Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zuma Dogg on Marc Germain Radio Show

March 2009 marks the three year anniversary of Zuma Dogg calling into Marc Germain's show (on 790-KABC)to "Ask Mr. KABC" about what the city was doing at Venice Beach. (The issue that first brought me into city hall.)

Last night (Monday, 3/9/09), Zuma called into Marc's show on Talk Radio One to talk about the wild, three year trip; to discuss the mayoral candidacy, and ZD's future plans, including spreading the word about Villaraigosa, statewide, to prevent him from advancing to California Governor.

It's a nice 20 minute interview and I haven't listened back, yet, but I think it was a good call that covered the spectrum of ZD over the past three years.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/9/09March 9, 2009 – 10:01 pm
Mary Lyon, Zuma Dogg, a listener’s eBay question, The Gossip Mom and Rob Marinko’s News.
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BONUS VIDEO: As part of the Zuma Dogg 3rd Anniversary at City Hall (April 4, 2006 was my first appearance at City Hall, but the Venice issue started in March), here is a video I just found on the internet from one of those days when a pro video crew showed up to follow ZD around City Hall. Here's a classic of ZD vs Richard alarCON. It's especially classic, cause it's the video of the still frame shot that I used on my blog profile that you are so familar with seeing from Mayor Sam's blog. AND, it's about the issue of Council staff members sitting on Neighborhood Councils as board members and presidents. It's still a big issue that is getting even more attention, and yes, it involves Alarcon staffers.

Zuma Dogg Interviews Richard Alarcon at City Hall

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