Friday, February 12, 2010

L.A. Daily Blog PayPal Pledge Break...AND NOW A WORD FOR A SPONSOR!

[Pictured: All that jumpin' around and hootin' and hollering at the council meetings and now on the round-the-clock ZumaCAM depletes the host.]

Been a blog storm blizzard on L.A. Daily Blog, not only this past week, but over the past 12 weeks, as Zuma Dogg's L.A. Daily Blog NOW RANKS #1, not only for the week...but for the past 12 weeks on the 12 week rolling average ranker. That means a lot of people are reading, and a lot of trees being shaken over L.A. City Hall. PLUS, the councl meetings I've attended-- AND NOW, the ROUND THE CLOCK (24/7) Video News Stream now playing on the blog. IT'S A ROUND-THE-CLOCK EFFORT, Y'ALL! And when I have enough money to eat and keep my energy going, I push HARD. But I'm at the end of my food cycle...and DEFINITELY need some PayPal support to keep it going this weekend and into next week. (Not trying to be difficult. It's frustrating to me, cause I have a lot of content to churn out, but my brain can't focus on it at this point. If someone isn't the worst, broke-degenerate loser and can help keep the blog train rollin', hit the paypal link, and I'll pick things up, then. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE SUPPORT ALONG THE WAY UP! (Unfortunately, ZD is like an automobile and you have to keep putting fuel in the tank.)

LIVE VIDEO STREAM: (Watch a ranting lunatic lose his mind on a LIVE webstream.

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