Friday, December 11, 2009

Zuma Dogg - LA Daily Blog "Week In Review" (All the Los Angeles News You Need To Know In This Time of Municipal Crisis of a Lack of Leadership)

If you click on each of these links, you will be as caught up and informed as to what Zuma Dogg believes to be the BIG issues confronting the people of Los Angeles as we wrap up the year, and start a new decade (2010). This is going to be the "Decade of Decline" in Los Angeles. HERE'S THE EVIDENCE. And my site has been revamped to monitor ALL Zuma Dogg/LA Daily Blog content on ONE PAGE. (Twitter News Updates, Music & Talk Radio Shows, Blog Posts, and everything else on this page. If it's an important news item regarding City operations and it's future, it's in the Twitter feed at, along with all the blog posts.

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