma Dogg (As I Fade Away On The Streets Of L.A.)
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Posted: June 20, 2009, 3:39pm EDT

Saturday Morning EMERGENCY PayPal Request for Zuma Dogg To Keep on Truckin'...
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Posted: June 20, 2009, 11:46am EDT

LA Daily Blog Reader Perfectly Describes City of Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
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Posted: June 20, 2009, 11:17am EDT

City Controller-elect Wendy Greuel (of Team Villaraigosa) To Back Chirs Essel (Of Paramount) For City Council District 2 & More City Hall Street Talk)
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Posted: June 19, 2009, 4:21pm EDT

Way To Go DUMB L.A. County Board of Loservisors: YOU MADE REUTERS National News Over Your Chronic Waste
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Posted: June 19, 2009, 3:03pm EDT

Zuma Dogg Blogs About DWP Shadiness (Since Eric Garcetti Banned Me From Council Meeting Today, So I Have Time To Catch Up on DWP Courruption Concerns)
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Posted: June 19, 2009, 12:02pm EDT

LA Daily Blog Goes ALL ERIC GARCETTI Until FULL FREEDOM OF SPEECH Is Restored in Los Angeles City Council Chambers (ACLU/Civil Attorney NEEDED!)
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Posted: June 19, 2009, 10:49am EDT

L.A. City Council President Eric "Garshady" Garcetti Is A Big Coward of a "Blame it on his mamma" Pussy WHO HAS STOLEN FREE SPEECH in L.A.
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Posted: June 19, 2009, 8:30am EDT

Is Llewellyn New Koretz Chief of Stafflosers? ZD's First CD 5 Insider Post: WELCOME TO THE CLUB PAUL KORETZ!
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Posted: June 19, 2009, 12:52am EDT

Zuma Dogg Warning To Barack Obama Over Villaraigosa & Council's Spending of Stimulus Money (Not Stimulating!)
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Posted: June 18, 2009, 7:01pm EDT

Zuma Dogg Shuts Down LA Daily Blog and Removes Recent Posts Due To Lack of Financial Support From Those Who Can Easily Afford It.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crankiest Zuma Dogg TWITTER Post EVER: Tomorrow's Looking Even Crankier

[Pictured: What Zuma Dogg felt like this morning and afternoon and most of the evening. It starts again in 5 1/2 hours, or less. UGH!]

If today was part of the movie of my life as an un-witting activist, to compare it to "Titanic" we would be at the scene where it's only Leo and Kate as he slips away into the abyss, right before Celine starts singing.

Two days ago, or yesterday (recently in the past 48 hours, the days all just run together), THIS guy got a dose of THE MOST SLEEP DEPRIVED AND DESPERATE ZUMA DOGG EVER, EVER, EVER. Put it this way, based on my early morning Twitter tweets, he already called me by 6:30am to get me breakfast at a local shopping plaza.

Here's the post from the guy that I really shouldn't even post, cause it's not exactly a warm and fuzzy moment. But as a crazy street performer whose life seems to be somewhat of an open book in public, I gotta let it fly, cause it's a good inside look. http://bit.ly/Yb7uw

So it was already pretty bad then (my sleep deprivation and no nutrition)...and it ain't goin' uphill, so today, the timing belt on ZD's brain snapped worse than ever. And I kinda felt like today was a turning point in my life as far as becoming more degenerate in my helplessness to pull myself out of this rut. (I need the helicopters to fly in and drop the roll-up rescue ladder for an extraction.) What can I tell you. It's humiliating and embarrassing. I'm supposed to be the upbeat comedy-based guy, BUT, I've become a public persona at some level, and I didn't care in the first place, then I cared when it became more of a high profile situation, but now, since I feel good enough about the past three years of activism, I don't care if people know that larger than life person you see on TV, hear on the radio and see fun videos on the blog, is basically bitter, cranky, desperate, isolated, hungry, sleep deprived guy who turns into a pumpkin the second the on-air sign goes off.

And it's interesting, because August will be the 9 year anniversary of the infamous debut of the now legendary "The Zuma Dogg Show" that caused LA Weekly's website to plainly refer to Zuma Dogg as a "public access icon." (But I usually just chop the quote down to "icon" to save space.)

So when I started the show, all I know is I was living in a nice guest unit in Malibu and before that worked in NYC at a top radio station where I took limos and walked red carpets and hung out backstage and at parties with Keith, Mick, Elton, Bruce, Robert & Jimmy, Mariah, Tina...don't want to bore you with details like when I had dinner with Gene and Paul, or sat next to Tina at dinner. Seal's record company credits a certain BZD as the guy who broke him in the U.S. when no station in America was playing him.

