Saturday, August 11, 2007

The City Needs To Work With Sacramento To Help Build More Infrastructure As Quickly As Possible

The city of Los Angeles now has a plan that we have already started, to build much more housing and amenities in the city so we can stay competitive in the global economy. And yes, although many of the people immigrating to Southern California these days are people from Mexico, who are helping us in this effort (at the lower income level); we actually ARE living in a global economy, and over the next thirty years, many of the people who will be investing in the city and buying the high-end condos you see being constructed all around town, will be from Asia, China and other international regions.

All of this means we will have the diversity we need to help the City of Los Angeles in it's effort to become the world class city it must continue to be. And these days, in the international marketplace we now compete in, we have a lot of work to do in order to be able to meet these demands.

And like so many Los Angelinos have been noting; and as the newspapers have been reporting this week, all of this density is being created without the proper infrasructure to accomodate the added demand.

And with all the added public attention with articles in LA Weekly, LA Times, Daily News; we are hearing the senitment echoed on the AM radio talk shows and neighborhood meetings throughout the City. Although we are aware of this problem, too; and work on getting as much public transportation added and infrastructure built as quickly as possible, with all this added public outcry now weighing in, I not only wanted Sacramento to know that the City, State and even Country (since 40% of U.S. goods come through our region) will be stuck with a major crisis if we don't do more to focus this effort and do everything we can, right now.

But I wanted the people of Los Angeles to know that I know this is a front-burner issue, I hear you, and I want Sacramento to know that it is time for all government officials at the City, State and National level to all come together in a collaborative effort to get the job done, that needs to get done, to allow the City of Los Angeles to become the international hub, with the liveable communities that the rest of the world is demanding from us, and the global economy now requires us to be.

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