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Zuma Dogg Hears Obama Not Happy How Villaraigosa Spent Stimulus Money (VERY Not Happy!)

It's not like there is a memo that Zuma Dogg came across, but as you know over the past three years a lot of people contact me with information and I have been posting the stuff I find to be credible, and as we look back, we can now see that a lot of the stuff other people have been warning Zuma Dogg about has come true. And I would like to add at this time that I was warned VERY EARLY ON in my blogging of city hall information, that the opposition would try to trip me up with a bogus story at some point to make me lose credibilty. And that has stuck with me and I always have that "looking over my shoulder" feeling to try and decide whether this is the story being sent to trip me up, or not.

And again, even though some people think ZD is too loud and (whatever), but even a lot of those ZD snobs agree that I've done a pretty good job of walking the tightrope in some gusty winds, and basically all of the shoes ZD has been predicting would drop, have dropped. EXCEPT ONE:

The indictment of Mayor Anotnio Villaraiogsa. NO OFFENSE. The mayor may be a charming bugger, and exude a lot of warmth and whatnot, but the city is fucked up and I feel there are more boatloads of corruption out of that office that the Ports of L.A. could ship out.

So I've tried to warn and expose it and hope some of it would be brushed back. But instead of that, it's more like a brush fire that is now a wildfire destroying all of Los Angeles.

So although I am at least emphatetic toward anyone facing incarceration, this corrupt pilfering of public money and trust must come to an end. The city is facing bankruptcy over this now.

AND TODAY, Zuma Dogg was talking to one of the people he hears from every now (and every ZD source brings some area of specialized knowledge to the conversation) about some stuff with Councilmembers, and as we are wrapping up the conversation, the source says something about Villaraigosa in a quick, off-handed way about "this pension guy who got popped who is singing."


And I mention that, because to people who might think someone is feeding me B.S., it's not like this person called me to tell me this stuff. The caller was more concerned and interested in some Council District stuff, and this wasn't on the front-burner. AND, if I hadn't stopped the presses and started jumping all over it with questions and clarifications, it would have gone un-discussed.

And this person isn't THIS good of an actor to be that sly as to talk for a half hour about a bunch of other stuff then make one little comment at the end, that led to this whole enchilada I am about to serve, based on the conversation. So we will see how good this source is.

Some of this stuff included in the story will be able to be verified, I think. So here we go. Sorry, Obama: Haven't you heard I can't keep all this stuff in my head...I have to blog it or I go nutz.


See, it's already too good to be true, and I immediately asked my source if he was just reading back the predictions on my own blog. Here's what is being claimed:

Zuma Dogg warned the rookie politician Obama that the veteran politician Villaraigosa was bamboozling him on the Federal money. (Remember that post?) Well, I think Obama now realizes he DID get bamboozled.

The Federal Stimulus Money (a bamboozlement in itself) was supposed to go to create jobs with "shovel ready" projects.

Well, did you notice that the Mayor and City Council announced a couple weeks ago that they magically pulled some money out of the hat like a magician's rabbit; and now instead of massive layoffs, it's only going to be "furloughs."

WELL, Zuma Times was told that it was this Federal Stimulus money that was used for the budget gap.

When Obama heard that, he put the brakes on the second shipment of Federal Stimulus money. (That's one of the things maybe someone has heard. Whether the city has to now play tug-o-war for the second half of the money.)

ZD's blogger pal says, "It's sent to the properties (Airport, Port, DWP) to provide money for projects already approved and money provided. It does not create or retain jobs, as was the mandate of the stimulus package. Antonios team has tried to hide this from the Obama folks, or get into a semantic argument, but the administration isnt buying it."

SO, now that Villar did this (if this is what has happened) Obama has had enough, cause he is also upset at the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) because PENSION MONEY was funneled into all those projects because they thought L.A. would always be a Boomtown, even though Zuma Dogg was warning of collapse, which did occur and the money WAS lost in what we are now finding to be not so on the up and up investments.

(Sorry to the female CRA higher up who is trying to use her lobbying leverage in D.C. to put pressure on Obama to not crack down on CRA, but looks like Barack doesn't care about the politics of the situation and may be on the up and up when it comes to this stuff. (Even if you don't like his policies.)

So you have Obama miffed over the Stimulus Money and the CRA-based pension losses (remember I was FURIOUS that Wetherly Capital's long-time attorney William H. Jackson was appointed CRA CHAIRMAN by Villaraigosa in '05 the second he walked into office.) Wetherly is mentioned in all the pension investigations including Harrigan/Broidy and the GUILTY former Wetherly pension pitch man Julio Ramirez.

SO ZUMA TIMES HAS HEARD "THE PENSION GUY WHO GOT POPPED IS SINGING ON ANTONIO AND THEY GOT TAPE." (Not that the guy who got popped has tape, but in general investigators have incriminating evidence of the mayor on tape. I KNOW IT'S JUST A PERSON CALLING ME SAYING IT. But this does not seem entirely unrealistic of a scenario. Maybe L.A. Times wouldn't say that "they" got tape on Antonio over the pension stuff. But I don't NOT believe it. And this is a blog and maybe it will cause some additional information to surface and if nothing else will allow us to go back IN AUGUST OR SEPTEMBER and see if this is true.

Because August or September is when the indictments are allegedly going to fall on the mayor, just in time to make sure he doesn't announce he is going to run for Governor, or to bismirtch him up beyond repair should he be so bold.

ALSO ON THE RADAR: Alarcon's Children's Museum that went bankrupt right after the pension money was funneled into the sinking project.

ALSO ON THE RADAR: Remember last month when the city was not ready to approve the mayor's idea to sell off the parking revenue rights to some bankers for the inflated dream price of $80 million? Allegedly, the bankers were going to contribute $6-$7 million into Antonio 4 LuvGuv campaign fund. But looks like that got all messed up because it would have been too obvious.

SO TO RECAP TONIGHT'S TOP STORY: Zuma Dogg received a phone call from someone who has been pretty informative in the past, recently, and told me that he heard Obama is pissed at Antonio over taking the FEDERAL Stimulus Money to create jobs with "shovel ready" projects and stuck it in the general fund to help with the budget gap and that's why it's only furloughs instead of massive layoffs. And now, not only is L.A. not getting Part 2 of the money, the pension guy who got popped is singing a lot of karaoke about Villaraigosa, who they supposedly have on tape all up and down on the matter) and the Prez (Obama, not YOU Garcetti) is also upset about the CRA pension mess, just like Zuma Dogg.

All of this makes you wonder if this person was just reading my blog back to me to make me feel good cause they know I am down; or if Team Obama came across some of ZD's blogging in a Google search and forwarded it over to the right people; or if it's just so obvious and out of hand that of course a homeless fool is going to be right when he says the mayor is going to get busted over all of this pension mess. (I've been saying it all leads to the mayor's office, but it's a matter if they choose to go after him, or not. Sounds like they are choosing, if you believe the person who called ZD today for a little chit-chat about one thing that lead to another.

Ya know...I'm pretty tired right now, as you may know, and maybe I shouldn't post this biggest bombshell I have ever posted when my eyes are burning and bugged out and I am seeing double, but I think you are allowed to discuss things you hear on blogs.

But I am posting this because I would truly like to see if anyone else is hearing this stuff. ;-)

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Petra Fried in the City said...

Technically, it's Padilla's Children's Museum project, but Alarcon adopted it and fed and cared for it.

Excellent light-on-shadiness post, ZD!