So, over the past eight years, the people of L.A have got to witness quite a personal decline, as the public persona gains momentum. The more one yings and the other yangs, it creates more and more combustion in my chambers that causes it all to explode in Twitter tweets like the one this morning, that should be very, very amusing. Remember, you know what they say about us creative, artistic, comedic types. And then someone who went to ever council meeting for over a year just because he's pissed off. WHAT DO YOU THINK, Y'ALL? (See "Jackie Gleason Story.")
I'd be long gone by now, but I never got into coke or smack or meth or any of that stuff and I don't like Jack Daniels. So I'm just lingering around in good spirits over the "energy" I feel from the city and "the people" but am too miserable at the physical level to where that's all I can really focus on most of the day. And I frenetically post blog missiles in between the turmoil. It used to be a lot better. But I still got all the good memories of all the people I've met and all the smiles I've seen in between moments.

  1. Goodnight, everybody.
  2. Someone said, "I'm lost are you homeless?" No, I'm at Ritz-Carlton. Anyway, I've gotta go pass out. This is a defining moment in my life.
  3. As you can see, I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that I am dying alone on the streets and see the conditions aren't improving.
  4. Thanks to everyone who spent so much time on the phone and in person discussing plans. Obviously it was all B.S. as I sit on street alone.
  5. Gotta sell my computer for some food right now. Don't trip out if you don't see me Tweeting/blogging anymore. Call if you need to reach me.
  6. If my foot was stuck in train tracks and a train was coming, people would say, "Get up ZD, here comes the train!" It takes a hand to pull.
  7. TOPIC: Difference between zero-value, empty suggestions people make to make THEMSELVES feel better; and actual helpful gestures and actions.
  8. If someone's public comment card isn't called at Council meeting, I don't say, "Go talk to the Sgt at Arms." I GO TALK TO THE SGT FOR THEM!
  9. When a senior called to ask for help about her house being taken away by city, I didn't give her a phone number to call. I MADE CALL MYSELF!
  10. If someone says, "Zuma, I am having a problem with (council problem). I don't say, "Go to public comment." I GO TO PUBLIC COMMENT FOR THEM.
  11. If someone calls and asks for help on an issue, I do not just give them a number to call. I MAKE THE CALLS AND DO THE RESEARCH FOR THEM.
  12. re: So what has everyone else suggested you do?: I have tried to be clear. If someone says, "zuma, you should..." THEY ARE ALREADY NO HELP.
  13. How much you wanna bet I end up being rushed to hospital before a shred of luck/relief comes my way? Just one less homeless guy on street.
  14. Do you really think I am going to make a comeback and pull myself out of this all alone on the street without a cent. I'm going down. Sorry.
  15. What a fucking waste. I can see all I can do today is look for a place to take a nap right now just let everything slide.
  16. I wish I could take on the day and do something to help myself today. I KEEP TELLING YOU I AM NOT ABLE TO FUNCTION ANYMORE LIKE THIS ALONE!
  21. Some IDIOT just told me to check into social services. ASSHOLE, I DON'T NEED YOU TO TELL ME THAT. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE SMART?
  22. You would think after all the energy I put out there, a little bit of SOME kind of luck would maybe accidentally fall my way. no, No, NO!
  23. There is no escape, not even for a minute, from the panic and uncomfortableness and stress and hunger for ZD.I DO NOT GET A SHRED OF RELIEF!
  24. Q: Do you really think I'll pull myself out of this, alone on the streets with less and less people in my life than ever, without one cent?
  25. Wow, it's only 10am and I am already spent for the day. I'm DEFINITELY slipping away into real hardcore skid row degenerate life. It's over!
  26. Turned on my computer with new stuff to blog, but there is NO WAY I can do anything besides panic right now. Gotta let everything slide.
  27. I would LIKE to do something different with my life today, but kinda hard to do anything when I am more concerned about health and pains.
  28. I could sit here and blog all about everything I heard regarding Obama vs LA City Hall...but why bother. If you're interested, just call me.
  29. I've run myself into a rut out here on streets that I can't get out of. Can't even flip out about it anymore. But I need a break and relief.
  30. Please do not call me today UNLESS it is something about TODAY, RIGHT NOW! DO NOT CALL TO TALK ABOUT FUTURE THINGS THAT ARE NOT RIGHT NOW!
  31. oh no, now what.
  32. help!
  33. ouch!
  34. ugh!
  35. Posted the Obama/Villaraigosa story about pensions and possible indictments at http://zumatimes.blogspot.com.