Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Antonio Villaraigosa MUST NOT Become Governor of California (And other problems with the City of Los Angeles)

And here's a good one: I just called Janice Hahn's office to leave a message over an important issue (non-related to this Venice issue) and I was transfered to a voice mail, which is fine.

EXCEPT: When I was connected to the voicemail, the outgoing message said, "Please do not leave a voice mail here. I cannot retrieve the messages."

WAY TO GO! Someone calls to leave a voice mail, and you connect them to a voice mail that says, "do not leave a voice mail." LOL!

I can't imagine why we are having problems with immeasurable waste in this city with consituents outraged that they can't get a tree trimmed in front of a school crosswalk for eight months?

I wonder if any of the council losers who are driving the city into the ground over this kind of inept, non-sense have read "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points?" They probably think they are too good for it. But at this point, they are walking around in "The Emperor's New Clothes."

So they will continue to ignore the warnings of Zuma Dogg and people will get stabbed at Venice Beach over the things I warn about, they can continue to transfer constituents to voicemail that says "don't leave a voice mail" and install left turn signals with a faulty auto-sensor system that is making traffic worse and much more unsafe, they can continue to ignore the DWP infrastructure problem and pretend that one good heatwave this summer will not shut down the city, they can continue to build high density housing structures in every nook and cranny vacant parking lot in Highland Park and all over the city -- EVEN THOUGH THERE CLEARLY IS NOT ENOUGH WATER OR PROPERLY INSTALLED, UPDATED TRANSFORMERS TO ACCOMODATE...

And Garshady and Viagraosa's "Dumb Growth" has forever changed the character of the city and the region...we will be dealing with the traffic and crime and lack of water and infrastructure forever, now...and people will not be hopping on all of your inferior mass transit system that will NEVER accomplish the goal of having yuppies and soccer mom's get out of the car and onto the mass transit WHILE ERIC GARCETTI ADMITS IN LA WEEKLY THAT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE -- AND THE PROBLEM WILL HAVE TO GET SO BAD THAT PEOPLE WILL BE DRIVEN (no pun) TO MASS TRANSIT, ALTHOUGH THEY ADMIT IT ISN'T HERE, YET.

So this douchebag-dummy of a corrupt mayor and his inept councilmembers have destroyed the fabric of this city, like a rabid dog who you let into your home and tears up all the furniture and pisses all over the place.

I think Villaragiosa should be the next Governor of Califorina. Leno would LOVE it! So would the people of Mexico. California would be even more appealing, and we all know the direction he has taken Los Angeles regarding Sanctuary City status, and all that.

Villar in 2010! He'll get "stabbing mad" for YOU! (Depending on who "YOU" are.)

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