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Zuma Music Radio Playlists (1-15) Rockin' Oldies, Disco, Lite Rock, Modern Rock, Top 40, Old Skool Hip Hop (Zuma Dogg's online iPod)

Create an account at (don't worry, you'll want one anyway, it's my favorite site ever, since YouTube) -- and you can listen to ALL of these Zuma MusicRadio playlists. An online least ZUMA DOGG's online iPod. Rockin' Oldies, Disco, Modern Rock, Lite Rock, Old Skool Rap, Top's all here, y'all...hope there's something you like. My gifts are my songs, and...these ones, for you!

Zuma MusicRadio Playlists
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Zuma MusicRadio 04 - 80's Adult Contempory Hits
Zuma MusicRadio 05 - Rockin' Dance Party (All Ages)
Zuma MusicRadio 06 - Random Hits (1)
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Zuma MusicRadio 13 - Total Hip Hop (EXPLICT)
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Zuma MusicRadio 15 - Lite Rock Hits (70's & 80's)
Zuma MusicRadio 16 - Classic Rock "A-Z" (1)

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Zuma Dogg - LA Daily Blog "Week In Review" (All the Los Angeles News You Need To Know In This Time of Municipal Crisis of a Lack of Leadership)

If you click on each of these links, you will be as caught up and informed as to what Zuma Dogg believes to be the BIG issues confronting the people of Los Angeles as we wrap up the year, and start a new decade (2010). This is going to be the "Decade of Decline" in Los Angeles. HERE'S THE EVIDENCE. And my site has been revamped to monitor ALL Zuma Dogg/LA Daily Blog content on ONE PAGE. (Twitter News Updates, Music & Talk Radio Shows, Blog Posts, and everything else on this page. If it's an important news item regarding City operations and it's future, it's in the Twitter feed at, along with all the blog posts.

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A Message From L.A. Voters: Please Vote for Christine Essel in Tuesday (Dec 8th) Valley City Council Election (See Endorsements Here!)

City Council Election THIS TUESDAY
Dec 8th!

Carmen Trutanich, Bill Rosendahl, Dennis Zine, Zuma Dogg JOEL WACHS. Police Protective League, David Hernardez & Many Community Leaders Endorse CHRISTINE ESSEL for L.A. City Council and ask you to VOTE for her THIS TUESDAY December 8th.
KEVIN JAMES & DAVID BERGER ANNOUNCE ESSEL SUPPORT!: BOTH Talk Show Host KEVIN JAMES and respected community member (and L.A. City Deputy City Attorney) DAVID BERGER both publicly stated, this week, that they want CHRISTINE ESSEL to be the next Councilmember for the Valley's CD 2, over Paul Krekorian, AND ASK THAT YOU VOTE FOR CHRISTINE ESSEL ON TUESDAY!!!

RICHARD ALARCON (and his Shady CA ASSembly crew) endorses State-Bankrupting, Career-Politician. Seat-Jumping Assemblyman Paul Krekorian. (Do we REALLY want another State Assemblyman in the L.A. City Council Horseshoe?)
The people mentioned above, DO NOT want Paul Krekorian to take the seat...that's why this diverse group of people ALL AGREE ON CHRISTINE ESSEL.

Zuma Dogg's - LA Daily Blog

AUDIO: Zuma Dogg on Sheftel & Hernadez's Radio Show (Medijuana, City Budget Rant & City Council Election) -- PLUS LA Daily Blog "Weekend Update"

Posted: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 22:50:00 +0000

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Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog WEEKEND Update - MASSIVE New Postings!

FYI: Zuma Dogg, Frank Sheftel, David Hernandez ALL endorse Chris Essel, as does Dennis Zine, Bill Rosendahl, Carmen Trutanich, Police Protective League -- JOEL WACHS -- and I hear KRLA's Kevin James tells listeners to vote for Essel between the two. (Richard Alarcon endorses Paul Krekorian. WRONG TEAM!)

CLICK HERE for Zuma Dogg on Sheftel/Hernandez Radio Show (Medical Marijuana, City Budget Rant & Tuesday's City Council Election.

