Monday, February 22, 2010

NEW VIDEO: Zuma Dogg HITS L.A. CITY COUNCIL WHERE IT HURTS...Zuma Dogg Gets PERSONAL, and drags Tim "Little Dickie" Lewiekie INTO THE BLOG FRAY

Since L.A. City Council decided to crack down on Zuma Dogg's FREE SPEECH like an elephant stampede at the crack-pipe bumped lip mouth of Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate JAN PERRY -- ZUMA DOGG IS SHOWING COUNCIL HE IS WILLING TO UP THE ANTE WITH SOME PERSONAL GEMS ABOUT YOU SHADY FUCKERS THAT I HAVE NOT BEEN MENTIONING TO THE PUBLIC. But since you have now COMPLETELY STEPPED OVER THE FREE SPEECH LINE, in a move out of Sun-Tzu, "Art of War," I AM TAKING THE WARFARE BATTLE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. So remember Antonio Villaraigosa, his good, good friend HERB WESSON, Grieg Smith, Ed Reyes Dennis Zine, Eric Garcetti and Shitty Attorney Dion O'Connell...sorry Zuma Dogg had to throw you under bus so like to be considered ONE BODY, so you are all the same to me...INFERIOR, LOW-CHARACTER if you don't like what I am saying about you in this video...BLAME JAN. She thinks the DOWNTOWN STREETS are her own to dictate over...BUT THE GREEDY, DIRTY WHORE FOR (who is DIRTY AS FUCK, and is also a greedy, dirty PIG, you greedy, dirty pig TIM "LITTLE DICKIE" LEWIEKIE! And I'm just getting started.

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