Sunday, March 15, 2009

NEW: Zuma Mail Blog & Public Input Blog

Two new blogs to go along with the Zuma Dogg Blog Network: Comments emailed to Zuma Dogg by readers and viewers.
Now, you can post directly to Zuma's new Public Input blog by sending an email to Should be interesting to see what an "open to the public blog" looks like.

Twitter: You can read ZD Twitter updates on this blog, too. (See right hand side of this blog.)

And remember, if you are just discovering "Zuma Dogg" on Twitter, the main thing is to check out the YouTube videos HERE!

Links to all Zuma Dogg sites, blogs, videos and podcasts at


J.Scott said...

The Zuma Mail Blog & Public Input blog is nice. It kinda brought a tear to my eye. You can feel the love. If only love were money.

J.Scott said...

Shoot. As soon as I posted that last comment I wish I hadn't. What I meant was it would be nice if you were as wealthy as you are loved, because you deserve it.