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L.A. Mayoral Candidate David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg: MEDIA UPDATE (New Videos and Newspaper Coverage)


Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate David Saltsburg (Zuma Dogg) Answers Questions For Daily News

The main accomplishment cited by the mayor is the reduction in crime in Los Angeles and the passage of the trash fee to fund the hiring of 1,000 additional officers. Some of you have contested the figures, please explain your thinking. Also, would you continue the trash fee if elected or how would you allocate it on city spending.
When people hear these statistics, I think they say to themselves, "It doesn't feel like crime is down. It feels like we are losing the streets to the criminals, more than ever." And you always have to beware statistics because they can be manipulated in the way you conduct the survey in what types of crimes are counted in the survey and other parameters that can vary the results.
I spoke with District Attorney Steve Cooley today and asked about the crime reductions numbers and expressed my concern that the statistics can be manipulated and I question the validity. Mr. Cooley feels that there is indeed a reduction in crime due to the elevated efforts of ICE agents at the County level since he took office.So that doesn't have anything to do with Villaragiosa. 
Regarding the claims,  I called Steve for an opinion, because he's about the only guy in the county I could feel comfortable believing, so if he says were moving in the right direction (whether it's due to anything the mayor has done, or not), let's just say that although the city may be making strides, I think your average voter tends to get outraged and frustrated when the mayor boasts of a crime reduction and I know that likely voters wants the mayor's office to do much, much more in the way of public safety toward the goal of crime reduction.
It has also been brought to my attention that part of the reason crime numbers are down is because hospitals can do more with technology to save victims, so more people are being saved and are living. So that can make that statistic look lower, but that doesn't mean shootings are down. It just means the hospitals are able to save more people through better technology.
Regarding the Trash Collection Fee. Here's what I know about it. First, the mayor said he was creating the fee and the money would only be used to hire 1000 new cops and the money would be in a lock box, only for the cops. THEN, Controller Laura Chick broke the news to the city, that the money was used for things other than hiring new cops. AND, the mayor has tripled the trash collection fee since he created it. And that really sums up how things work under Villaraigosa's City Hall. Come up with something that sounds good, like hiring 1000 new cops. Then continue to raise the fee and end up using the money for something else. And all of this because the mayor has to cover his wasteful and irresponsible spending habits.
And the money comes out of your DWP bill. So you're only paying it if you are paying a DWP bill. So who do you think this trash collection fee is hurting most? And I have had complaints from senior citizens who only produce a small amount of trash each week, and they are being hammered by this exorbitantly high fee.
Villaraigosa also claims success for a number of environmental programs at the Department of Water and Power and the Port of Los Angeles and the city is considering a proposal, Measure B, to expand solar power in the city. What is your view of his efforts, your position on Measure B and what you would do as mayor regarding environmental issues.
