Sunday, February 14, 2010

Zuma Dogg's TWITTER Update For Sunday 2-14-10 (Pay-Per-Emergency Medical Service Coming To Los Angeles?)

  1. RT @garybryanshow: Ever notice most people who want to run for public office have some real personality problems? Putting it mildly!
  2. Round-the-clock VIDEO COVERAGE of L.A. City Budget EMERGENCY at and Where comedy meets tragedy.
  3. RT @garybryanshow: @zumadogg Sooner or later, LA will have a crisis which leads us to zero-based budgeting. Bankruptcy, perhaps?
  4. If City Council were a person bleeding to death, they wouldn't be applying tourniquet; but would be discussing preventative safety measures.
  5. If a water pipe burst, and water was spewing like Bellagio fountains, City Hall would be discussing ways to capture water for future bursts.
  6. If L.A. City Hall were on fire, City Council would be talking about what kind of paint and wall paper they should be using in the future.
  7. AWE YEAH, K-Earth radio LEGEND re-tweets ZD post: @GaryBryanShow, "What are we solving? Maybe everyone can throw in an idea or two." NICE!
  8. @garybryanshow Mayor is calling for firings & cuts. People say NO to everything, but don't offer SOLUTIONS on how or what to DO to save $.
  9. @garybryanshow L.A. City going BANKRUPT through fraud, waste & abuse and mayor and council cannot pull it together into action. BUZZ SAW!
  10. Prepare to vomit: Officials decide to eliminate costly office supplies for L.A. County employees. Been buying $40 pens.
  11. NUTTY ACTIVISTS want to STOP CLOCK, take time to bargain for a seat at table; then put together slate of idealism. It's time for LIFEBOATS!
  12. NUTTY ACTIVISTS: Once toothpaste is out of the tube, PLEASE DO NOT SAY, "You shouldn't let it out of the tube." DEAL WITH CURRENT REALITIES!
  13. PROBLEM WITH NUTTY ACTIVISTS: Show up to current situation with LAST YEAR'S discussion. Once milk is spilled, don't say, "Don't spill milk."
  14. EASY for HOT AIR BLOGGERS to demand ZERO LAYOFFS, cause it will affect service, but I've NEVER heard them call for Q&P of CURRENT workforce.
  15. I didn't know once you are hired by City of Los Angeles it was a guaranteed LIFETIME job appointment.
  16. When I go to City Hall for public comment, I don't say, "Invite me to table to tell you the problem." I said, "CUT SPECIAL EVENT FEES, etc!"
  17. ACTUAL CONTENT vs HOT AIR: Zuma Dogg doesn't say, "I want a seat at table to tell you #1 problem." I JUST SAY, "PENSION MONEY!" SPIT IT OUT!
  18. When ZUMA DOGG has information to bring to the table, I don't DEMAND A SEAT AT THE TABLE FIRST, I BLOG IT! That's what the platform is for!
  19. EMPTY HOT AIR BLOGGERS AT IT AGAIN: Recent blog post, says NO to EVERYTHING and does not offer ONE SOLUTION! (Start monitoring ACTUAL INFO!)
  20. "VOLUNTARY EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE FEE" coming to DWP bill? If you don't pay VOLUNTARY fee, will be, "9-1-1, Credit Card number, please?"
  21. PAY-PER-EMS coming to L.A. City? First, they'll have voluntary EMS fee for FREE SERVICE. THEN, if you don't pay VOLUNTARILY, pay-per-call?
  22. Zuma Dogg's LIVE Video Blogging of L.A. City Budget Emergency Covered by California City News blog!
  23. Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog ranks #1 this week again on the BlogNetNews 12-Week Average rank. NICE, but switching to VIDEO format, this week.
  24. TO ALL NC ACTIVISTS: Remember, the #1 THING to remember when addressing council: KEEP IT QUIET & POLITE! (Don't make them have to look up!.)
  25. SORRY if L.A. Council is SHOCKED by ZD's OUTRAGEOUS tone & comments regarding their performance. ZD was NEVER supposed to be warm & fuzzy.
  26. HOW COME when I do RANT on my VIDEO SHOW about personal (food) crisis, VIEWS GO WAY UP. Soon as I went back to council talk, VIEWS DROPPED!
  27. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to Mary "NUTTY" Scummins. A reminder from Mary: A cat can be your valentine, too. It doesn't have to be a human male.
  28. TO MARY SCUMMINS: If you don't like what I have to say, you should not TORTURE yourself by reading my blog. (Which cat is your valentine?)
  29. @ericspillman Darn, not a bad excuse! (Can't see blackberry keys.) Just gettin' ya back for making me look goofy in that news report! LOL
  30. FOR SALE: "LA Daily Blog" DOMAIN NAME (URL) - Too Hungry To Blog...LA Daily Blog SIGNING OFF...
  31. All the round the clock blogging & video shows & meeting attendance is just TOO MUCH stress for me without enough $ to sustain.Walking away!
  32. I DON'T THINK ALL OF THIS ROUND THE CLOCK BLOGGING EFFORT of Zuma Dogg is worth it. Adios! If someone wants to hire me, call. Adios!
  33. RT @ericspillman:Olympic short track speed skating is actually esciting to watch. (Guess he's ON-CAMERA reporter and doesn't have to spell.)
  34. BARACK OBAMA: L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Eric Garcetti & City Council played you for a naive, rookie FOOL on the STIMULUS MONEY! LOL!
  35. BARACK OBAMA & FEDS need to clarify to Villaraigosa & L.A. City Council on stimulus $; the difference between PRIVATE SECTOR and City jobs.
  36. PLEASE do NOT tweet that you are watching Olympics. That empty-headed waste of time is YOUR problem. Don't remind me. Let me know when over!
  37. NOW STREAMING: Council says NO to using $40 million slush fund for BUDGET EMERGENCY. Triggers OVER-THE-TOP ZD rant.
  38. RT @ladailynews: LAUSD board to vote on parcel tax: Facing a massive budget deficit, the Los Angeles Unified School ...
  39. HEADS ON A STICK: Doesn't that mean, "off with their heads" then parade them around on stick? I'M ALL FOR OFF WITH THE HEADS OF COUNCIL!
  40. @ZumaDogg doesn't pay the gas bill. So usually, I leave the sliding door open with the heat on. Keeps it WARM, but crisp fresh air flows in!

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