Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Warning To President Barack Obama Over Villaraigosa's Use of Your Federal Stimulus Money (Not very stimulating)

To; Barack Obama
Fr: MC Zuma Dogg
Re: Your Bamboozlement by L.A. Mayor
Dt: Everyday!

Dear President Obama:

Although I did not contact your office directly, because I prefer to just leave blog posts rather than go through the trouble of leaving phone messages where you can only leave a couple sentences, I did post to you a memo regarding Los Angeles Mayor and Hillary Clinton Campaign Co-Chair/Mascot Antonio Villaraigosa and concerns of shady bamboozling on his part regarding Federal dollars you provide.


Full post from 02/02/09 memo to U.S. President Barack Obama

Mr. President, I'm concerned if you do not get some leverage over Villaragiosa and Garshady's City Hall, you will lose the city, which will sink the State, and then you will be going on Meet The Press saying how we need a financial bail-out for the City of Los Angeles, because "it's too important of an economy to let fail."

Do a Google search for "Zuma Dogg" and you can catch up on my legendary, iconic status in the City of Los Angeles as the City's best-known gadfly and Villar's biggest nemesis.

The reason I am contacting you, Mr. President, is because I am concerned the City of Los Angeles may be trying to bamboozle you, when it comes to the number of affordable housing units the mayor will be claiming.

This is just one of many angles Villaraigosa will be using to try and take advantage of you since you're just a rookie, and Villar is a seasoned career politician, who has the most ingenious and deceitful scam-artists coaching him on all the shady angles to pilfer the city, state and federal coffers.

(Back LIVE): Well if my sources are correct, you are now aware that "Chicago-style" politics has immigrated to Los Angeles. (It's been here all along, actually.) And now, you may have been a victim of the Villaraigosa bamboozle shuffle.

Although supporters of the mayor may say it is/was appropriate to take the Federal Stimulus Money and dump it into existing LAX, DWP and other agencies to simply help clean up their overall city budget mess, then consider that job retention, the plan said it was for job creation and job retention.

So Houston, I mean Washington, we may have a problem. The people of The United States of America know what you told them and sold them on regarding the Federal Stimulus Package you created.

Villaraiogsa's City Hall thinks they can spin you around the spirit and intent. AND, it's possible the money may have been spent inappropriately. One things for sure, no one is saying ANY of it went to shovel ready projects to CREATE jobs.

And I heard you are miffed, perturbed, flabbergasted and feeling like Bruce Springsteen's "Badlands" song, right now over the CRA (Community Robbing A-holes, I think it stands for).

I have heard there may be some disappointment in the decision to funnel pension money into CRA projects as if there were a housing boom, when it was a full-blown housing bust.

Maybe Villaraigoas thought everything would be cool if he appointed Wetherly Capital long-time attorney William H. Jackson as CRA Chairman and let Dan Weinstein's Wetherly Capital let Ron Burkle and Darius Anderson "spread the pension wealth around."

Didn't go so well. They didn't listen to Zuma Dogg and the city lost $7 billion in overly risky, non-investment grade Wall Street shell firms and crappy CRA projects and museums as they are going belly up.

But they are licking their wounds and paying much more attention to the words of ZD, at this point.

So I guess I wanted to introduce myself to you again, via this post, cause my cell phone battery is about to go out and I don't feel like using paid minutes to use the phone, but I would like to remind you again, that you are just getting to know how Villar operates over the past few months.

I have been dealing with this putz for the past three years. And they are laughing at you and blaming us for voting in a rookie to the White House and saying this is what happens. (Pulling anything they can behind your back and using the stimulus money to cover their tracks and clean up their mess.)

I know your boy Rom Emannuel is tight with Ace Smith (Villar's boy). They were business partners for 15 years in a political consulting firm. Rom and Ace (it's really Avril, but he doesn't want to be confused with Avril Lavigne, so he goes by Ace, like Frehley) are best friends. I guess if LA City Hall needs to talk to the White House, Avril picks up the Batphone and calls Rom, like Commissioner Gordon calls Alfred at the Batcave.

So I hope all of this doesn't cause a rift. And when I say, "all of this" I mean any indictments that Obama may be willing to allow to fall where they may now that the pension guy who got popped is singing like Zuma Dogg on karaoke night.

