Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm about to really fall off the radar.

It's been a whirlwind three years that came to a climax on March 3, 2009 with the Los Angeles mayoral election where my name was on the ballot.

The whole past three years took a lot out of me and have $0.00 as I type this today. With the election over, the momentum has all but completely deflated, kinda like Santa Claus in June.

So I've said a whole heck of a lot and posted a whole heck of a lot of videos and blog posts over the past three years. I fully intent to keep on truckin', but my ship has taken on way too much water and I might fall off the radar in the next 24 hours...and it unravels pretty quickly from there.

So not matter how much I want to carry on and chit-chat all day long. I seriously have to completely stop returning ALL phone calls and ALL emails, TFN. So please feel free to call and leave messages or email me. I'll hear it all and read it all...and will hopefully be able to keep my head above water long enough for something to spark.

If you can meet with me to try and help me, here locally, better call 213-785-7272. I can't pull myself off the street, myself.

And to everyone who is tuning into ZD for the first time through Twitter, you happened to catch me on the worst day in several months, and it's getting catch up on it all at

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