Sunday, December 13, 2009

Zuma Music Radio Playlists (1-15) Rockin' Oldies, Disco, Lite Rock, Modern Rock, Top 40, Old Skool Hip Hop (Zuma Dogg's online iPod)

Create an account at (don't worry, you'll want one anyway, it's my favorite site ever, since YouTube) -- and you can listen to ALL of these Zuma MusicRadio playlists. An online least ZUMA DOGG's online iPod. Rockin' Oldies, Disco, Modern Rock, Lite Rock, Old Skool Rap, Top's all here, y'all...hope there's something you like. My gifts are my songs, and...these ones, for you!

Zuma MusicRadio Playlists
(Your online iPod)

Zuma MusicRadio 04 - 80's Adult Contempory Hits
Zuma MusicRadio 05 - Rockin' Dance Party (All Ages)
Zuma MusicRadio 06 - Random Hits (1)
Zuma MusicRadio 07 - Random Hits (2)
Zuma MusicRadio 08 - Old Skool Rap (1)
Zuma MusicRadio 09 - Chill Early Morning Hits
Zuma MusicRadio 10 - Modern Rock (1)
Zuma MusicRadio 11 - Booty Shakin' Dance Hits (1)
Zuma MusicRadio 12 - Music For The Masses (1)
Zuma MusicRadio 13 - Total Hip Hop (EXPLICT)
Zuma MusicRadio 14 - Disco & Funky Hits (1)
Zuma MusicRadio 15 - Lite Rock Hits (70's & 80's)
Zuma MusicRadio 16 - Classic Rock "A-Z" (1)

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Zuma Dogg - LA Daily Blog "Week In Review" (All the Los Angeles News You Need To Know In This Time of Municipal Crisis of a Lack of Leadership)

If you click on each of these links, you will be as caught up and informed as to what Zuma Dogg believes to be the BIG issues confronting the people of Los Angeles as we wrap up the year, and start a new decade (2010). This is going to be the "Decade of Decline" in Los Angeles. HERE'S THE EVIDENCE. And my site has been revamped to monitor ALL Zuma Dogg/LA Daily Blog content on ONE PAGE. (Twitter News Updates, Music & Talk Radio Shows, Blog Posts, and everything else on this page. If it's an important news item regarding City operations and it's future, it's in the Twitter feed at, along with all the blog posts.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Message From L.A. Voters: Please Vote for Christine Essel in Tuesday (Dec 8th) Valley City Council Election (See Endorsements Here!)

City Council Election THIS TUESDAY
Dec 8th!

Carmen Trutanich, Bill Rosendahl, Dennis Zine, Zuma Dogg JOEL WACHS. Police Protective League, David Hernardez & Many Community Leaders Endorse CHRISTINE ESSEL for L.A. City Council and ask you to VOTE for her THIS TUESDAY December 8th.
KEVIN JAMES & DAVID BERGER ANNOUNCE ESSEL SUPPORT!: BOTH Talk Show Host KEVIN JAMES and respected community member (and L.A. City Deputy City Attorney) DAVID BERGER both publicly stated, this week, that they want CHRISTINE ESSEL to be the next Councilmember for the Valley's CD 2, over Paul Krekorian, AND ASK THAT YOU VOTE FOR CHRISTINE ESSEL ON TUESDAY!!!

RICHARD ALARCON (and his Shady CA ASSembly crew) endorses State-Bankrupting, Career-Politician. Seat-Jumping Assemblyman Paul Krekorian. (Do we REALLY want another State Assemblyman in the L.A. City Council Horseshoe?)
The people mentioned above, DO NOT want Paul Krekorian to take the seat...that's why this diverse group of people ALL AGREE ON CHRISTINE ESSEL.

Zuma Dogg's - LA Daily Blog

AUDIO: Zuma Dogg on Sheftel & Hernadez's Radio Show (Medijuana, City Budget Rant & City Council Election) -- PLUS LA Daily Blog "Weekend Update"

Posted: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 22:50:00 +0000

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog WEEKEND Update - MASSIVE New Postings!

FYI: Zuma Dogg, Frank Sheftel, David Hernandez ALL endorse Chris Essel, as does Dennis Zine, Bill Rosendahl, Carmen Trutanich, Police Protective League -- JOEL WACHS -- and I hear KRLA's Kevin James tells listeners to vote for Essel between the two. (Richard Alarcon endorses Paul Krekorian. WRONG TEAM!)

CLICK HERE for Zuma Dogg on Sheftel/Hernandez Radio Show (Medical Marijuana, City Budget Rant & Tuesday's City Council Election.

A MESSAGE FROM ZUMA DOGG: This Tuesday (December 8th) is an election for the next City Council seat in Valley's CD 2. The election has CITYWIDE impact, because most of the BIG ISSUES affecting your district are not about the advertising on your bus benches, or a new fountain in the park -- BUT ABOUT THE BUDGET-BUSTING, BANKRUPTCY BUZZSAW THE CITY IS HEADING DIRECTLY TOWARD IN THE NEW YEAR. It is the opinion of Zuma Dogg, Dennis Zine, Carmen Trutanich, Bill Rosendahl, David Hernandez, Police Protective League -- AND BELOVED CITY COUNCILMEMBER JOEL WACHS that you should vote for Christine Essel this Tuesday between the two candidates. Many diverse members of the community (many times on opposite sides of issues) are all united in their belief that ANOTHER STATE ASSEMBLYMEMBER MUST BE PREVENTED FROM OVERTAKING THIS LOCAL, CITY POSITION. Krekorian was just recently re-elected for State Assembly, and immediately started campaigning for this City Council position, while he has already been heard cutting deals for his next political move.

HERE IS MY BLOG POST ABOUT CHRISTINE ESSEL - Zuma Dogg I know it surprises MANY people in the community that I am supporting a candidate like Chris Essel. THAT SHOULD BE A HUGE MESSAGE TO YOU!!! (I consider this message a public safety alert, more than anything.) VOTE FOR CHRIS ESSEL.THIS TUESDAY. Thank you. - Newly revamped...ONE URL for ALL blog posts, tweets, radio shows, videos and updates.