Monday, March 9, 2009

VIDEO: Monica Garcia (LAUSD President) BUSTED Parking State Vehicle in RED NO PARKING Zone

You know what...I've had just about enough of this Villaraigosa-backed puppet, LAUSD School Board President Garcia. It's bad enough that when I called her office today to put in a card for public comment, her assistant told me I had to call a certain phone number. When I called the number provided to me by Garcia's office, it was an out-of-order phone number that does not take calls from outside callers. (It was an internal number of someone's office who no longer is at that number.)

Now everyone who knows me, knows I am not going to let some out of order busy signal thwart my efforts, but imagine how many other people would call the number a few times and then quit. But I called some other numbers until I got to the correct office, where the person comfirmed the number I was given by Garcia's office was on old, outdate, internal number that any outside caller would never be able to get through.

Meanwhile, when I did finally get through, all the public comment slots were magically already filled up. So when you see a room full of people saying great things about Monica Garcia, remember, the real members of the public, who try and call in, get some out of order number. (It's called filling the room with "ringers" to fill up all the slots for Zuma Dogg and anyone else who tries calling the bogus phone number Garcia's office gives out to ordinary, everyday members of the public.

BUT WHEN YOU TAKE A LOOK AT MONICA GARCIA OUTSIDE HER LAUSD BOARDMEMBER OFFICE, IT'S EVEN MORE DISPICABLE: Look how she is driving around in her CA EXEMPT State vehicle on Sunday (maybe on LAUSD business, who knows), with drycleaning in the backseat, CLEARLY parked in the red "no parking zone." By the way, you see her talking on her cell phone in this very short clip (the battery on my camera cut out). She hopped into the car and darted out into the intersection while holding the cell phone as she continued to talk. The whole scenario kinda reminded me of Mr. Magoo (make that Ms. Magoo).

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO: LAUSD President Monica Garcia Parks State Vehicle in "No Parking" Zone
Zuma Dogg captures Los Angeles Unified School Board (LAUSD) President Monica Garcia parking her CA EXEMPT State vehicle in the red "no parking" zone. As you can see she is talking on her cell phone. Although the video cut out, she also drove away while continuing to speak on the hand-held cell phone. And that is drycleaning hanging up i the back seat. I wonder if the car is also used as her personal valet vehicle. Maybe picking up drycleaning is part of the job. But parking here, close to this intersection, where cars would have to drive around the vehicle, close to the stop sign -- and pulling away into traffic while holding the phone sets a bad example to parents and students.


From: Beckford Parents Blog


Gosh, I love that boy. (LOL) I just read this in the comments section at MayorSam:
Zuma Dogg said: I just recorded video of LAUSD school board president Monica Garcia with her CA EXEMPT vehicle parked in the red no parking zone (with dry cleaning in the back seat). She was talking on her cell phone while driving. My camera cut out, so we'll see if that part is in the video, too.So remember people, Villaraigosa's LAUSD president Monica Garcia wants to remind parents and kids to follow and obey the rules, even though she doesn't feel the need to lead by example, and is perfectly comfortable driving around talking on her cell phone, parking in red no parking zones, with the dry cleaning in the back seat of her CA EXEMPT car with the ZumaCam rolling.Maybe she needs to attend a community training and education seminar with Gavin Newsom who was also busted on the ZumaCam parking in the no parking zone.And don't bother asking how or why Zuma happened to be there to bust her ass. All that matters is that Batman, Spiderman and Zuma Dogg always end up being at the right place at the right time. And that's all you need to know! Batman has the Batsignal. Spiderman has his Spidey-senses and Zuma Dogg has his collective conciousness fueled by community spirt that has been the guiding force pulling him all over town. ;)

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Zuma Dogg's blog posting has moved from to starting with this post. LA Daily Blog is exactly one year old. And I think in that year, it covered the entire spectrum of fraud, waste and abuse and I want it to now be an "archive" of that era and "reference manual" for all the shady tricks the Southern California elected officials are pulling on voters. So there is your KISS "ALIVE 1" as ZD works on new material for KISS "ALIVE 2!"


J.Scott said...

So what did she say when you said "Monica you're parked in a red zone"? Thats so cool you got her to turn around and look at you and she's got the cell phone hanging out of her ear.

Zuma Dogg said...

Too bad the battery cut out, cause it was funny: I yelled over, "MONICA!?!?!? What are you doing parking in the no parking zone?" And let her know that "where ever there is "fraud, waste and abuse" Zuma Dogg will be there to document it!"

Meanwhile, to answer your question, she was completely un-phased, and just continued to chat away on her phone as she hopped behind the wheel and drove off.

Howard Luken, Luken Limousine said...

Dude, you need at least a backup battery. I can't count the number of times this kind of thing has happened to me. So how bout I buy you one, or at least you may need a car charger? Since you don't seem anxious to take me up on my offer of freebie transportation once in a while, nothing fancy, just an old town car but its legal and insured unlike so many, how about emailing me the make and model of your camera so I can donate a battery/charger kit? My offer of shooting some footage for a commercial stands too. I want Zuma Dogg to be the face of my car service. Hootie Hooooo!