Regarding his claims of success over environmental programs, that's what they are, all right: CLAIMS! He claimed he was going to plant a million trees when he ran the first time because he wanted the endorsement of the Sierra Club. I went to the kick off of "Million Trees LA." These so called "trees" looked like little alfalfa sprouts in a cup with some dirt. I could literally hold the "tree" they gave me in the palm of my hand. And how many have been planted. So he makes these empty exhortations in the media that he filled a million potholes, planted a million trees and turned polluted air into Glade air freshener. And unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are bamboozled by the sound bites and believe that Mayor Super Antonio is running around saving the environment. Based on the way he has run this city into a high-density, traffic gridlock nightmare with all of his over development in violation of the Planning Departments zoning laws, I don't think he has helped the environment.
The biggest environmental problem faced by the city and region is the Port of Los Angeles in the San Pedro area of Council Distrtict 15.The area is hammered by pollution from the trucks that are hitting the highway to deliver 40% of U.S. goods to the rest of the country. So we are bearing this toxic, dangerous level of pollution for the rest of the nation, and it is the most unsafe and un-spoken about problem that kids and families and workers face in the city, state and nation, right there in San Perdro.  I promise everyone reading this, as mayor of Los Angeles, I will be calling Barack Obama on the phone personally, to let him know the rest of the United States has to pitch in with Federal funds to mitigate the pollution problem in District 15, that is created because of the L.A. Port truck traffic.
Regarding Measure B, if I have one message to deliver to Los Angeles registered voters, it is vote "no" on Measure B.
Again, like everything else Villaragiosa puts on the ballot, it sounds good to un-educated voters who don't look beyond the headlines. It says it's about solar energy, but this will actually hurt any real solar initiative. DWP is not prepared to take this project on at this time. It's way to big and experimental and there really isn't even a plan, except the talk to accomplish the mission of which there is not method. It will increase your DWP bill at a time when it has already risen and I am here to say, will keep going up, even without this Measure B (boondoggle). They initially told the public it would cost $1.5 billion, but now reports are saying it will cost over $3.5 billion. And we don't even have the actual plan, yet.
I have never seen such widespread frustration and outrage over a community issue and Measure B has united a diverse faction of the community, all coming together to try and alert the masses to please show up on March 3rd and vote, "No on Measure B" even if you don't have an opinion on the other elections.
The real problem DWP needs to be addressing is the aging infrastructure and old transformers. I was contacted by someone who works for DWP, last week, to warn me that the DWP infrastructure is absolutely shot and it is in no condition to accommodate all of the new high density commercial and residential projects that Villaraigosa has jammed down the city's throat. And I am told, one good heatwave this summer, and the entire city will find out exactly how shot it is, with massive brown outs like we have never seen before.

