Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zuma Dogg on "The Future of Los Angeles City and County" (Head For The Hills!)

There is a lot of speculation on the socio-economic status of Los Angeles City and County.

Over the past several years, statistics show that the high-quality jobs have left the region and have been replaced by low-quality, unskilled positions. Jobs like manufacutring, financial and consulting industries.

Reports have also shown that the "middle class" has vacated the city and are being replaced by low-income workers, many of which do not speak the English language; and now that the construction boom is over, many of the people from Mexico who came here for these high paying jobs, are now here in the city, unemployed.

And when you look at the L.A. population boom (all the people that the City Council Housing and Planning Chairs say we need to build accomodations for) are families, many of them single parents, that are having more kids per mother than the United States culture and accomodations are used to.

But when you look around at the way Los Angeles Mayor Anotnio Villaraigosa and his spineless "take the money and don't get in the way" City Council puppets have been running and developing the city, you would think that the city is filled with new Arab Emerate of Dubai oil shieks who are moving here and need five star Mandarin Hotels and boutique shops and luxury Ritz Carlton condos as you have built downtown (and are "allegedly" planning to build if Grand Avenue Project ever gets out of it's own rut; and Zuma Dogg says it WON'T!)

Look at all the nice, new luxury condos (sitting vacanat and plummeting in value) Downtown. (Gotta LOVE Related Cos.) When you drive around, conceptually, it all looks great and who wouldn't want to live in a nice unit like that?

Welp, the people who are coming to this city and who are populating it with more and more kids do not have the jobs or bank accounts to buy that kind of housing. (Unless you offer it all as a "no money down, no financial background check, just sign here and we believe you "subprime" contract.

AND HAVE YOU HEARD? Downtown Los Angeles' BIGGEST commercial developer Muerello Maddox is going belly up and under and will not be able to pay it's debt. Oh well, looks like all of that property is going to be taken over by some bank. Meanwhile, if you read my post below this one, Zuma Dogg feels we will be finding that this situation is like L.A.'s own "Enron" scandal as the owners took the money and ran after many fraudulent permits were filed and accepted by the city. So those who feel Downtown L.A. is poised to make a comback and become the economic regional hub it once was...IT NEVER WORKS THAT WAY. AND IT CERTAINLY ISN'T GOING TO EVEN IMPROVE, but get worse. THE BOTTOM HAS FALLEN OUT OF DOWNTOWN WITH THIS MUERELLO MADDOX DEAL. And the entire economic situation, and there is no end in sight to the wasteful spending because you have fifteen Tom Labong's sitting inside council chambers that don't have the courage, leadership, knowledge or discipline to accomplish the goal of navigating the city under these circumstances.

And just as we will be needing more emergency shelter and housing for the scores of "first time homeless" that are taking and will be taking to the streets: Governor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa gave STATE VOTER APPROVERD PROP 1C MONEY -- FOR EMERGECY SHELTER FOR BATTERED WOMEN, CHILDREN, SENIORS AND DISABLED VETERANS --




COMMERCIAL PARK PAVED WITH CEMENT (not a park but a mall, in my opinion)!

That's the type of guy you let into city hall and now he will probably be the next Governor of California.

SO LET ME BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU, ONCE AGAIN: Zuma Dogg wakes up every day and tries to see into the future...predict trends, if you will. And after three years of predicitons at this level, and seeing how it plays out in reality...I am not trying to be agendized one way or the other, or be a rabble-rouser or instigator, or even controversial. As usual, I am trying to issue public notice so the appropriate measures can be taken. And I feel Villaraigosa is going down the completely wrong direction.

But that's because he only has one direction...the route to the most money. And you don't always cash in and capitalize for yourself when you do what's right.

BUT HERE'S WHAT KEEPS HIS EVIL INTENT ALIVE: People are optimisitc. They are always overly optimistic that the fog will clear and everything will bounce back to the highest of highs as though you are wearing "flubber" shoes. I heard this all throughout this recent stock market "adjustment" over the past year and a half.

The more I warned that the 12,000 market was going to 10,000 then 8,000...the louder and more scornful the attacks against me were. AND NO MORE SO THAN IN MY OWN PERSONAL LIFE WITH MY LIFELONG FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMEBERS THAT I ALL CALLED TO WARN. They told me the market always bounces back and it's not as bad as the (fill in the blank). Except one thing: The roulette wheel came up on green double zero and it's worse that ever. (Ooops, just slightly wrong on their part.)

So now, people are optimistic that all these jobs that shut-down shop and vacated Los Angeles like a Trapper M.D. "M*A*S*H" unit -- and all those middle class homeowners who vacated like college students from Ft. Lauderdale at the end of a Spring Break Weekend -- are ALL going to magically decide to move back and these corportations are all going to decide that, as Villaraigosa is creating any and every new tax and fee he can think of, then raising it -- and all the problematic permit processes and vindictive spirit in which to do business because they have not committed to Dr. Deming's 14 points plan -- they are going to bring back maufacturing and high quality jobs, even though LAUSD cannot produce enough non-dropouts to fill the jobs.

So my message on all of this, is people...GET REAL...while you are waiting for the Federal government to do all those things you are screaming about on the AM radio dial...and while you may be a mayor or councilmember that wants to continue with this upscale, luxury madness -- because in a year or so everything will be back to normal, because you are TALKING about bringing back jobs and making the streets safe and doing all the speculative things in your magical American Dream future: The reality is the future is a low income population boom of people with a lot more kids that this country is used to seeing, who will be needing more and more social services than ever under these circumstances and even the people who were here for good construction jobs are out of work now, and there is no reason whatsover to believe that the future of this city is anything else besides low income housing for low income people and a magic bullet mag train for everyone else to boogie out of here before it's REALLY too late. SO START SPENDING THE MONEY ON THE INFRASTRUCTRE FOR THE FUTURE OF THE CITY...

Think, "What would Eli Broad do?" THEN DO THE OPPOSITE! And to all the people who are trying to reverse this trend...you better look into Zuma Dogg's crystal ball and start dealing with the situation that is here on the streets, right before you, in the present, because people boil to death over optimism. And although you are not wrong, there is also no evidence that the Untied States of America is moving in the direction of doing a thing about the immigration problem as you describe it. So the only difference between ZD and the AM Talk show hosts, is they are trying to call a "time out" and ignore everything else until the paddy wagon starts busting workers on their jobs...and Zuma Dogg says, while you are waiting for that, you better stop dreaming that L.A City is going to be on par with Dubai. GIVE IT UP!

If you live on the Westside and can't imagine what I am talking about, go to where ZD likes to hang out, Highland Park and that CD 14/CD 1 area. You are not going to rip all of that away and replace it with millionaires offering high paying jobs to the rest. DON'T YOU SEE IT PEOPLE!?!?!? LOS ANGELES IS ABOUT TO STAND FOR SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT THAN WE ARE USED TO, JUST AS WE HAVE HAD TO LEARN TO LIVE WITH A DIFFERENT STOCK MARKET AND DIFFERENT EVERYTHING!!!

You may as well elect Villaraigosa Governor of California and let him finish the job he was sent here to do since his early college days. It is already playing out. He has already done it. The vampire has sucked the victim dry (Los Angeles) and now has to find the next victim (the State) for the people he represents.


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