Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Zuma Dogg (UNMASKED) Interviewed on KNBC 4 News at City Attorney Victory Party

For some reason I really like this video from a few weeks ago at a victory party for the new Los Angeles City Attorney-elect Carmen Trutanich. It's a ridiculous angle from the ZumaCAM:

Yes, I was holding my own camera while being interviewed on THEIR camera. (Think how ridiculous and hopefully hilarious it must have seemed on TV as I go about this perfectly serious interview as the fact that I am holding my own camera is completely ignored.)

And to people who have never seen ZD without the trademark hat and glasses in "ZD mode" this is kinda extra fun to watch, because even I don't recognize that guy being interviewed. (Amazing the difference a pair of sunglasses make. Even though Clark Kent did it with regular glasses.)

And the personal triumph for me, was that I approached the NBC reporter to ask if he wanted an interview from a "regular guy from the street". He wasn't interested. So I took a second pass...still no interest. So as I am leaving after the second rejection, I turn back and say, "I was a mayoral candidate in the last election and came in fourth out of ten candidates by just placing my name on the ballot and not spending any money."

He starts to put two and two together, but still unsure asks, "Who are you?" I say, "Zuma Dogg." He says, "Oh, the producers were asking if you were here. We want to do a segment with you."

And to think, if I hadn't been such a media geek, who hasn't changed a bit since I called into Top 40 radio stations to get on the air when I was 12 years old, and thrown in the part about "ran for mayor" (which made him realize the icon, himself, was standing right there, I would have left without even knowing ZD was being requested in a room of some of the most powerful elected officials in the county.

I assure you I was the only non-elected person interviewed that evening, thank you very much. It's called "words" y'all, and any recognition, respect or credibility has been founded completely and entirely based on those, alone. Not anything based on money or political power or organizations or unions or producers or a staff. Just words, y'all. But City Council has been limiting a lot of the ones you can say.

I will be writing more about the situation regarding the Brown Act, 1st and 5th Amendments and the entire process of how the L.A. City Council meetings are being run by Council President Eric Garcetti here on this blog.

I put an announcement on LADailyBlog.com that I have retired from blogging on THAT blog. Because that's a slightly different focus. I will blog stuff here, ZD related, of which this 1st Amendment issue IS...but the "ZD political blogging about all the city issues and operations are at least on hold for now. LA Daily Blog has gotten so serious and focused on hardcore political shadiness, I wouldn't feel comfortable posting a Zuma Dogg karaoke video or something fun and unrelated to fraud, waste and abuse. So that's the difference. More to come, but that's why it will be posted here and not the same stuff that was being posted over there. Lots to catch up on and lots of dust to settle.

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