Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love Notes From L.A. Council's JOSE HUIZAR on City Blackberry DURING Council Meeting. (Are those lovey dovey messages from your WIFE, or a MISTRESS?)

  • [PICTURED: L.A. City Councilman JOSE HUIZAR's Blackberry. Look at the LOVE messages flying back and forth DURING THE COUNCIL MEETING. That makes it "fair game"on ZD's watch, y'all! Are those, "I luv U" and "Hi Beautiful" and "Why R U lonely" messages from your WIFE? (How sweet after all these years.) "LONELY?" Didn't your wife just see you in the morning a couple hours ago? Looks like "mistress talk" if you aks me! Jose called me after I posted this to say he felt it was over the line. I took it down, then. THANKS TO JAN PERRY, I PUT IT BACK UP! "Please hold my tyme!"] Anyway, Councilmembers, make your personal booty calls AFTER the meetings!


Anonymous said...

errr... that date says April 23... oh-oh! Zuma dog caught in a lie! hootie hooo!

Zuma Dogg said...

Ask Huizar if that is his blackberry and his finger in the shot. What is the lie, Nutty Scummins? I didn't say the picture was taken today. IT EVEN SAYS, I POSTED IT PREVIOUSLY, took it down when Huziar cried to ZD about it...AND NOW I PUT IT BACK UP! What's the lie, NUTTY?