Sunday, February 28, 2010

New L.A. City News Online News Source - [Bookmark Page Now!]

It's the domain name that says what it is:

L.A.'s online only news source for articles, photos, videos and podcasts about the the City of Los Angeles as they come across the wire -- updated throughout the day and night (including weekends).

Bookmark this page now. With L.A. City Hall working five days a week on the BUDGET EMERGENCY, this site was created to allow you to monitor it all as it breaks on an easy to use site.

No hype, no hoops. All links take you directly to the full original article.

Here's what came across the wire today on a "slow news Sunday":

  1. Judges rule in favor of LA. Port's plan to require all independent truckers to become employees of approved companies.
  2. LA TIMES: Villaraigosa considers a carbon surcharge for DWP customers. (Town Hall Meetings, Every Sunday in April 1pm!)
  3. NOT FIRE & POLICE?: Did someone really say in Daily News article, "When it comes to budget cuts, libraries should 'be the last resort.'?"
  4. DAILY NEWS REPORT: "A Sad Chapter For Los Angeles" (on building libraries to close them and more budget effects). -
  5. BUDGETLA VIDEO - Meeting w Jane Usher & Larry Frank. (For those of you who can't get enough budget meetings. Why not?)
  6. RT @BudgetLA: Council Gives $12 Million In Special Funds to the Emergency Reserve
  7. L.A. CITY NEWS: L.A.'s "online only" news source. No hype, no hoops. Every link goes directly to full original story. No multiple clicks.
  8. Los Angeles NFL Plans on Hold? Organizers still want NFL team in LA by 2011. (Aerosmith is singing "Dream On" to that!)
  9. RT @ktlanewsdesk: Monster Pothole Eats Tires On 101 Freeway This pothole story not to be confused with next one below.
  10. 4-ft pothole closes downtown freeway. Motorists stuck while repaired. (Imagine when money runs out to fix potholes.)
  11. ACTIVISTS: Mark SUNDAY APRIL 4th @ 1PM on calendar so you can help with the L.A. City News TOWN HALL: "The Arena" at Hollywood & Las Palmas.
  12. CITY HALL BUDGET COVERAGE: Kevin James on KRLA 870 AM/Los Angeles. Listen to full segments from Fri. with one click here:
  13. CONTROLLER WENDY GREUEL commissioned study on privatization. LA CITY NEWS hears it says, "privatization results in city paying subsidies."
  14. Welcome to DAY 1 of! A lot more stories will be flowing through this feed on Monday. Sunday is slow news day.
  15. CITY ATTORNEY TRUTANICH: Read about THIS public safety hazard at Meruelo Maddux UNION LOFTS in Jan Perry's district -
  16. COUNCIL MEETINGS: Fri: Thur: Wed:, Tue: Mon:
  17. L.A. City News: Your online only news source.
  18. Illegal Hollywood-Highland sign. "Paramount did it," says DreamWorks. Here's the picture from @MichaelLinder.
  19. RT @michaellinder: Venice valet steals street. Cone-crazy valet seizes a block of Abbot Kinney Blvd for Hal's Bar & Grill.
  20. Businessman held on $1-million bail for erecting 8-story supergraphic at Hollywood and Highland:
Check back on Monday and throughout the week, because we are all expecting a lot of comedy and drama out of City Hall this week, month and year.

L.A. CITY NEWS TOWN HALL: 1pm every Sunday in April at "The Arena" (1625 N Las Palmas & Hollywood Blvd) Bring people!

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