Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ACLU Calls Zuma Dogg ASAP After He Discusses Eric Garcetti's Free Speech Freedom-Grab During L.A. City Council Meetings

Click here for ZD Public Comment on First Amendment Problems Under Garshady: I started my public comment by saying, "I would like the attention of ACLU...". Thank you to the ACLU for being so responsive and calling Zuma Dogg moments later. You can see me speaking with the representative who called me, just as I was approaching the podium for my next public comment of the day. (Click here to see ZD speaking on cell phone with ACLU DURING public comment, for which of course Garshady has to comment about.)

Now, if you watch Garshady respond to Zuma Dogg in the first (top link) at the end of my public comment, he makes up some reason (being loud, or something) as the reason I was banned.

But if you watch this ORIGINAL video, you can hear him say, "profane and slanderous" when announcing the free speech ban. Either way, here's the original video, and remember, it wasn't for being "loud" because although he asked me to lower my voice, he did not cut me off and ban me. It was when I said, "losers" for which he declared being "profane and slanderous." Loudness is not profane or slanderous. So as you can see, we have some non-congruent communication happening. (Stop lying Eric. It's all on TV for people to see, and for Zuma Dogg to link to. It's very unbecoming, and makes people call other things you say into question, dough.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Zuma Dogg BANNED From Los Angeles City Council Meeting for calling them LOSERS (for losing a bankrupting $7 Billion in pension money)
Click here to watch the 2 minute video first: Zuma Dogg BANNED for speaking at next two City Council meetings for calling Council "losers" (which they are for losing $7 BILLION in pension money).

Here's a previous post on the Free Speech issue with Garcetti at L.A. City Council meetings.

Zuma Dogg Public Comment on "Potential" Layoffs

Zuma Dogg Public Comment on "BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION" Talk (You COULD lose your pension!)

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