Monday, March 9, 2009

Zuma's Master File

I have posted a link to this web page before, but it was just one little link and now that so many more people have discovered "Zuma Dogg" this past election cycle with the myriad of media appearances on TV, radio and newspaper; and with ZD feeling like "it's a wrap" on his three year (Groundhog's Day) day as blogged about already this week, now would be a good time to post the link to what basically comes down to my life's work as a writer, before the city hall public advocate work, where I have focused most of my writing.

It's a summary that I created for my own personal reference based on all the other authors and speakers who have inspired me over the years. It's an electic mix of the Dr. Deming "Quality and Productivity" stuff, with the "Marketing Strategy" stuff by Al Ries & Jack Trout, mixed with the Deepak Chopra/Marianne Williamson/Wayne Dyer/NLP/Anthony Robbins stuff. It all adds up to my own unique synthesis of what has inspired me creatively since 1986 when I started getting into all of this stuff.

If you wanna know what drives the obsessive direction of my thoughts on a day to day basis, here is the process/filter it all runs through before I utter a word.

Click here for Zuma's Master File

WARNING: You will experience a life-changing breakthrough if you read this. Do not read close to bedtime.

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