So if nothing else, this fake solar plan will take workers and attention away from the real problem. So as mayor, I would be focusing on the real problem (shot DWP infrastructure/transformers) and on March 4th, the day after Measure B loses, focus on getting a real and meaningful solar energy plan put into motion, because clearly Southern Californians are in favor of more solar energy being produced.
Villaraigosa tried to take over the LAUSD and failed and now has a partnership with the LAUSD to run a number of schools. If you are elected, what would you do with those schools and what is your position on the city relationship with the LAUSD?
First of all, when I started following City Hall as a community advocate/activist, and really try to put on the thinking cap and figure out how to address the biggest problems facing the all leads back to LAUSD at the end of the day. The school system is not producing enough graduates and the drop outs become criminals. The city cannot even find qualified workers for many of the good quality jobs in the city. And then we have to spend money fighting these LAUSD un-success stories the rest of their lives.
So I am here to tell you as candidate for mayor of Los Angeles, until the local school system is dramatically improved (and I don't think they are capable of the task) the city will never be anything more than a sinking ship.  And I have zero confidence in the LAUSD school board and any chances of "fixing" the problem.
Besides the school cluster that they mayor took over, that I will address next, unfortunately, LAUSD is not under the mayor's jurisdiction, but based on my statements above, as mayor of Los Angeles I will do everything humanly possible on a daily basis to help parents and students improve their scholastic personal achievement through a massive education campaign in the media and out of my office. We'll have to look to outside, privately funded programs and non-profits to help kids and parents outside of the classroom.  Because it is not the school's job to raise your kids, either. Teachers are not police officers or babysitters.That's about all that the classrooms have degenerated into, in too many areas; babysitting services where there is too much time spent trying to keep order and no time educating. And all the school board cares about is the $20 billion in construction money to be handed out and spent.
Regarding the mayor's cluster of schools he is meddling with: He sold a great sounding bill of goods to parents, and I have been personally contacted by parents who feel the mayor shut the door on all parental input and left them out in the cold as soon as he took over. As mayor, I will immediately reach out to the parents and teachers in the area, and try and clean up the mess. I can't just walk away. I wouldn't have pushed for this kind of nuttiness on the mayor's part, but left with the situation, I am certainly excited to be able to step up and show everyone the most innovative and empowering leadership at the scholastic level in the history of Los Angeles. My strategy is based on Dr. W. Edwards Deming 14 point management philosophy blueprint. If you don't know about Deming's 14 point plan, please do a search online, because my entire office will be operating under these 14 points (methods for management of quality and productivity). And until LAUSD firmly embraces these principals, the situation will never be allowed to improve, only continue to get worse.
The mayor also claims a number of local accomplishments on traffic and transportation. Among them, filling 1 million potholes, installing left-turn signals at 250 intersections, synchronizing traffic signals and laying the groundwork for future improvements with the voter approval of the Measure R sales tax proposal. What are your thoughts about that, what would you do as mayor to deal with transit?
Regarding the filling of one million potholes, the mayor's office has already admitted it's more like 85,000 potholes. Villaraigosa's problem is he goes around spouting off all these slogans and campaign promises that all sound good, but he may as well just get a job as Santa Claus, cause all he does is ready back a wish list. And the problem with the potholes that are being filled, is that they are not filling them properly, by removing the particles and topping off the seal properly, so they just turn into potholes again, way too quickly. I learned this from someone who read about my Deming 14 point plan. He was an engineer and told me he studied Deming and knew I would appreciate the feedback. Which I did.
Villaraigosa says he installed left-turn signals, but I have learned the left-turn auto sensors installed beneath the roads do not work in everyday traffic conditions. The result, is that only one car has time to make it through the green left-turn arrow before the signal starts turning red, again. So then, only one car makes it through; then two or three other cars roll through the red arrow.
So instead of making the traffic better, these left turn auto sensors the mayor installed just made everything much worse and more unsafe. Pedestrians do not have time to cross the intersection and this is a paramount safety concern.
Meanwhile, think how much time and money will have to now be spent trying to figure out how to fix the problem, then actually fix the problem. Is the mayor even doing anything to fix this process, yet. This is how the city is going bankrupt through the immeasurable waste that must be addressed. It's all happening because of the City of Los Angeles' continued failure to take serious measures to improve quality and efficiency through the 14 points I plan on implementing on day one as mayor.
The synchronized lights work great at 11 at night  or 5 in the morning when the roads are empty. Synchronized lights don't mean squat when your foot is pressed down on the break, anyway, because you are stuck in gridlock traffic because of the mayor's "Smart Growth" (high density) housing plan.
Also, we would welcome any other thoughts you have regarding what you would do as mayor of the city as it relates to balancing the budget, Los Angeles International Airport and quality of life in the city.
Relating to balancing the budget, the first thing that must be done is, once again, addresses the massive fraud, waste and abuse that the city can no longer afford. In the past, maybe there was enough fat to cover all this wasteful spending and in-efficiency. But as Villaragiosa is talking of firings and cuts at libraries and parks and citywide services as he is tripling your trash fees, adding phone taxes, quadrupling the parking meter rates and coming up with all kinds of new fees and taxes to place on the ballot, we must address the immeasurable waste that is not being addressed.