A MESSAGE FROM ZUMA DOGG: This Tuesday (December 8th) is an election for the next City Council seat in Valley's CD 2. The election has CITYWIDE impact, because most of the BIG ISSUES affecting your district are not about the advertising on your bus benches, or a new fountain in the park -- BUT ABOUT THE BUDGET-BUSTING, BANKRUPTCY BUZZSAW THE CITY IS HEADING DIRECTLY TOWARD IN THE NEW YEAR. It is the opinion of Zuma Dogg, Dennis Zine, Carmen Trutanich, Bill Rosendahl, David Hernandez, Police Protective League -- AND BELOVED CITY COUNCILMEMBER JOEL WACHS that you should vote for Christine Essel this Tuesday between the two candidates. Many diverse members of the community (many times on opposite sides of issues) are all united in their belief that ANOTHER STATE ASSEMBLYMEMBER MUST BE PREVENTED FROM OVERTAKING THIS LOCAL, CITY POSITION. Krekorian was just recently re-elected for State Assembly, and immediately started campaigning for this City Council position, while he has already been heard cutting deals for his next political move.

HERE IS MY BLOG POST ABOUT CHRISTINE ESSEL - Zuma Dogg I know it surprises MANY people in the community that I am supporting a candidate like Chris Essel. THAT SHOULD BE A HUGE MESSAGE TO YOU!!! (I consider this message a public safety alert, more than anything.) VOTE FOR CHRIS ESSEL.THIS TUESDAY. Thank you. - Newly revamped...ONE URL for ALL blog posts, tweets, radio shows, videos and updates.

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New Zuma Radio Show on L.A. City Medical Marijuana & CD2 City Council Election for TUESDAY Morning

Hear the new Zuma Dogg Radio Show (ZumaShow) for Tuesday morning, now. See BlogTalkRadio widget on the right.

Also, for all Twitter tweet updates throughout the day.

Tuesday Morning News: Medical Marijuana Day

Off to the city council meeting to address the city via TV 35 airwaves.

Welcome to Zuma Dogg: Go to for links to all blog posts, videos and radio archives

UPDATE: Go to for all new blog posts, videos and radio archives. One link for everything.

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New Updates at LA Daily Blog by Zuma Dogg (Most Recent Posts on City Attorney, AEG/Jackson Memorial, Medical Marijuana, Jerry Brown and MORE

HAVEN'T UPDATED THIS BLOG IN A WHILE. Here's the latest from today. And go to My official website with links to everything current at all times. Thanks, ZD.

LA Daily
All Zuma blog posts, videos and radio archives

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I Know People May Be Surprised I Am Supporting Chris Essel, But It Feels VERY GOOD! Here are some reasons!

Sorry that Krekorian and Essel made it into the run-off, but those are the two options and I do not agree that you can just sit out and not vote. You have two distinctly different candidates and a decision must be made.

So now we have a fresh slate, and I am not going to take the easy way out and just say, "Forget it...not going to vote/say anything."

And people know I have been kicking the tires on Chris Essel because I wasn't taking a good look at her during the primary because I was supporting another grass roots canidate (me).

And I have already made the decision I am not going to support Paul Krekorian and I have given the reasons why. So for the purpose of this blog post, I am going to focus on reasons why I guess I have to come out and say it...why I am supporting Christine Essel in this run-off.

People tell me I am supposed to "play both sides" and try and set up meetings with both sides; and don't say anything yet; and don't give it away for free; and see what you can maybe negotiate, first and all of that.

And if anything good comes out of my support down the line, then that would be nice and I'm sure a lot of people would be happy for me.

BUT the MAIN thing is...neither canidate, nor any candiate could get me to support them publicly if I didn't feel comfortable.

And Zuma Dogg suffers from "the-clock-is-always-ticking, frenetic energy syndrome."

Kevin James was hammering her in REAL TIME, this week on his radio show.

The other candidates are making their decisions as we speak.

Other opinion leaders in the community are making their decisions as you read this.

And I know it would be easier for me to say nothing, at this point, and see how things play out, and calculate things and not offend people who will be mad at me for being supportive of Ms. Essel because of the Central City board position, the people who donated to her campaign, and her support from Wendy (yes, some of us think that's a negative) and the whole Anti-Essel sentiment out there at the ZD community activist level.

But again, it is surprising to me, as well, that I feel it is important that Chris makes it into the seat over Paul. And I am factoring in all those things that turn off people like ZD in the general election.

