Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NATIONAL MEDIA ALERT: (INSIDER) U.S. Auto Bailout Details To Be Posted Here

Yes, it's true: For those national media outlets (newspapers, radio and cable talk show hosts) that would like the "Inside Captiol Hill/Congressional" buzz regarding the future of General Motors and Chrysler, under the plan outlined by President Barack Obama yesterday (3/30/09), then watch this blog in the next hour or so, as I recap the conversation I just had with someone who read Zuma Dogg's blog post from yesterday regarding the auto plan called, "Why Obama's Auto Plan Will Not Work."

They wanted Zuma Dogg to be more informed, and help other people be better informed who think we should just let G.M. and Chrysler go into bankruptcy and fail under "free market" conditions. So please do not shoot the messenger, but YES, it's from the Democratic side of Capitol Hill. So consider it the best spin out there, that I have heard, that explains the complexity of the situation --

AND WHAT WILL BE HAPPENING!!! This whole situation was described as "political theater" to try and stabilize a negative PR situation in the minds of the consumers over the fear of their auto maker going bankrupt. So to chum the water, as I prepare the main post, is a big problem Barack is having, in trying to stabilize the economy, are the people on the other side who WANT him to fail for politcal reasons -- and it's a fragile situation, and it's so fragile, that all this bad "fear" PR can actually end up being the straw that breaks the camel's back. So in this case, the surgical staff needs complete silence from the peanut gallery, but he isn't going to get that. So he better be as good as Alan Alda in M*A*S*H, because Barack will have to save the situation under those types of political and PR conditions. And those perceptions can become realities.

So check back soon, for the whole 4-1-1 from the (202). And as always, simply on the realest, dough!


Now, the same bamboozle-busting inside info you are used to at the City Hall local level, has now expanded to Washington, D.C., into Capitol Hill.

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Kevin Trosian said...

The auto industry is ripe for failure, based on a number of new initiatives being set in place by it and the US government. Are they ever going to learn? http://tower12.blogspot.com/