Thursday, August 9, 2007

Is the City Running A Non-Profit Racket With City Money and Is That Why The City Doesn't Have Money For What's Needed Then Adds New Fees & Taxes

Click here and click Jump To button for 1) Public Comment; 2) Item 13 (Solid Waste Removal Fee); 3) "Item 42". (LAUSD's Yoli Aguilar City Hall appointment by her financial backing mayoral boss.)

NON-PROFIT CORRUPTION AT CITY HALL?: It's been something that ZD has been working his way up to since he stumbled up "Special Event Fee Waiver" abuse (thanks to a City Hall insider who showed him agenda life, outside general public comment). Then ZD started hearing terms like "ghost employees", "front-end loaded management contracts", Charter schools like Semilla, CM spouses sitting on boards and City Hall staffers running multiple non-profits (and in both cases these non-profits are handed public money from the city's fund; only to have inappropriately excessive amounts of money go to the friends, family members, cronies, and elected officials, some of whom await plum board appointments (and the salaries and perks), when they leave office. (Approve the money now, get a salaried appointment later.) There's a reason why they have to keep raising taxes and fees (like today's solid waste fee removal hike)...they are handing out way too much of the City's money to themselves and their cronies, assosiates, family and friends. I WONDER IF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY READS MAYOR SAM! MAYBE I SHOULD EMAIL HIM THIS THREAD!

ZUMA DOGG PUBLIC COMMENT: On non-profits, Villargarcia's appointment of his paid muppet he spent private money raised from people awaiting project approval from the mayor, Yoli Aguilar to some "facilitation committe" between the shady career-over mayor and the biggest threat to the City...the new Villargarcia 4-3 majority school LAUSD school board. CLICK READ MORE

If you are interested in knowing how the door can be slammed in the public's face, while the mayor's posse tries to move forward with their mayoral takeover scheme that has been ruled illegal by The United States Federal Court. Well as we all know with Antonio, the law never stops him. And LAUSD's budget is double that of the City of Los Angeles' entire budget...PLUS, the $20 billion plus construction budget. To read more on how we gotta watch out for the old Riordan crew (same cast as always) is trying to kill the inspector general, kill the committee process, kill public input, allow the Superintendent to spend $3 million dollars without board approval (massive increase, y'all), require a majority vote BEFORE a board member may even be allowed to ask a question they are about to vote on; and more information from past mayoral takeover attempts with the AB 1381 crew, that may predict what can be expected in the future. Especially, since it is already happening. (See July 3, 2007 "Annual Order of Business" board meeting where the whole thing was sent over from the mayor's office; public had no input; none of it went through committee; and the agenda itself creates way more beuracracy than it solves. I think our City is doomed under Villaraigosa, to be quite honest. I really hope they snatch his ass on something and kick him the f*ck out of town. I think this guy is a true threat to our City's safety and future. HE'S GOTTA GO!!! PEOPLE, HOW DO WE GET ANTONIO OUT OF OFFICE?!?!? THIS GUY HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH!!! THE CITY WILL BE BROKE AND BROKEN!!! EVERYONE START SHOWING UP AT CITY HALL AND START SAYING YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS MAYOR WHO IS TURNING LOS ANGELES INTO THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE NATION! MEANWHILE, IT'S NOT SO FUNNY WHAT IS HAPPENING...

#1 flank attack of the corruption: NON-PROFITS!!! I HEAR LA'S BEST IS THE WORST IF YOU CARE ABOUT MONEY NOT GOING INTO THE HANDS OF ALL THE WRONG PEOPLE. ZD FEELS IF WE START UNRAVELING THE SHADY NON-PROFIT B.S., MISSIONS WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED! (If your mission is to accomplish the end of handing over billions and billions of dollars in public money to the political and corportate elite coffer skimmers.

Click here and click Jump To button for 1) Public Comment; 2) Item 13 (Solid Waste Removal Fee); 3) "Item 42". (LAUSD's Yoli Aguilar City Hall appointment by her financial backing mayoral boss.


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DWP rate increases cometh...

LADWP Rates Proposals

On June 5, 2007, the LADWP Board of Commissioners adopted a $4.2 billion budget that includes approximately $3.2 billion for power and $1 billion for water for fiscal year 2007-08. In conjunction, LADWP General Manager Ronald F. Deaton proposed a series of rate actions designed to address long-term power reliability issues as well as fund ongoing water quality improvements required to meet federal and state regulations. The proposed rate actions will be considered by the Board of Water and Power Commissioners this Fall following a 120-day period of public review and comment. The proposal will also be subject to an independent review administered by Barrington-Wellesley Group on behalf of the City of Los Angeles Chief Administrative Office and Chief Legislative Analyst’s Office.

Citing the need to upgrade critical infrastructure that is between 40 and 70 years old, LADWP officials proposed funding a multi-year Power Reliability Program through a new power reliability surcharge as well as a base rate increase – the first base rate increase since 1992. The average residential customer using 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month will see an increase in their bill of $1.75 per month effective Jan. 1, 2008 under the proposal and additional increases of approximately $1.75 per month effective July 1, 2008 and July 1, 2009. Altogether, power rates would increase 9 percent over three years.

On the water side, LADWP officials proposed raising water rates by about $1 per month beginning July 1, 2008 and July 1, 2009. For commercial, industrial and governmental customers, rates would increase about $1.30 per month or higher depending on the size of their meter. The proposed rates would support further investment in water quality improvements to meet state and federal requirements that pertain to storing water in open-air reservoirs and other new mandates.

In conjunction, LADWP is holding several community workshops this summer throughout the City to provide information on the proposed rate changes and receive feedback from neighborhood, homeowners, community and business groups.

Workshops that are scheduled for commercial customers include:
(Please RSVP by calling(213) 367-4906 if you will attend.)

August 14, 2007
Registration: 8:00 a.m.
Workshop: 8:30 a.m. LADWP John Ferraro Building
Cafeteria Conference Center or Auditorium
111 North Hope Street, Los Angeles
(Enter Customer Parking Lot located on Hope St.)
August 16, 2007
Registration: 8:00 a.m.
Workshop: 8:30 a.m. LADWP Valley Center District Headquarters
Second Floor Auditorium
14401 Saticoy Street, Van Nuys
(Enter on Van Nuys Blvd.)

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You checked out nepotism in City hall? Geez.