Alright Obama, gotta go hit the medical marijuana dispensary. Not sure if I am going to the one 50 feet to the right, or fifty feet to the left:

So I will say in conclusion, my name is MC Zuma Dogg (Aka: Big ZD from the 2-1-3, Aka: King of Bling, Aka: Kush Daddy, Aka: The Icon) and for the past three years I have been warning those loser city council members of problems with Padilla/Alacron subprime bogus paper they were pushing and the foreclosure problems it would cause; and the recession it would trigger. Then, I warned the high price of oil would cripple the economy further (which it did); then I warned that pension money was being invested in risky Wall Street firms and house of card-like CRA projects of Villar's crony friends -- and when I looked into the stock market and global economy, I warned all to pull out of the stock market, and get that pension money out of there. Plus, I warned of the water crisis over the Colorado River (and smelt endangerment and warning from the Federal judge) that would cause a water shortage and rates to skyrocket. And of course the warnings that Vilar was bamboozling you on Federal money. And of course I blogged about Wetherly pension scandal and even warned Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger about "big problems with Wetherly and the pension money" BEFORE Julio Ramirez plead guilty.

NOW, it has all come true as the city struggles on the verge of inevitable bankruptcy which includes a $7 BILLION pension loss that no one is seriously addressing, yet.

So the point is, please do not make the mistake those arrogant, combative, non-listening, pompous, holier-than-thou, dumb City Council puppets and their puppet master and Presidential bamboozler Mayor Villaragiosa made by ignoring my recommendations or discounting them or failing to jump on them right away.

I happened to be trained under the tutelage of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and he sent me a rare and unprecedented letter of praise I am willing to show you regarding my internationally published article on his 14 points (Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity). I'm sure you are well aware of his management philosophies from your college days at Occidental. (There are about 23 co-cops within a half mile radius now, so you may not recognize the area unless you are used to seeing graffiti and street vendors selling meat off of hot plates all over the streets.)

Until now, Washington and national matters have been outside of my jurisdiction, but now your stimulus money is getting all mixed up into agencies and areas under Zuma Dogg's watch and I am not liking what I am hearing. You can't let Villar run rampant behind your back. (It hurts kids!)

You see Barack, I may be hearing things before you and your staff hears them, so I am a valuable resource as a blogger to investigators and SHOULD BE a valuable resource to those dumb-loser Council puppets. (But first you have to approve stem cell research to create post-birth spines along with the process to insert them into L.A. City Councilmembers.)

So now, I am reminding you to please remember to check into this blog, or have your key staffers check in, because I am posting the problems and shenanigans going on under Villaraigoas's City Hall.

YOU'RE THE GUY WITH ALL THE BILLIONS AND RESPONSIBLE FOR IT ALL AND MADE A PROMISE TO THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED YOU...I have no stake and none of this affects me in any way (except for too much traffic because of too many high-density tract map approvals and shady CRA projects), SO IT IS UP TO YOU TO CHECK THIS BLOG AND ACT UPON IT. You can't rely or expect me to have to take it upon myself to email you or call your office every time I find something out. You don't have that many White House phone operators to handle all the shadiness, and my cell phone minutes ain't free y'all.

So tell your posse to look at the past year's worth of stories,
with emphasis on the past two months, and tell Rom to call Avril, I mean Ace and remind him that Barack don't care about no Ace Smith, especially since Ace is even on the outs with Douchetonio.

Barack, what I am trying to say is....


SEND FEDERAL AID, IMMEDIATELY. (Investigators, not more stimulus money.)

And thank you for telling Schwartzenegger to hire Laura Chick to oversee the Stimulus Money. Looks like she has some work to start if my sources are correct. Which you should know, always are.

P.S. Barack, tell your boy Eric Garcetti to start obeying Federal and State law in the way he is running those city council racketeering sessions on Tues, Wed & Fri. He thinks because he is your boy, he can run away with freedom of speech, and he's banning people from speaking if he doesn't like what they say. It's a slippery fucking slope, dog. Holla at ya boy. Ya feel me, dough?

Simply on the realest,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zuma:

The Federal Stimulus Money should have gone directly to the people. It is money that we all taxpayers and future generations will have to repay and even more with the interest. With this money going directly to the people they could have paid for their home mortgages, cars, bills etc. Instead it has been wasted with all these companies that have mismanaged their own money and crooked politicians by the time it gets to the people it will just be droops worth nothing. All we be left with is trillions of dollars in debt and unable to pay it.