If the city of L.A. under the current mayor were a home that you were trying to heat in the middle of winter; all of the windows would be open, the door would be open, then sliding glass doors would be installed -- then opened. So the home wouldn't be warming up, so you would turn up the heat even more. It will cost more money and waste more fuel and the job still wouldn't be getting done. So you would crank it up some more, then it gets more wasteful and expensive and it's only getting colder. Then you find out the homeowner is friends with the utility company getting paid for the higher heating bill and is paying for it all with someone elses' money (yours)!
So before we discuss all the ways to balance the budget through the accounting department, we must first address the waste and shut the windows in the house (city hall) through this internationally recognized 14 point plan.
And finally, the short answer to how to improve the quality of life in Los Angeles is by representing the spirit and will of the community on all the important issues like housing, public safety, schools and all the local issues specific to each community instead of the vindictive, retaliatory spirit that is going against the grain of the will of the people.

I like to talk and voice my opinion as to what is wrong with the mayor and what I want to do as mayor, and no one has spoken more than I, over the past few years: But the only reason I am able to talk so much, is because I listen five times as much.
So as mayor of Los Angeles, the biggest job will be to reverse the vindictive, retaliatory spirit of the mayor's office; stop throwing roadblocks in front of the Neighborhood Council system and use them as a real gauge on issues because all the right answers are out there in the community, and the city knows it, but they chose to fight it and go against the grain.  And as mayor, I want to let all of the city workers to know that part of the 14 point plan is to help city workers be allowed to do their best job -- by fixing the broken system for them  that causes them to have to do things two, three and four times; over and over again. There is nothing more frustrating to a worker or resident.
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Zuma's LA Daily Blog Hits Through The Roof Today!

I sent out an email blast to 1000 people last night and some other blogs linked to my blog today, but I don't know what else happened, because I noticed my blog hits are through the roof today, at least quadrupling the usual daily views.
I think the email blast to 1000 people with embedded links to stories posted on the blog were opened up today by alot of people when people got on their computers, and perhaps a few people did an email "forward" blast to their contacts.
So the good news is, just when Zuma Dogg hit with a lot of good and exclusive stories about the mayor and city council and the agenda, a lot of people are seeing it.
And oh yeah, the mail-in ballots are out and we are a month away from the election, so the timing is good.
Plus, looks like more media interest is coming ZD's way as we are 30 days away. I was contacted by a major college newspaper today, and we already met in person Downtown and did the massive interview. And, listen for Zuma Dogg on the Pat Morrison show next Tuesday!
Plus, LA Times has sent those six question that I posted yesterday that I am currently typing up that they will include in their newspaper next week. And I am told Zuma Dogg's TV 35 three-minute campaign spot looks great (Zuma as "David" clean shaven without the cap and glasses) and will begin airing next week on the 10th of February (on City TV 35) along with the other candidates. (And yes, it will be posted on Zuma's YouTube site, as well.)
So for today, for whatever reason (and I think a 1000 person email blast is to blame), Zuma's LA Daily Blog hits are at an all time high, at just the right time.
But most importantly, Bruno of Ron Kaye's mentioned Zuma Dogg in a positive light today on the blog!  Click here for story!
And finally, after the round of recent media between City TV 35 appearances, ABC News Nightline, short KFI News segment, KNBC 4 News, Fox 11 News and LA Times mention in about a week's time...I AM REALLY FEELING AN ELEVATED LEVEL OF RECOGNITION (FEEDBACK) FROM PEOPLE ON THE STREETS.

Every now and then I'll say, "Damn, it feels like a whole new wave of street recognition has kicked in" at various times over the past three years. And I am happy to say, with thirty days to the election, last week and again this week, it's kinda been at a magical, overwhelming level of people stopping me in the street in places and in situations I wouldn't expect. And now, my worst nightmare...recognition of Zuma Dogg coming out of the library, without the hat and glasses or ZD shirt. This guy recognized "Dave" as "Zuma Dogg" and added, "You're gonna get more votes than Villaraigosa." I know you think I just made that up. But it is 100% completely true.
As I was walking back from City Hall after the council meeting, someone in a restaurant shouted out, "Zuma Dogg" and walked over to me and said that he heard me talking about Deming's 14 points and knew all about Deming from his job. SO THAT KNOCKED ME OUT AND MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT.
If you only had ANY idea how my day started at 5am, this morning...and somehow I made it from $.0.00 to the council meeting, ended up getting a lot of warm greetings from people as I walk the streets downtown back and forth from the meetings (including the Deming comment) and did an interview with a big college newspaper, was mentioned by Bruno on Ron Kaye's blog, had a great round of public comments ontop of my best month ever of public comments, my blog jumped into the Top 10 last week, and today is about the biggest day the blog has ever seen. And I can tell you, the story about the Firefighters and EMS workers was the most viewed story. VERY GOOD TO SEE!