Friday, February 26, 2010


[Pictured: Zuma Dogg's lawsuit award amount driver-upper, L.A. City Attorney Dion O'Connell. HE'S SMAT! Not like everybody says!]

We all know Los Angeles City Council has a bad habit of violating STATE & FEDERAL LAW in all areas of the law, but no more so than with the STATE BROWN ACT regarding the public comment portion of the council meetings.

Eric Garcetti, Jan Perry & DENNIS ZINE'S new scam is to DENY any and all public comment cards once the agenda item has been called. But again, DUMMY DION O'CONNELL and his high and mighty son of Gil Garcetti (and now even Bernard Parks) have made it QUITE CLEAR...L.A. City Council Chambers operate under their own set of laws.

MAYBE SISSY BOY & HIS LOW-READING COMPREHENSION CITY ATTORNEY DUMMY O'CONNELL forgot to read THIS PART from a District Attorney Steve Cooley ruling to Beverly Hills Shitty Clowncil:

Government Code Section 54954.3 states:

a) Every agenda for regular meetings shall provide an opportunity for members of the public to directly address the legislative body on any item of interest to the public, before or duing the legislative body's consideration of the item, that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the legislative body, provided that no action shall be taken on any item not appearing on the agenda unless the action is otherwise authorized by subdivision (b) of Section 54954.2. However, the agenda need not provide an opportunity for members of the public to address the legislative body on any item that has already been considered by a committee, composed exclusively of members of the legislative body, at a public meeting wherein all interested members of the public were afforded the opportunity to address the committee on the item, before or during the committee's consideration of the item, unless the item has been substantially changed since the committee heard the item, as determined by the legislative body. Every notice for a special meeting shall provide an opportunity for members of the public to directly address the legislative body concerning any item that has been described in the notice for the meeting before or during consideration of that item.

REMEMBER: Matt Dowd & Zuma Dogg CURRENTLY have a FEDERAL LAWSUIT on this matter of public comment "code of conduct" and enforcements of non-laws in violation of real ones....AND, Zuma Dogg, Matt Dowd and Michael Hunt have ALL been denied public comment over this issue of, "we have already started discussion of the item and are not taking any more cards." YOUR BAD...OUR GOOD FORTUNE!

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