Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TUESDAY MORNING UPDATE: Zuma Dogg at City Hall Ready For GENERAL Public Comment

It's one of those day I talk about: I was out of money yesterday, stuck sitting in my car, mostly talking on the phone and only two hours on the computer all day, from the library. (There is a two hour limit per day at the library.) And once again, I was up in the 3am hour, 4am hour and have been up since the 7am hour and I really, really have to get off the street 24/7. There's no way I can pull myself out of this and move forward under these circumstances. So it's more sad and tragic than admirable that once again I will be at the council meeting for public comment because like Richard Gere in "Officer and a Gentlemen" -- I GOT NO WHERE ELSE TO GO!

But I will be there as a private citizen, not a public advocate. So tell your problems to someone else. I got my own stuff to talk about.

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