Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Villaraiogsa MUST NOT Become Governor of California (It's A Matter of National & Public Safety)

Some loser posted this comment on another blog, and here is my reply, which actually turned into a good rant on what any new reader needs to know about the City of Los Angeles under douchebag-dummy of a mayor, Antonio Loseragiosa. THIS CONTAINS THE TWO BIG ISSUES, AND THE ONLY ISSUES THAT ANY NEW ZUMA DOGG NATIONAL OR STATEWIDE READER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THE CITY OF L.A. AND VILLARAIGOSA.


When you say I am stopping momentum on progressive ideas...

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, RAGEAHOLIC? First of all, thank you if I am stopping one of their shady ideas from getting momentum...GOOD! But why not explain the idea I am preventing, at least, even if you don't explain it to me. And please explain how I am preventing it from gaining momentum, so I can continue down that path, Rageloser.

Meanwhile, thanks for making my day, in your small-loser way! ;)

And tell BH Kim of DONE, it is not in the spirit of the CA EXEMPT permitted vehicle that you drive, to park in the "Loading Zone" to "load" your morning cup of coffee into your car. Is it? Anyway, I still love you BH, and wish I didn't have to blast you on it. But then I would be treating the other shady city officials who are screwing the community, the way your DONE office is at the NC level is, then it wouldn't be fair to the other people like Monica Garcia that I have filmed for similar behavior.

It all boils down to the fact that these people who work for the city think they are above the people they represent, instead of being "of" the people they represent. And that's how you feel comfortable parking in the red fire lane with your dry cleaning; or use the loading zone for your personal coffee valet zone. Or as mayor, push LACERS into risky Wall Street and Real Estate investments tied into your #1 campaign contributor (Muereulo Maddux) that ended up costing taxpayers $7 BILLION this past year, and the bankruptcy of Muereulo Maddux. A company that the CRA is invested in with projects, and there is going to be A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT LESS MONEY COMING INTO THE CITY NOW THAT THESE PROPERTIES ARE GOING BELLY UP, and since MM is declaring bankruptcy, none of the people he owes money to will be getting paid, which will further hurt the economy. And when banks take over and look into the books, I am told by company insiders to expect massive fraud (funnelling the money out of the company and into his pockets), which has now sunk the biggest Downtown landlord -- AND OPERATOR OF LEGALIZE L.A./AMERICAN APPAREL.

Between Mureullo Maddux going under (and I predict it will be determined that it went under due to fraud); and LACER losing $7 Billion in one year, as a result of what Zuma Dogg predicts will be found to be extremely risky investments, outside the jurisdiction of any "investment grade" investment. We saw LACERS finally pull out of Grand Ave Project, after Zuma Dogg warned of the extreme risk on this project, under the forthcoming economic predictions (that came true), so whether it was because of my warnings, or not, at least they pulled out of Grand Ave Loser Project.)

But what DID THEY NOT PULL OUT OF???? What was invested in Mureullo Maddux? Was LACERS invested in AIG, Countrywide type companies? If so, how did that happen? Who was overseeing the investments from the city?

How did the money managers running the LACER portfolio get the accounts? Was money contributed to politicians, like Villaragiosa for the right to lose the $7 Billion in one year, though risky investment scemes in violation of regulations set in place to prevent a degenerate like Villaraigosa from rolling the dice with taxpayer money, way over invested in risky investments, then not having the same foresight that Zuma Dogg had, to warn people to GET OUT!!! Yes, it's all on the record. Zuma Dogg issues this financial predicition regarding the stock market and LACER pension money being at risk, and the whole situation we are in, right now.

I'm not saying the mayor has to wake up and tune in for Zuma Dogg's public comment and listen to my warnings. But the point is, if Zuma Dogg knew and was fully aware and fully accurate in this doomsday prediction and warnings of the stock market dropping to this degree, and all the forclosure predictions and the whole thing...

THEN WHY DIDN'T ANTONIO KNOW? WHY DIDN'T ANTONIO ACT TO SAVE THE GENERAL FUND? Because he doesn't care. His #1 campaign contributor that got him elected into office in '05, just fleeced the city, all of Villar's pal had all that money invested into their projects...


What does HE care. The money's been made. The plan worked. Now it on to bigger fish to fleece.

All of this, cause Bong Wahn Kim had to park his CA State Exempt vehicle in the loading zone to get his personal cup of coffee.

But it's all because THEY are the entitled ones, above the people, not of the people. And it's their city to do what they want with.

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