So what was it then that has caused me to look at the money and connections of both candidates and go with Essel.

(Gag alert): She just impresses the hell out of me as an outstand career woman and has a good vibe and energy and I admire her as an individual.

And she tells me she wants to do all the good community-based things she said during the campaign and I am just going to have faith that the short year and a half term will cause her to actually take on the challenge of representing the community spirit, at least MUCH MORE than we are used to seeing in the horseshoe.

And again, I wasn't SEEKING out to support anyone, and was maybe not going to get involved, even though I think YOU, as individuals need to make a decision for yourself and vote. I just wasn't going to be public and get involved and go into "Zuma Dogg" mode for either of these two.

But first, Chris was very warm and friendly to ZD during the forums, even though I would hammer her at times. Now the other Big 3 were nice and friendly to ZD, too (Paul and Tamar), but Chris really put out the most "down home" vibe and just that pure joyous personality that people like ZD and Tamar and Wendy have to fake and put on. A lot of times people are nice to ZD but it has a fake, political vibe and you know they would loosen my brakes if they could get away with it.

Here's how I started to get sucked into feeling good about Chris Essel:

Chris was making the rounds calling the other candidates and community opinion leaders and asking for their support in the run-off.

She asked me, flat-out, "Can I count on your support?" I said, "HELL NO, you can't COUNT on it," but since you asked, let's talk and I'll see how you feel.

So I called her later in the evening to set up a time for coffee somewhere...but you know me...I couldn't wait, so I just started firing away questions, asking her what I was curious about.

I ended up typing up highlights from the conversation in my blog post from Friday where I wrote a speech in her voice of the things that impressed me most. Things about her career achievement that didn't come out in the primary.

Chris needs to work on getting fired up and sticking up for herself and selling people on her career path and achivement as a woman rising through the ranks in Hollywood at Paramount.

So later in the evening, after the phone call with Chris that really impressed me, Kevin James was on the air, just before 11pm, and was hammering Chris, once again, for not appearing on his show, and he was hoping she wasn't going to dodge him, this time (in the run-off) -- and it was going south, real quick.

So Zuma Dogg calls Chris at 11pm on her cell phone, and she picks up, and start in, at frenteic Zuma Dogg pace, "Kevin is HAMMERING you on the air...are you going to go on the debates, this time? You HAVE to...if not...(blah, blah, blah)..." And I add, "You gotta call in!"

It didn't occur to me that she might have been sleeping at 11pm the night after the election wrapped up, and she said, "Not right now, I'm sleeping."


So I said, "So what! Call in!" But...I have to remember...not everyone can do interviews in their sleep like Big ZD, so I said, "Well can I call and tell him you'll do it, so he'll stop saying you won't."

She gave me the green light and told me I could call in.

So I called Kevin and they are working it out and Chris says she will be on Kevin's show for the run-off.


I think it's a very good sign that I already like Chris a lot more than I ever liked Wendy and even before Wendy REALLY hated me....she was never warm and nice to me and never would accept feedback, like this.

So I think the fact that Chris is NOT a career politician; and kind of green in some GOOD ways means she may be a little more vulnerable in having to rely on the community and will need to do a lot for the people during this short term. And if she turns out to be insincere, we can vote her out in a year and a half.

AND THE PEOPLE HAVE TO KNOW...Zuma Dogg is always EXTREMELY skeptical listening to ANYTHING a candidate has to say during an election, and I'm pretty harsh in my scrutiny and that's what people LOVE about me.

BUT SOMETIME, that can cause you to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and that is something I am ALWAYS...MOST CAREFUL not to do. And when I see other people doing it, it sometimes makes ME look harder (which I did with Chris, since she asked me to) and I was pleased at what I have seen so far, so the guy who hates to be bamboozled, DOES have to do what he HATES to do in politics....HAVE A LITTLE FAITH that the person before is the sincere, warm person who intends to do what she says.

I always have negative nicknames for other people, and Chris' new on is "Samsonite" cause she's got a lot of baggage. And in the future, I'll address some of the concerns I had that I have to get over in this election, because this is supposed to be about positive things about Chris, in this post, without attacking Paul Krekorian...but again, that factors in. Because if it was Chris Essel versus Pete Sanchez, I would probably be pushing hard for Pete.

