Saturday, August 4, 2007

City TV 35 Video: Zuma Dogg Addresses The City of Los Angeles Without Hat, Glasses and "Persona" For Public Comment at Council Meeting

In case you wondered what it would be like for Zuma Dogg to show up for public comment without the hat and glasses (and unkempt beard) -- and speak without the ZD "y'all"/rapper persona -- Friday August 3, 2007 was your day.

Because after keeping my non-ZD apperance secret (no photos) for seven years (since the debut of my L.A. public access show), I felt the time was right to show up and let the public, council, media and voters have a chance to see what they have been getting behind the image.

After recent revelations (an added level of public recognition on the streets and the city's added level of shady attempts to throw me into the meat grinder), I felt I had to break the ice and declare it, "Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone Level To Help Create Change" Day in the City of Los Aneles and gave it a shot.

Whether it was a good marketing decision or not, it was something that I personally had to do to be able to carry on; and I still have not decided whether it was a "one time only" special event -- or a new comfort level fom ZD.

I FELT at this point, with so many people watching, and it appearing that ZD is here to stay (since he's still blogging, calling radio and showing up in chambers, the overall messages may benefit by the "no hat and glasses" delivery style as presented in Van Nuys on Friday. And although "Dave's" delivery may even be more of a threat to fraud, waste and abuse than "ZD's" (check the video links below to see); maybe at least some of the folks listening (council, staffers and viewers) who were just too put-off by the front, will at least feel better that the speaker is at least trying to be a part of the real world. (At least for those two minutes.)

Here are the links to click on from the city website. Type "zuma dogg" in the "archive keyword search box" and click the following links

Click here and type "zuma dogg" in keyword search box and click on these links:



...MR. ZUMA DOGG" [and let it keep playing for the rest of ZD's string of comments from there. Watch Miriam too, when she comes up for two extra minutes. She hit em up harder than ZD did. FANTASTIC PUBLIC COMMENT FROM MIRIAM! Otherwise, just hit fast forward, but you should watch her!]

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