Friday, March 13, 2009

Zuma Dogg Viewer Mail: Message of Faith & Inspiration

From Zuma's Inbox:

I've been a big fan of yours from Day One.

Anyway, I lost my job this last month due to downsizing, my phone then got shut off, my car broke down, the landlord increased my rent and just one thing after another.

I happened to catch a little of you talking about your own struggle (living in your car,etc)..and you just said for everyone to get the hell out everyday and just make something be you and be productive.

I heard that at the exact right time because I was downright ready to give up with all the bullsh*t that came into my life the last couple months.

You never know who you are reaching with your show, with the city fight or whatever you do. Just keep doing it and hang in there. You inspire more people than you know.

[Thanks for letting me know! More to come on this topic...ZD]

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