But it's Essel vs Krekorian, and Zuma Dogg is supporting the outsider, grass roort candidate in this election: Chris Essel. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt in two years if she stinks as a CM. But the things I am concerned about with Chris are problems you have to deal with when you have a upscale, classy lady on your hands.

And seriously, Chris IS the outsider, grass roots candidate. She's just sucessful at it because she raised a lot of money and has the endorsement of the previous councilmember. OF COURSE a candidate like Chris is going to go for Wendy's endorsement. I heard Wendy DID wait because Lisa Sarkin and some others were thinking of running. But when some of the others didn't run, Wendy went with Chris. It's not like Wendy called Chris and said, "Chris, Wendy Gruel. I need someone to take over for me and do everything I say and be my puppet and screw the community."

If Zuma Dogg is finally seeing Chris for the outstanding business leader that she is, at least as a career woman...I can't blame Wendy for endorsing her.

Not to say she is going to tell Wendy to go screw herself, either.

But I think with Chris, she's a sincere and nice person who doesn't have that "juice" running through her like Wendy, Garcetti, Zuma, Krekorian, Alarcon.

So in this case all we can do is support her, be all over her the second she walks in the door, she seems to be listening to things I am trying to tell her.

So maybe we have a "Good" Wendy in Chris. And if not, then she get the Academy Award for suckering Zuma Dogg. She can't be THAT good. She may have worked at Paramount, but it was on the financial/business side.

I know a lot of people may be surprised I feel this way, and I was told to wait, but I don't like to hold back and be calculated in this stuff. It's not about YOU and what YOU get out of it. If the position of Councilmember is important to the future and the lives of the people...then the clock is ticking and no time for game playing on my end. And I HATE when people pull certain "cards." And ZD NEVER picks a candidate on if they are a man or woman...but man, this is THE "Girl Power" candidate if I ever saw one. And luckily not JUST because she is the female candidate. What can I tell you, now ZD got way too sensitive and his feminine side came out too much from all of you ladies who made ZD your little "fixer upper project" during the candidate forums. YOU TURNED ME INTO A SENSISTIVE YOU KNOW WHAT!!!! LOOK AT THIS!!! Oh no...where's my AC/DC "Back in Black" LP.

Zuma Report "Week In Review" (A lot of NEW Content...New Blog...New Perspective...NEW!)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A lot of new content from Friday and this week in general. Here's the Zuma Report "Week in Review" re-cap thread so you can review it all in one place.

ELECTION STRATEGY: Zuma Dogg Writes Christine Essel Campaign Speech (based on his own probing interview with her on the phone.)

The Challenge For Chris Essel in CD 2 City Council Run-off with Assmeblymember Paul Krekorian

My Argument AGAINST Nutty City Charter Ballot Amendment Cutting City Council Salaries in HALF!

Neighborhood Council Summit To Address A Host of Wide Ranging Issues at "Action Summit"

Why City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Has To Read Deming's 14 Points (Quality & Productivity) According To Daily News Report

If I Learned ONE THING Speaking With Politicians During Elections...

Zuma Dogg's NUMBER ONE CALL For City Hall Reform (And I Don't Care If You Don't Like It!)

Zuma Dogg Calls For The Community To Turn Their Backs On BIG MONEY"Professional Office Jumping" Elected Officials: Treat Them like "Blood Diamonds"

He has brought awareness to the city processes like nobody else. I must take the time to tell him.

"Zuma Dogg, who is smarter than and knows more about city government than most Council members, has become something of an urban folk hero"

Chris Essel To Debate Krekorian On Kevin James KRLA

Should Zuma Dogg Endorse Either Christine Essel or Paul Krekorian, or neither?

More Downtown Real Estate Bankruptcy As City Council Stand Helpless And Cowardly As City Heads Toward Bankruptcy Iceberg (Drop The Bond Rating)


Zuma Dogg Activist Training Excersice: Watch This Video (Especially City Council Clowns Who Only TALK About Compassion)


"Zuma Dogg, The City Hall Era" (4/4/06-9/22/09)...LET THE NEW ERA BEGIN!

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Zuma Dogg For L.A. City Council - Campaign Week In Review

The Magic of Zuma Dogg

Posted: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 18:28:00 +0000