Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Zuma's LA Daily Blog Hits Through The Roof Today!

I sent out an email blast to 1000 people last night and some other blogs linked to my blog today, but I don't know what else happened, because I noticed my blog hits are through the roof today, at least quadrupling the usual daily views.
I think the email blast to 1000 people with embedded links to stories posted on the blog were opened up today by alot of people when people got on their computers, and perhaps a few people did an email "forward" blast to their contacts.
So the good news is, just when Zuma Dogg hit with a lot of good and exclusive stories about the mayor and city council and the agenda, a lot of people are seeing it.
And oh yeah, the mail-in ballots are out and we are a month away from the election, so the timing is good.
Plus, looks like more media interest is coming ZD's way as we are 30 days away. I was contacted by a major college newspaper today, and we already met in person Downtown and did the massive interview. And, listen for Zuma Dogg on the Pat Morrison show next Tuesday!
Plus, LA Times has sent those six question that I posted yesterday that I am currently typing up that they will include in their newspaper next week. And I am told Zuma Dogg's TV 35 three-minute campaign spot looks great (Zuma as "David" clean shaven without the cap and glasses) and will begin airing next week on the 10th of February (on City TV 35) along with the other candidates. (And yes, it will be posted on Zuma's YouTube site, as well.)
So for today, for whatever reason (and I think a 1000 person email blast is to blame), Zuma's LA Daily Blog hits are at an all time high, at just the right time.
But most importantly, Bruno of Ron Kaye's mentioned Zuma Dogg in a positive light today on the blog!  Click here for story!
And finally, after the round of recent media between City TV 35 appearances, ABC News Nightline, short KFI News segment, KNBC 4 News, Fox 11 News and LA Times mention in about a week's time...I AM REALLY FEELING AN ELEVATED LEVEL OF RECOGNITION (FEEDBACK) FROM PEOPLE ON THE STREETS.

Every now and then I'll say, "Damn, it feels like a whole new wave of street recognition has kicked in" at various times over the past three years. And I am happy to say, with thirty days to the election, last week and again this week, it's kinda been at a magical, overwhelming level of people stopping me in the street in places and in situations I wouldn't expect. And now, my worst nightmare...recognition of Zuma Dogg coming out of the library, without the hat and glasses or ZD shirt. This guy recognized "Dave" as "Zuma Dogg" and added, "You're gonna get more votes than Villaraigosa." I know you think I just made that up. But it is 100% completely true.
As I was walking back from City Hall after the council meeting, someone in a restaurant shouted out, "Zuma Dogg" and walked over to me and said that he heard me talking about Deming's 14 points and knew all about Deming from his job. SO THAT KNOCKED ME OUT AND MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT.
If you only had ANY idea how my day started at 5am, this morning...and somehow I made it from $.0.00 to the council meeting, ended up getting a lot of warm greetings from people as I walk the streets downtown back and forth from the meetings (including the Deming comment) and did an interview with a big college newspaper, was mentioned by Bruno on Ron Kaye's blog, had a great round of public comments ontop of my best month ever of public comments, my blog jumped into the Top 10 last week, and today is about the biggest day the blog has ever seen. And I can tell you, the story about the Firefighters and EMS workers was the most viewed story. VERY GOOD TO SEE!

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