Monday, February 22, 2010

KTLA 's LU PARKER Going LIVE at 10pm About Serial Arsonist...L.A. Mayor Antonio VIllaraigosa to bring his OWN Heat To Lu Parker at 11pm!) - TWITTER

  1. How COULD I?: Goodness gracious, how CAN he talk about her madame president, that way. THE PIG DROVE DOWNTOWN INTO GROUND w YOUR CRA MONEY!
  2. MAYOR JAN PERRY: Already converted to Judaism. Maybe you can go to Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon and skin bleacher to complete process.
  3. JAN PERRY FOR MAYOR?: Washington, D.C. had crackhead Mayor Marion Berry. Why can't L.A. have crackhead mayor, too? We're just as good as DC!
  4. Ha cha cha cha, I got a MILLION of them L.A. City Council. Don't you wish CRACKHEAD kept her dirty pig trap SHUT, now? Only 1st 72hrs! OUCH!
  5. KTLA's LU PARKER going LIVE @ 10pm on Santa Monica serial arsonist. L.A. Mayor Antonio VIllaraigosa brings his own HEAT to Lu Parker @ 11pm!
  6. Zuma Dogg's L.A. Daily Blog - ranked #1 on Blog Net News 12 Week ranker of "Most Influential News Blogs" in STATE of California. THE HEAT!
  7. PEOPLE SEEM TO LOVE "Zuma Dogg versus JAN PERRY" ZD blog hits have TRIPLED over the weekend & today on Blog Net News ranker. RECORD LEVELS!
  8. Hey JEWISH JAN PERRY, them folks on the WESTSIDE don't take to kindly to you RAIDING their CRA money for GRAND AVE PROJECT! PLUS, AEG LIVE!
  9. Now that David Saltsburg has 30 council days off, he can spend it on the WESTSIDE alerting community about damage JEWISH JAN PERRY has done!
  10. David Saltsburg will be spending the next 30 council days undoing any inroads PR JEWISH JAN PERRY may have been trying to make on Westside.
  11. Sorry for harsh treatment Dion O'Connell, but it's been YOUR MOUTH taking away MY PROTECTED RIGHTS so, "FUCK IT!" YOU ARE PART OF WAR ON ZD!
  12. SORRY I had to throw my amigo Dion O'Connell under the bus so hard. That's the stuff that makes Council feel REALLY BAD. Collateral Damage.
  13. ERIC GARCETTI, you blamed your ETHICS VIOLATION on your mommy...maybe you can blame L.A. City Bankruptcy under your watch on her, too, hero!
  14. SORRY CITY HALL...NEW Westwood Blog picks up on Zuma Dogg's LIVE Video Stream by syndicating ZD LIVE FEED! Spreading! -
  15. Wanna bet KTLA's LU PARKER wouldn't have even wasted her spit to say, "NO" to Antonio if he weren't Mayor. What's HER hang up? Daddy issues?
  16. HEY KTLA'S LU PARKER: Does all that wine the mayor drinks affect his "performance" in bed, too? Or is he REALLY Mayor VIAGRAiosa? Ooh Lu la!
  17. @Villaraigosa wants workers to give back 15% of salary. City wants Antonio to cut back on his wine consumption by same amount! HE'S DRUNK!
  18. HEY KTLA'S LU PARKER: Does Antonio @Villaraigosa make you stay away from high heels on dates, or does he just wear his ELEVATOR SHOES?
  19. TWITTER UPDATES: L.A. Council Declares WAR on Zuma Dogg, so ZUMA DOGG Declares WAR on Council (AND IS MAKING IT PER...
  20. Wonder if ELEVATOR-SHOE wearing Antonio Villaraigosa has called DIRTY PIG JAN PERRY to see why ZD is on WARPATH! NOT DONE WITH YOU, CHUMP!
  21. LIKE YOUR RENT ESCROW (REAP) PROGRAM: Zuma Dogg gave you ADVANCE NOTICE if you FUCKED with my mic, THIS would happen. STRATEGIC! See Sun-Tzu
  22. After emails I sent TIM LEWIEKIE, I can almost ASSURE you he was on the phone with his dirty whore JAN PERRY to see what this is all about!
  23. L.A. City Councilman? RICHARD ALARCON owns NOTHING and his "girlfriend" owns all the property. Guess we know who wears pants in HIS house!

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